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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Checking in from Paradise

I thought I would check in mid-trip! Sister M is having trouble with her blogger account, so she isn't able to guest post this week as planned.

So far the trip has been fabulous! I'm so pleased that I'm comfortable in my bathing suit and beach clothes. I didn't buy new shorts because the 8s didn't fit, so I just brought my old ones. Well I look like a teenager are the mall with my rear sagging down and my underwear showing! My boys said it was not a good look, I think it looks better then too tight close!

I am extremely happy to report that staying on the Belly Fat Cure on vacation as been pretty easy.  My choices are pretty automatic.  I've been going for a morning run while the rest of the family eats out for breakfast.  Then I have my Uncle Sams cereal and grad a coffee on the walk to the beach. Lunch has been loaded cheeseburgers (avocado, mushrooms, jalepanos, pickles) with a salad. We had roadside BBQ chicken, no sauce,  and a BBQ at a friends house.  There have been a few temptations, but I haven't given in. I'm very happy I brought sunflower seeds and pistachios. I discovered Macadamian nuts the same day Jorge posted about them! They are 4 grams carbs, 3 grams fiber and 1 gram sugar. The nuts and higher fat lunch really keep me free from cravings! I'm surprised and thankful.

I hope you are all having a great week and thanks for all your well wishes! I hope Sister M updates because I'd love to hear how she did last week!

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