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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tea for Two, Two for Tea

The best thing about a pot of hot tea or a pitcher of iced tea? Okay, there is not just one great thing about them! They have 0 Sugars and 0 Carbs, they reduce cravings and can fulfill a sweet tooth guiltlessly. They can warm you up or cool you down, as the case may be. Choose them right, and they are filled with antioxidants. Tea helped free me from my Coke Zero habit, which I am still in shock about. But my very favorite thing is that you can share them with a friend!

I love to invite a friend and her kids over, brew a pot of my current favorite and chat as our kids play together. I haven't always liked to do this, but I moved halfway across the country a little while back and really appreciate friendships and time with other women (and this time I have home with my boys) more now.

If I find a new tea I really like, I may hand a single bag of it off to a friend to try. I'm a "tea pusher" I guess. High Tea at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver is one of my favorite things in the world to do with my girlfriends there. Of course, that was before I was sugar free. My favorite Aunt recently sent me the tiny little egg and chick cups that she used to serve me tea in as a child. So I guess it has been a lifetime love affair.

I was really surprised when my younger brother came to visit me this winter and discovered he loves tea also! I got him hooked on the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. My Husband returned from a business trip to Egypt with a powder green tea that he will have in the evenings with me too. To me, it smells a little too much like gun powder...

I like more fruity, citrus flavors for my iced tea. I take a clear glass pitcher, filtered water, 1 black tea bag, one flavored and sit it outside in the sun for the morning. Ginger Peach is a favorite, as are variations of green tea. Sometimes I add lemon, but never sweetener (I put splenda in my iced tea pre-BFC). I like inexpensive teas and the nicer ones too, like Republic of Tea (green apple, acai, mint). For hot tea in the evening, I like richer flavors: vanilla, caramel and recently even chocolate. Right now, the Numi Chocolate Puerh is perfect. For evening tea, I add a little cream and one sweetener for the whole pot. For my evening tea, I make sure it is decaf.

My love of tea has really helped me on the Belly Fat Cure. It helps with my water intake and sugar reduction. It really helped me get past my cravings for soda in the first few weeks. I would love to hear what your favorite teas are!

A few of my current favorite:


  1. Amber,
    Love a good pot of tea, too! Is the Chocolate Puerh decaf? I mostly drink tea at night so I need decaf.
    Pat in NJ

  2. I keep hearing about that Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride but have never seen it. I supposed it's only around at the holidays.

    Just had to confess to someone that I fell off the BFC wagon this week. Nothing severely major but it'll set me back a little. Back on track today!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Patricia, is that a Celestial Tea flavor? And does it taste like chocolate? And what does Puerh mean? Just something made up or is it a flavor, too?
    Amber, thanks for the link to the tea. I was going to have to persuade my husband to go the the factory (which is a looonnngggg) ride away) the tea sounded so good.

  4. Holy Cow..I missed the whole last paragraphs of Amber's blog. I couldn't figure out why...but here's what happened. My reader didn't have the whole blog in it. Only up to the sugar cookie sleigh ride paragraph and when I came to the blog, I went straight to the comments. After I entered mine I scrolled back up and read the last two paragraphs. Anyway, I still would like to know what a Puerh is. Sorry.

  5. Guess who...found out what puerh is:
    Puerh (pū-ěr) is an ancient fermented tea known for its rich, bold taste and healthy properties. Studies show Puerh has more antioxidants than green tea, can help reduce cholesterol levels and help with weight management!

  6. I dont know if it is decaf, I couldnt find any info on it. I sent off an inquiry to Numi and will let you all know what they say. I also have it at night and am sensitive to caffine (=in my old age I cant sleep if Ive had it at night).

    Whole Foods and other stores carry the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Celestial Seasonings tea during the holidays. But you can get it at Amazon year round!

    Marianne found the same description for Puerh I did. Sounds like its a type of leaf.

  7. My absolute favorite tea is Coconut Cocoa from Republic of Tea. I'm a chocoholic from childhood...this has helped get over the hump when I'm craving some chocolate (which is daily). I put a mini moo creamer into the pot and drink it all day going from hot to cold.

  8. Jeanne - Ill have to give the coconut cocoa a try. I love Republic of Tea!

  9. I love the rich, spicy, and sweet flavors of Good Earth tea. Everyone always comments on how good the tea smells when I drink it.

  10. Hi Amber, are any teas allowed or are there some that are off limits?

    I love Irish Breakfast Tea. Am I allowed?

  11. Pretty all teas are good on the plan. A few teas I have found do contain sugar, so just take a look at the packaging to make sure. It should state it in the nutrition facts if it does have sugar.