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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weigh in: Week 20, Bring on the Butt and Hip Fat Cure

Okay, I'm stuck! Its official, I've hit a plateau. Week 20's weigh in is registering 0 lbs lost. I am still at 159, a whole 3 lbs from my goal weight. And really, what I need now is more of a Butt and Thigh Fat Cure than a Belly Fat one. Move on down now... your work here is just about done...

(Photos are 11/16/09 182 lbs, 1/19/10 169 lbs, 3/8/10 159 lbs. Sorry my 5 yr old is my camera man!)

Its frustrating because my goal weight doesn't actually mean anything real. Its just some number I picked, 40 lbs less than I weighed before. But apparently my body is familiar with that number, and would rather stay where it is. Its fighting me! "No Amber, let's just stay here for a bit. This weight is fine..." Ummm, no.

I have decided two things after my weigh in: 1) I want 149 to be my new goal weigh 2) I want to wear a size 8. I have no idea if those two things are compatible, but it means 10 more pounds and one more size.

So I'm going to mix things up a bit. I think I need to confuse my body and make it forget this is Amber's (relatively) old and (moderately) overweight body. No, this is a body of a person who her respects herself and works hard. You're expecting that oatmeal in the morning, aren't you? Tough. How about a little late after noon dark chocolate? Nope. Craving a few too many slices of that great Costco cheese that could just go on being sliced forever? Forget about it.

I'm going to have Mini Shredded Wheat or Uncle Sams for breakfast with my Coffee and Benefiber. I have my cereal dry, nothing added. For lunch, I am loving these Scandinavian Crispbreads that are super high in fiber (I got them from CarbSmart) loaded up with protein. For dinner, Ill have green veggies like spinach, zucchini and asparagus with a lean protein. Snack will be Amazing Grass, Jay Robb shakes or Bug Juice. I'm going back to the basics and I'm all about the fiber. Meal skipping is not allowed. If I really feel like a want to skip I'll make Bug Juice instead (that'll teach me).

I'd like to up my exercise, but honestly I don't have time for that. For the last two weeks I have power walked/jogged 18 miles each week. That pretty much takes all the time I have while my little one is in Kindergarten. And seriously, if that isn't melting off the pounds, I don't know what will! When my Husband finally returns from his endless business trip (I really do have a Husband... somewhere) I will add in an early evening run once a week to all this. Where I just run, no walking when it gets hard. (My Husband is going to owe me loads of "me time" when he gets back!) But apparently this isn't helping me lose weight and I am sure it is converting some of my fat to muscle, which weighs more than fat. But I'm at the stage where I enjoy the exercise now, and it has taken since August to feel that. Sometimes when I'm running in the hills I start laughing to myself... yes, its me... running, and loving it! THAT folks, is funny!

So here is to next week! I hope you all did great this week. Hearing about all your wonderful losses keeps me motivated and positive on the BFC! I'd love to hear how you all pick your goal weight, I've had a lot of trouble with this part of dieting!


  1. Hi Amber! You've actually had GREAT results so don't get discouraged. I've noticed that my egg sandwich in the morning is a huge help for me, hunger-wise, and my body likes the protein. Just a suggestion to mix it up. I actually don't think cereal is a very body friendly food, but that's just me. If you're walking that much, your body needs the protein. But really, great success in what is a relatively short time! Go you!

  2. Amber, I am 50 years of age, 5'5" and currently weigh 155#. I just started the BFC for women over 40. My goal weight is just under 140#. I was 140# in high school and that is my marriage weight. After I had two children, I got down to 132#s but couldn't maintain that and settled around 140#s for several years. I really felt my absolute best at 140#s. That is how I chose my goal weight. Not only do I deserve to be and feel my best, but my husband so enjoys me being at the weight he married me. We have been married 32 years and have a very fun, loving, and romantic marriage. I owe it to both of us to be at my best.

    Thanks for all you do - and your latest picture looks fabulous. Great Job.

  3. Looking good Amber! You are close to my weight (155) and would imagine your latest pictures are about how my build is also. If anyone knows a butt and hip fat cure please let me know! Maybe since we are close in size and weight, I could also be on a plateau as well. I would like to get down to 145. That is where I was when I lost 25 lbs. with weight watchers a few years ago. I felt really good about myself at that weight. Again, congratulations! You can really see it in your photos.

  4. I think you look great! Way to go! I have mixed up my routine since starting these new menus with Jorge. I used to eat Uncle Sam's cereal every morning, with Jay Robb protein, benefiber and almond milk. Love that breakfast, but now I'm doing lots of eggs! I dropped 4 pounds the first week. I noticed he doesn't have us using all the carbs in the ultimate plan, when before I thought he suggested we meet the 6 carbs but we could skip all the sugar. So try lowering your carb intake and maybe that will get you over your slump! Keep it up! You will make it!!

  5. I really needed a little incentive today, and your pictures provided that. I am going to order the Amazing Grass that you mentioned. I really enjoy your postings. Keep up the good work! You'll get there

  6. I lost 14 lbs the first month and have lost nothing since then. However, I've been working out a lot harder and have lost inches the second month, just no weight.

    I could start watching everything more closely or lower the amount of carbs, but then this diet no different than any other calorie restriction diet or Atkins in the latter sense. I was really hoping for more. I think that cutting sugar out is good for a quick fix if your body is used to sugar, but my body has adapted. Good part about that is that this diet is not remotely any kind of struggle. Doesn't feel like a diet at all. (perhaps that means I'm underestimating portions, not strict enough, giving my self too much wiggle room?)

    I won't deny the initial impact, but I'm thinking at this point it's sadly going to take calorie restriction or substantially more exercise to drop to my goal. It just ain't happening doing the same things that got me from 247 to 232.

  7. Hi Amber,

    I think you are looking great! Those pictures really tell the truth to how you have slimmed down. Great motivation for the rest of us. Nothing precludes you from setting another goal once the first one is reached. Go for it.

  8. Hi Amber,

    Your photos look great! I just got the BFC book yesterday and am very excited about this diet. My goal is to lose 7" off my waist. Not sure how many pounds that will be.

    Glad I found your blog! (found it thru youtube btw)

  9. Amber,,, Give your son a big hug he did a great job,,, and so did you
    WOW you look great,,, Your husband won't know you when he gets home'
    I look forward to looking in to see what you are doing each day

  10. Amber you look terrific! I was vaguely following the BFD when my sister bought me the book after Christmas. When I found your blog, I really got excited about using the tools you have found to be successful. I have a question about getting enough fiber. I have tried the psyllium (2-3 TBSPs) with the SoBe Lifewater but it tastes nasty! And you have to chug it down before it turns into Malt-o-Meal. Then my stomach gurggles all night. Is their an easier way? Plus, how do you count the carbs in the psyllium? My canister states that 1/2 TBSP has 4 grams of carbs AND fiber. Following Jorge's recipe in his book and using 2.5 TBSPs, my math says that adds up to 20 grams of fiber and carbs. Why does his book state that the "Belly Good" Cure Drink has only 10 grams of carbs? What am I doing wrong?

  11. Congrats Amber! Amazing progress - pictures don't lie. We need to remember that BFC isn't necessarily about weight loss but about health. Remember Ryan's blood experiment? Thank you again for being an inspiration to us all.

  12. Thank you guys! I really apprecite your support! Its tough looking at my before photos, but the after ones make it all okay. My sisters both say I need new shorts though!

    Mike - are you sticking with a max of 5/2 per meal? Give that a try! I only count Sugar and Carbs and track my fiber. I find better high fiber products each week that make it all easier.

  13. Hi Amber...you look amazing!! My question to you is has anyone had sugar withdrawals? I've been doing this plan for 2 weeks now and still feel lousy!!! I don't want to give up because i realize how important it is to get rid of the sugar and i've lost 10lbs!! I love this way of eating and so does my family. I would hate to see how i feel if i also gave up coffee! Please give me some advice or insight on how long this will last, if i throw in the towel that only means i'll have to go through this again and i'm telling you i can hardly function....dizziness, fatigue, tingling in my head, vertigo feeling. HELP...THANKS!!!

  14. How tall are you? I'm 5'9" and at 149 (pre-pregnancy) I was a size 6. I can still fit into 6's now at 155 but they don't button, lol. I think my hips have changed a bit though.

    You look amazing. Great work!

  15. I've been working on losing weight, for what seems like my whole life. My latest crusade began in January. I'm only 5ft 3 and I was 177 when I began BFC. It's been about 9 weeks and I've lost 16 .1bs. and 4 inches. It just seems to coming off so slowly. Thanks for sharing here. You look great!

  16. Lisa, I too went through the "sick" feeling when trying to come off sugar. The worst of it only lasted about a week (felt like a mild flu), but it did take me two weeks to feel normal again. I had trouble sleeping into the second week, and just felt a little addled and out of sorts. Plus of course the fatigue.

    I just finished week three, and it was free of those symptoms. I feel good now, and I am glad I didn't quit through the hard part. You will have to get through it sooner or later.

    Hang in there. It will get better.

  17. I think you look fantastic! And you've lost so much. I have to say to you, me and everyone - that we have to remind ourselves of how long it took to put this weight on, and that we're looking for a lifetime change, not a quick fix. To expect and even hope for so much weight loss in such a relatively short period of time is only making it more difficult - and makes us think negatively. (Not to mention what fast loss looks like on the skin). I've made it even harder for myself by not weighing myself in the beginning, so I couldn't say what I've lost - I just know I have. I see it and friends see it. And I plan to do this forever - the sugar part especially. I look at sugar like an alcoholic would alcohol. I can live without it, but one taste and I want more and more (not to mention what it does to our blood, etc). So, all of that to hopefully offer congratulations and patience to you, and all of us :) Ann

  18. Thanks Huladeb, I sure needed to hear that!! Yes, I would call it flu-like symptoms and I'm having the sleep part now. It's good to know there's light at the end of the tunnel!!!

  19. I am so happy for you, keep up the good work. We that are coming up behind you on the diet appreciate seeing what we can accomplish if we stick to it and work at it. Thank you for sharing your progress you must be really proud.

  20. Looking great, Amber! Hang in there...you'll make it!

  21. I am with you Amber on the S/C and high fiber. I have however not been successful with pysllium, flax meal or benefiber. I think it just slows everything down and then I gain weight. I have a wierd system, not sure what the answer is.

  22. Amber,
    Thanks for your blog. I was originally a semi/Atkins dieter and by following a couple of blogs found you the week before Jorge started the program BFC for Women Over 40. I read every one of your posts since the beginning and got so motivated I signed up for the Women Over 40 program.

    I love his material, book and plan.

    My question to you is....I had a great 1st week and dropped 4.5 #s. I went out to lunch once, but really watched what I ordered and stayed true to the plan. But my weight went up 2.5#s and has stayed there for 3 days. I don't follow his menu exactly - but I keep my sugar grams to under 10 and my carb count to between 4 and 6 servings with the total carb count between 50 and 90 (total allowed for the day is 120).

    Could I possibly be stalled since I am not getting enough carbs? Is that possible? I don't really eat large portions - but as a semi-Atkins dieter, I love my meat and cheese. I heard if you eat too much protein, your liver can break it down and turn it into glucose spiking your insulin.

    Is my only choice to follow his plan exactly???? Any advice???

  23. WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. It truly is an inspiration. I have just gotten going good on the BFC. I am curious about the recipes in the book. I am confused about the s/c values given for the belly good makeover items. Is the value for the main entree or for the entree and all of the sides listed as well. I am having a hard time trying to make it all tie back.
    Thanks Alot!

  24. Wow, so many questions & comments!

    If you arent losing and you are eating way less then 5/2 per meal & 15/6 per day. Add back some super high fiber items. Carbs are ok when they are super high fiber. Dont be afraid of those! i know if you've done Atkins, you are literally "afraid" of them!

    I think anything more then a 1 lb loss a week is GREAT! I really mean that. The book makes big claims, so ppl really do lose that much. But I never did & know one I know in real life has either. My top was 3.5, Sister M's so far has been 4 lbs in one week. Consistency is more important. This week I'm hoping for 1 lb and Ill be happy with that at this stage. Remember to be kind to yourself! This is for you barbaramelnikcarson!

    Sonia - You arent the only one confused, Ive heard that for others. The S/C count is for the whole meal. Remember the recipe is for 4 ppl too.

  25. Love to hear how everyone is doing...keep up the good work! I am going on a vacation and worried about being faithful while on the road!

  26. Thanks Amber for the inspiration. I am also 5'9, 187 lbs and my goal is to lose 30 lbs. I will be officially starting BFC tomorrow for the 7 days. Picking up the book today and heading to Trader Joe's.

  27. Ahem, sorry to correct you there, one pound of muscle weighs just as much as one pound of fat or a poound of nails.
    the thing is, with excercise you replace fat with muuscles, so the scale won't go down much but you are still losing.... fat, and that is what we all want. :)

  28. lol can't spell it seems, but I know a pound is a pound :)




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