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Monday, March 29, 2010

Weigh in: Week 23 and Still Going Strong

This is my 23rd Week on the Belly Fat Cure and this week I lost 2 lbs. I think that is pretty great for being a zillion days into a diet! Plus I had a date night, concert, all day school fundraiser and Easter party all in the last few days that could have really tripped me up. That puts me at 153.5 and a total of 42.5 lbs lost.

On date night I had a glass of sake and sushi. I didn't overeat at all and stopped way before I felt full. We split a Hamachi Jalapano sashimi appetizer, Spider Roll and Chef's sushi special (which I think was only four pieces each). Then my Husband ordered a few more pieces for himself.  I find Sushi places in North Cali do their rolls with thinly sliced cucumber instead of white rice a lot, which is great for the BFC! At the concert I had one light beer. (The photo is from the concert, where I felt blissfully happy!) At the fundraiser I had a Kabob wrapped in what seemed like the Flat Out Bread and lots of water, and I didn't stop at the bake sale table. For the Easter brunch, I stuck with the veggie tray, deviled eggs and Salmon. They served Mimosa's and when I asked for it without they OJ, they said I must be a hard drinker. I didn't bother to explain the Low Sugar/Carb thing! Just pour me my drink already...

I was really proud of myself for staying true to the plan, and I didn't feel deprived at all. After this long on the Belly Fat Cure, my choices were really automatic. But I was worried about weigh in this week, as that is way more drinking and eating away from home then I usually do all week.  I purposely set weigh in on Monday mornings, to keep me true over the weekends. They can be the hardest time to stick with a diet plan. If you are having a really hard time on the weekends, I suggest moving your weigh in day to Mondays too. 

I also had a lot of stress this weekend: I dropped off my beloved Volvo at the dealer, with a bad transmission at 62k miles! Money and car problems really stress me out, and I am a stress eater. I am attempting to be zen about the whole thing and am trying to get Volvo North American to pay for it, as its a known problem with my year/model.

I am keeping up the high fiber intake and still eating the GG Crispbreads instead of bread. Here is a photo of Friday's (and lately typical) lunch: crispbreads, cream cheese, smoked salmon and a few raspberries. I sometimes substitute turkey & cheese on the crispbread instead of the salmon, and cottage cheese instead of the raspberries. This strategy is really working for me, so I'm sticking with it!

I still over eat sometimes, but it is with Good Belly products. Things that trip me up: Pirate Booty, Joseph's Sugar Free Cookies, dark chocolate, cheese (I love cheese). I always try and include it in my tracker for the day, so when I look back at the end of the week I'll know where I went wrong. Sometimes it is really hard to be honest about where I over ate, but having the ability to look back and re-evaluate really helps and I have learned that.

I hope you all had a great week on the the BFC or your other plans! Summer and all the clothing issues it brings are right around corner, use that as your motivation! 


  1. OMG...Amber, you look amazing, healthy and glowing!!!! Your hard work has truely paid off!!! I can't wait to get to your point and this time i know it's going to happen, that's the good part!! Right now i'm at my daughters apartment and last night i met one of her friends, she's 19 and has HBP!!! The doctor wants her to lose weight asap, wants her to eat fruit and yogurt, well i had a lot to say about that!! I made them both a belly good dinner and she couldn't believe you could eat like this. Today Sam(my daughter) are going to get the book and have a little class tonight and i'm going to teach them what i know, i'll def. refer her to this sight. She doesn't look that heavy from behind but she has the typical bad belly, so anyway, she's excited and so am i, if i can help someone like you have helped me, well it just makes you feel good. We can all be on this journey together!!!!Thanks Amber (:

  2. Oops - I just commented but then it disappeared....anyway, great work. You're right - two lbs this far along is awesome. Good to know great choices pay off!

    Interesting about your Volvo...I really want the SUV but my brother says they have transmission probs. Our Escape is paid off so maybe we'll stick with that, until it does.

    You look great - happy and healthy!

  3. Amber: I'm been "watching" your blog since we were part the online group at Jorge. You have done such a fabulous job! So great to have those photos that show amazing progress. I have not had your level of success but your blog inspires me to keep trying. I lost about 10-12 lbs and got stuck. I've added exercise 5 days a week, and am still stuck. I am now logging food accurately, including fiber. Love that you sister is blogging her experience as well.

  4. Amber, I will be one of the first to buy your book once you complete it.

    You have dug really deep and found what it takes to committ to an important goal, and I think you are really helping many of us with sharing your inner struggles and successes to reach our own inner selves.

    Many thanks!!..........Sally

  5. WOW! Way to go Amber-you are doing so well!!! I still have not weighed myself and having been doing the BFC for about 4 weeks-I know have lost weight and I think I just don't want to be disappointed if I think it should have been more lol-plus I don't have a scale(purposely!) and want to use the same one I used when I started which is at the Dr.s I was so excited though a few days ago when I thought I would try size 12 jeans on a a store-just to see how far I had to go until I could get into size 12's -and 2 of the 3 pairs I tried on fit!!! Yippee!! Not a perfect 12, but I am on my way! I was wearing a tight 14 when I started, so that just makes me want to keep on BFC'ing! Thank you so much for all your info and product reviews etc-it is always appreciated! Your sister is doing great also-please tell her I said so!!

  6. Fantastic news, Volvo NA has agreed to cover 100% of my transmission costs (apparently it will be $7k!)! I am such a worrier, but I really let go of this and it worked out!

    Carbzilla - They are fantastic cars. Mine is a 2003 XC90 with 62k all dealer serviced. Its a problem specific with my model and yr, so otherwise I think they are great!

    Sally - I think I love you...

  7. Hi Amber, I have been trying the diet for over a week now. I can't say I am having much success. So, I am trying to figure out where I am going wrong. I have been doing the seven day diet Jorge posted. And I followed it pretty closely. So, here is my question, if Jorge says don't count calories, how do you know if you over eat? Is that just based on the sugar/carb/fiber amounts? I don't think I ever eat all of any of the amounts.
    PS I love your blog. You are an inspiration to alot of folks out there!

  8. HELP1 Not losing and being very strict to the plan. It has been three weeks and I am working out 5 days of seven. Getting frustrated. Can anyone send me to some help please?

  9. For the last two commenters, first how much do you have to lose? Are you tracking? If so, what are your meal/day S/C Values? If not, give my tracker a try for a week and make sure you really are within the 5/2 per meal http://www.meandjorge.com/2010/02/sc-tracker-download.html

    I do not pay any attention to calories, at all. I know I've over done it by counting my S/C Values. Cheese counts as 0/0 but I know when I've had too much!

  10. Amber - I just received my first (of many to come!) shipment of the GG Crispbreads last night. I love them! They're great with everything - from regular meals to dessert. I just had some with a smear of hummus, a little onion and sliced turkey for dinner - Yum! And last night I had one for dessert - with a smear of the Nature's Hollow strawberry. Totally satisfying! I think tomorrow for breakfast I'll have two with a dab of cream cheese, and a dab of Nature's hollow peach. I can't wait to wake up!

  11. congrats amber your are looking so great! I'm down 15lbs since I started in January we were the same starting weight, hope to loose more for my wedding in sept anyways I didnt know you were in nor cal. where are you located im in Discovery Bay, CA 94505 if you close by would love to get together sometime. steph.n.hill@gmail.com

  12. Congratulations Amber....I sure could use a couple of those 3.5 pound loss weeks. However, I am doing ok. Slowly it is coming off. Week 13 and at 21.8 lbs lost.
    Keep up the good work..You are a great inspiration to all of us.

  13. Amber I found your blog a few days ago and no offense to Jorge but I can't get the answers I need ....in the book when he lists the menu and the sides have you ever eaten all of that food. I made the super cheesy ham omelette and cut it and half and my husband and I both ate it. There is no way I could eat all of that because it's so filling. Can you shed any light on some of this for me. I am going to read the rest of your blog so far I am only on week 8. I think it's awesome you have lost 42.5!! Fantastic!! You are an inspiration and thank you for sharing your journey with us!! I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks but now seem to be struggling - so I am going to check out your tracker and check out those crispbreads! Thanks!!

  14. Congrats you look great!I have been on the 7 day menu for 6 days now and i love it ,i feel great and i feel like i lost weight. cant wait until the 7th day to weigh myself.