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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weigh in: Week 21

I hope you all are enjoying Shake Week! I got the idea when Jay Robb sent me the great giveaway (Don't forget to enter it HERE) and then last week when I realized I really needed to "shake up" my plan.  Change things up, do something unexpected. I love a good theme! So how did my change up work, you might ask? What did I actually shake up? Well somehow I shook off 2 lbs this week! I am at 157 lbs!! (In the prior three weeks I lost 1.5 lbs total) Now I am officially down 39 lbs. I have set my goal weight a 149.

Someone asked last week, so I'll give all my stats: I am 40yrs old, 5'4", stay at home/never home mother of two boys (next yr I'll go back to work since my baby will be in fulltime school). I was always thin until... well, until I wasn't. I could blame the pregnancies, marriage, genes, my Mother. But really, I just learned to like food over the years.  When I started the Belly Fat Cure in October 2009 I was 196, my top weight as far as I know.

I went shopping "at the mall", as opposed to "at Target", for clothes this week. After hearing from a few friends, "Amber, you really need new pants" I went and got some. I was so surprised and so pleased to try on Size 8s! They aren't perfect, they are a little (maybe a lot in spots) tight. But they zipped and buttoned! They fit about the exact same as Size 14 fit me before I started the BFC. My goal is now to get to maintain at 149 lbs and wear Size 8 comfortably. I realize I am in the home stretch, but that it could take a while. And I'm okay with that.

But here is something about me I haven't mentioned yet; I am busty. I apologize to my male readers now, this topic will not be as interesting as it sounds! I really think that makes my weight higher than a women the same size/height as me. I have no idea by how much, but I'm certain it does. It's a family trait, all the women in my family are D cups from a young age. I'm not going to belly ache about it, since I know the grass is always greener (and the boobs are always better) on the other side.  In the past I have lost weight in the breast area first, and then it moved to other parts of my body. In fact last time I dieted, they got so flat and saggy it was... well, quite sad! They were like two sad tube socks with sand in the ends. But this time, while I have gone down a bra size (and two jogging bra sizes) it seems to be in proportion, and I am very happy about that!

The big change I made last week was in my fiber intake. I was a one women fiber inhaler! I was getting about 40grams of fiber a day. And no, I wasn't downing Benefiber shots all day either. Next week I really want to talk about fiber in length, because it is a key to the Belly Fat Cure that isn't really discussed in detail. Here are a few of my days. (You can download the Tracker here

As you can see, the big deal breaker was the Scandinavian Crispbreads that CarbSmart sent me to try. They are a lot like Wasa Crispbreads, but have 5 grams fiber per little cracker and only 7 grams of Carbs. So I loaded them up with protein and had them for lunch every day. I'm trying to get a deal for my readers on them, but in the meantime you can find them here at CarbSmart. I have never seen them in stores, but I'm thinking of giving up bread completely for a while and going with them! Seriously, I'm in love with these little things!

Be thinking about your fiber this week and where you can increase it. I hope you all had a great week too!

* That should say "2 tsp" next to the Benefiber, not Tbsp.


  1. Awesome week!!!! Good for you! I will have to work on my fiber this week.

    I always said I was 5'4" and then I had to admit I was more like 5'3" and a half. At the the doctors the other day, they said I was 5'2" and some change! I'm a little young to be shrinking!

    Anyway, I'm at your goal weight and am a size ten pants. I'm probably still a large top since, like you, I am busty. Yes, I have to agree that eating more fat while losing weight keeps the girls in better shape, ahem.

    My goal is 133 which is a comfortable weight for me and about a size 6/8 - I have hips. Guess they come with the boobs.

    Great job! Carry on!

  2. Great Job Amber!!!!! I told you I was afraid I would fluctate back up this week and I have. But time of month also. The Scandinavian Crispbreads sound like a great way to work in the fiber. I laughed so hard reading about the tube socks! I can only visualize. TOO FUNNY! O BTW did I mention you are a great writer. Was that your occupation before?

  3. HI Amber,
    I just downloaded your tracker. It's very helpful. I didn't realize how much s/c are in little things and how they add up. I am always way under still. Thanks :)

  4. Amber you are too funny, well put!! With all the added fiber, do you try to get it in food? I bought some flaxseed last night and noticed it has 1 carb per serving and i just hate giving up my carb for some seeds. Would Benefiber be better as far as not using a carb serving? I really want to try and incorporate the fiber like you, can you tell the difference when you have a lot of fiber, do you have more BM? Obviously you lost weight this week, great job!! This is my 4th week and i've lost around 10lbs, but i do feel a bit bloated, i think i have to work on the false belly fat yet, would that be more fiber daily, i'm only getting maybe less than 20g. Thanks so much (:

  5. Boy, that is great. You have really been doing well, you have to feel really proud of yourself.
    I am trying to find out about fiber and how much we need. So I will be anxious to read your information on that. I was just going to start my research on the big "F". Keep on losen.

  6. I was feeling all proud of myself for eating so much salad and believing I was GOOD on the fiber front...come to find out my salads have very little!!! Adding broccoli and some other things, but I must get some of those crackers you talk about. I, too really wanna give up bread.

  7. Amber, you are doing great!

    I have steel cut oats most mornings (5 grams fiber), and also add 1 scoop (2 Tablespoons) of ground flax seed meal, which is 4 grams fiber and 4 grams carbs. When I add the 4 grams carbs to the 29 grams carbs from the oats, it still totals 2 carb servings for breakfast. We bought a huge 5 lb pkg at Costco, it is Organic Golden Omega Flaxseed... True cold milled, (which extends the shelf life).

    Another good fiber rich food is LaTortilla Factory, Smart & Delicious Tortillas. It says Hi fiber, Low carb, Whole Wheat on the front of the pkg. These are the small size, 10 tortillas in the 13 oz pkg. Anyway, 1 tortilla is 10 grams carbs, 7 grams fiber, and zero grams sugar. 5 grams protein. So, 2 tortillas would be only 20 grams carbs, which is 1 carb serving.

    Keep up the good work, everyone!

  8. Hi ladies, thanks for the genuine fiber product advice. I heard someone mention that you shouldn't take your fiber with your vitamins or your medications? Also, found myself grabbing some hot tea in the evening (the lipton vanilla caramel) and a little heavy cream, then I turned and almost without thinking threw in a scoop of benefiber. I have done this several times. Hee Hee.

  9. New, and I am confused about adding the carb counts. From your tracker, it seems to me that you add all the carbs in each food to come to a total, then compute servings off that. From Jorge, it seems more like you ignore foods that are less than 4 g of carbs when making your counts? It's not entirely clear. What is the correct way to add up carbs to compute servings? Also, if you are keeping meals to 2 carb servings, how long do you wait before eating more carbs? Under Somersizing (which I've done for a year), you wait 3 hours for digestion. Thx!

  10. You mentionned wine 5oz and 7 carb no sugar. in Jorge's book white wine = 0/0 please explain I am all confuse and not loosing thank you for your help
    Monique G.

  11. Monique - every brand of wine is different. Use calorieking.com or the manufacturers website to figure out the exact sugar/carb grams of your wine. Also remember that S/C Value of 0/0 doesnt mean no carbs, it just means less than 5 grams in that serving. My particular brand had 7grams, so it is a 0/1.

  12. Hi,
    I found your blog when I got into the belly fat cure last may. I did lose some weight but then I stopped losing after about 15 pounds and 3 months (right about the time my then 6 month old started getting up at night again). He is now 16 months and I have 20 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose! I am the exact same height as you and my goal is 149 (prepregnancy weight)- I'd ideally like to lose a but more of my belly fat. Your pictures are so inspiring! I, too, am busty and currently busting out of my DD's. 90% of my weight is in my belly. :/ I hope that I have better luck this round- I am sleeping through the night, getting help for my hormone issues (still might seek a second opinion about thyroid testing), and hopefully more mentally "there" to pay closer attention to my meals. I'm hoping giving up artificial sweeteners is the key for me.




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