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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation Planning on a Diet

Spring Break is right around the corner and we are taking a trip! Yippie! The family and I are headed to Hawaii for a week and I'm really looking forward to it. Me, a beach, sun and a book. Yes, that also includes screaming kids, sand in my underwear, a huge credit card bill from all the eating out and anxiety from my irrational fear of sharks. But its vacation! Yippie!

I won't be weighing in my Monday and Sister M has agreed to be my guest blogger for the week!

I even bought two new swimsuits. My old ones where all worn out, thin and too big. I'm really pleased with what I picked and I didn't need to cry in the dressing room. My thighs and rear end are still looking sad, but I'm really working on them! I am even going to take my running bra and shoes on the trip to run while I'm there and I'm looking forward to that.

Of course, I have a plan for eating. Several people have said to me "You deserve to splurge on vacation!" I don't plan on cheating on my vacation at all. I feel like I really am past rewarding myself with food (you know, except for with chips). That is no reward at all. I imagine there will be slip ups and times where my meal S/C Value go over 5/2. But I'm going to plan for success. That means no restaurant desserts, Hawaiian Ice or fruity frozen cocktails. And I can live with that. I don't want to deny myself at all. But what I really don't want to deny myself is a beautiful body, good health and freedom from sugar induced mood swings. So here is my plan:

Plane: (Its a long evening flight during dinner time)
Babybel cheese or Cheese Sticks
Sunflower seeds
Water or Bloody Mary Can mix (I think its the best beverage choice on the plane aside from seltzer water)
I'm going to my dinner at home for me and kids to eat on the plane: Chicken quesadillas made with the Smart & Delicious tortillas and a spinach salad.

Breakfast: This should be the easiest of the day, I'm taking a box of Uncle Sams, which I eat dry. I'll add some protein either in the form of a shake or a little cheese. I'm thinking of taking some singles packets of Jay Robb and Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk. I'll pack Sun Crystals (my Stevia sweetener of choice for now) and find a good Coffee place for my morning fix. I'll also pack a baggie of Benefiber to add to my morning coffee.

At the Beach: Sunflower seeds, salami and rice cakes. I'm packing some of the Stevita flavored sticks (Strawberry and Line) that CarbSmart sent me to mix with water. I'll review them when I get back.

Lunch: This will be the most difficult and take the most willpower. Its mind over matter! I love that on the Belly Fat Cure I can have a Fish Taco with all the fixin's.

Dinner: I'll stick with lean proteins and large amounts of green veggies to feel full. Avoid breads and sauces. I love seafood, so I'll go with that as a first choice.

Treats: I packed two 85% Dark Chocolate bars for evening cravings, protein shakes if I end up taking them.

And just in case, I've checked out McDonald's wonderful nutrition website. If we end up there for a quick meal at the airport or during the day, I know the good choices. Wish me luck! In a way it gives me longer to correct the weight gain from this week, but I don't eat out much so I'm a little scared too. But I think a tan will work wonders on my jiggly thighs....


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan! Have fun!!

  2. I'm sure you'll do great and, more importantly, have a great time! Which island? We're going to Kauai in the fall.

    5/2???? OMG, I'm struggling with the regular 15/6. 5/2 is extreme. Good for you for being able to stick with that...there's no way I could do that. Wow, I'm impressed.

  3. 5/2 max per meal, 15/6 for the whole day!! ;-)

  4. For you coffee fix ~ you can pick up the new Starbucks VIA individual packs to mix with hot water! Have a great time. LOVE your plan ~ I'm sure you will do great. It's times like this where you should apply the 80/20 rule. That leave you 20% to allow yourself to go off plan (a little) and not beat yourself up. If you stick to that rule, then you can't do too much damage!!

  5. Hi...this is Kristy from the other forum. Good plan for your vacation! We all need to remember that food is NOT a reward, don't we?

    So what are the good choices at McDonald's? Just kidding. I'll have to check that myself, although I'm not that fond of most fast foods.

  6. Have a great time Amber. Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh ingredients that Hawaii has to offer. If you have a fridge, a trip to Costco might help with meal planning. We bought veggies and cheese & salad fixings (we were renting a house and had a full kitchen). They have really fresh Poke too if that is your thing. Yum!

    Above all, have fun!

    @Carbzilla - Which island are you going to? I think my husband and I are going to try for Kauai in November for his 40th b-day. :)

    p.s. I think tan fat does look better than white fat. The tan seems to hide the cellulite a bit better. :)

  7. Hope you and your family have a great vacation. You have a great plan for your meals & snacks, and you will do well!

  8. Oh, Hawaii! My husband and I were just there in October for our honeymoon. We visited Kauai & Maui. We stayed in Princeville in Kauai. It was truly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I loved Hanalei. In Maui we stayed in the Kapalua part of Lahaina. We also spent two nights in Hana. We flew into Hana and had a rental waiting for us so we only had to do the road one way!!
    Definitely sounds like you have your meals all planned out! Have a great time and enjoy your NEW self! (Or new old self, whichever)

  9. Way to go Amber! I have learnt to plan ahead for even a day trip on the road.
    On our last vacation, I could not eat the hot dogs for lunch that my hubby packed for the family - they all had regular ketchup on all of them and I am not inclined to eat white bread. Thankfully I had a small pack of almonds with me plus a Babybel cheese. They were my 'saviour' if you know what I mean!I was satisfied with these two items and some water.

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