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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sister M is MIA

In case you were wondering Sister M has gone MIA, diet-wise that is! It seems about the time I left on vacation she hit a speed bump in low sugar dieting and completely jumped ship. She way over did it on exercise one weekend and ended up gaining weight. The weight gain was upsetting and led to going off plan a bit, which I can really relate too. But that weight gain totally discouraged her further... and frankly I think she is avoiding me...

Her workplace is literally a diet war zone. Not only are there boxes of donuts in every meeting, coworkers will hold pastries under her nose to tempt her. They think its funny to try and get her to stray from her diet. I cannot imagine having to go through my day with those kinds of temptations! As a Stay at Home Mom, if I don't buy it I don't have to see it in my house. Other Mom's at school and my Husband are extremely supportive, and I've never once had someone wave food at me and say "Too bad for you!" My big temptations come from eating out and the California Budget Deficit (small family edition) has pretty much eliminated that all together for us.

If I didn't live 1725 miles away from her, here is what I would do: I'd come over bearing a bag of great Belly Fat Cure groceries. Maybe make her my favorite BFC dinner, pepperoni pita pizza with a spinach salad. To remind her how good the food is and that it doesn't taste like diet food. I'd bring my favorite tea and make us a big pot. We would plan a week's menu together and talk about cravings and what has worked best on them so far. I'd make a list of snacks that she can take on her 50th birthday cruise that is coming up, ones that worked great for me in Hawaii. I'd tell her not to overdo things, like the exercise. Baby steps are okay. I'd tell her its okay to slip up, we are human. Don't concentrate on the bad week (or two) but on all the other great weeks she has had on the plan. Put this behind you, and move on.

I told her I had a great photo of when she lost a lot of weight about the time my youngest was born. I kept promising to find it and send it, as she thought it would be really motivating. I was searching for a photo of my son's "baby steps" to include in this blog post tonight and I found it!

I know it's hard and it's easier to just give in and give up. But you CAN do this. Come back Sister M!


  1. Amber - What would you advise her about dealing with her work environment? I once read that even seeing and/or smelling food can stimulate insulin. At that point, it is a chemical reality in the blood that is driving the cravings and not a lack of will power. Maybe, if you explain this to her, she won't have to be hard on herself. Still, it would be great to come up with a stategy for her to deal with insensitive co-workers.

  2. I don't even know your sister but it hurt me to read how awful her coworkers are. I sense they are jealous of her for wanting to lose weight and having some success at it, something they probably can't do themselves. My advice to her is to bring the right food to work, prepared and presented as beautifully as possible, especially something she really, really likes to eat instead of the doughnuts at the meetings.

  3. That sounds like harrassment in the workplace. She should speak to HR.

  4. Carbzilla is right! I can't believe how incredibly ignorant her co-workers are. If that happened to me, I would tell them to stop, and if that didn't work, off to HR I would go.

    To Sister M: I feel your pain. I've had many slip-ups, but it feels so good to get back on track!

  5. Her weight loss is no vanity project, this is for her health and well being. It is an everyday battle she is fighting, really for her life. You all have great advice for her! Linda & Carbzilla, I never even thought of that!

    Harvey, After an initial attempt to inform people, I would try to just ignore all the nonsense. But I know she has done that. I know the smell of pastries incites cravings for me personally. That is why I didn't even go the breakfast at restaurants with my family on vacay. Its one thing to say I'm going to eat right and another to sit across from an uneaten stack of pancakes my kids are ignoring.

  6. I hope that "M" can feel all of the caring and understanding out here for her. I must admit I slipped this past week, but was so relieved to see you back in your role Amber, that I got right back on track, without too much damage (I hope),
    "M" do not look at a bad number on the scale, but put forth the great effort you were showing. You had some great ideas of your own and I know that you can join us all in the journey to better health and a body that you will enjoy dressing after a few more weeks.
    Sure will look forward to your next entry here. Miss you!!

  7. Well, since it sounds like you live in CA that is close to me NV. However, I will be going to Illinois soon, so where does she live? I will go over and whip her into shape. Well, I mean, I will do what your were going to do.

  8. Best of luck to Sister M! I am always slipping up it seems. Going off of the BFC can be VERY unforgiving! I was interested to hear that over-execising has a similar effect? Can anyone expand on that? I don't have the book.....just following along with an amazing group (and teacher, Amber!!) Thanks! :)

  9. Just recently Dr. Oz said on his show that following vigorous exercise the muscles will expand and retain water, leading to the weight gain the next day. Interesting, I thought!

  10. Oh my gosh, jealousy is the root of all evil! I know your sister can get back on track, I would tell her that this for me is the ONLY diet i've been on that i've lasted this long...10 weeks...that's a miracle!! The thing is, you can eat so much on this plan that to me, it's just not worth it to have that doughnut. I know it's easier said than done, especially with negative jerks, but you really have to get that mind set and just go with it. At CarbSmart, I ordered cinnamon/sugar muffins, than i make a frosting with cream cheese, truvia and fold in whipped cream, it's pretty darn close to a cinnamon roll. Maybe just making legal sweets can help her, i'll be cheering for her and she's very lucky to have you Amber....

  11. Please come back Sister M. I miss you. I had a bad week too, but I refuse to give up. I agree with others here that what your insensitive co-workers are doing is harassment/fostering a hostile work environment. Get HR involved and please don't give up on the BFC, you were doing so well.

  12. Hey all! I'm alive and choking down a crispbread. I've been a wayward girl! I start out each morning with good intentions and HAD just lost the motivation. I walked a 5k the week after my birthday and it was hard...and i was proud..and gained 4 1/2 pounds. I know about the water retention..but it just smarts.

    I have been able to overcome the co-worker bits..and for the most part, they are supportive. I was on the fone with Amber last week when one of them was rattling the bag of gourmet cookies he gets every Wednesday...and he's just mean. Whatever. It's not them. It's me and where my head is.
    So...one day at a time. One meal at a time. Thanks Amber and fellow bloggers for being there for me!