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Monday, March 22, 2010

Winner: Jay Robb Protein Giveaway

The winner of the Jay Robb Protein Powder Giveaway is Carbzilla! She was the 1st one to comment, but it was her blog post that Random.org picked as the winning entry. I expect a photo of her rockin' the bedazzled Jay Robb tank! ;-)

As promised, here are some of the best shakes from the giveaway:
Christy: Ive never tried mixing the whey & Amazing Grass! I can tell Christy is hardcore because she included the S/C Value!
Healthy PB & Whey Protein Shake (Delicious Too!)
1 c ice
3/4 c cold coffee (can substitute Almond Milk for Coffee, if desired)
2 T heavy cream
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder (chocolate or vanilla work equally well)
1 packet Purevia (0/2/0) (or Truevia (0/3/0)
1 sccop Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Chocolate Powder (0/4/2)
1 T peanut or almond butter (1/3/2)
1 T Flaxeed Oil
2 t Benefiber (0/4/3)

S/C/F = 2/1/7.5

Mike: I love a man with a recipe! Spinach AND Blueberries? I haven't tried that either.
My wife noticed the coconut milk from your video. I really prefer that to the unsweetened almond milk. I take , 1/4 cup of blueberries, some stevia-sweeteend vanilla protien powder I found at TJ's and 2 huge handfuls of spinach. Then I add in about a teaspoon of that Barleans lemon fish oil stuff that they sell at Costco that's sweetened w/ xylitol (and has no fish-taste whatsoever).

Mia - I love a Greek Frappe, so Ill have to try this.
I love Jay Robb chocolate mixed with instant Nescafe coffee, water and a splash of cream. Tastes life a yummy Greek Frappe.

Karen - This is actually my Mom! I converted her from Jenny Craig a few weeks ago and she is rocking the BFC now! I would love a PB shake, it sounds so good, but I have a nut allergy that leaves it out for me.
I found Maranatha Peanut butter with only ground roasted peanuts and sea salt. A serving for 2 tablespoons is 1 sugar, 3 fibers and 7 carbs. I mix one scoop chocolate Jay Robb Whey with 1 cup vanilla sugarless almond milk, 2 Tbls of Maranatha peanut butter and about a C of ice to blend to creamy. I have had it with and without sun crystals (2 packs) for 2 sugars. I do prefer the sweeter taste. Pour it up in a large glass with a big straw and Holy Cow, is it ever the greatest and so satisfying.


  1. Cool blog on the #BFC lifestyle. I am working on converting my pantry and eating to low sugar foods. I've lost 1 pound since starting to change some eating habits to this on Saturday.

  2. I just downloaded your worksheeet... that rocks. Thanks for posting that.

  3. OMG - my FIRST contest WIN!!!!!! I'm beyond excited and will put all that protein powder to good use while on vacation! Where I will also sport said tank top! Thanks soooo much!!!