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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weigh in: Week 19 and My Stupid Scales

I have decided that telling someone you are "going to have a big loss this week" is like bragging about a sleeping baby. You're just tempting them to wake up screaming. I was so sure I'd have a good loss,  since I had been down everytime I got on the scales no matter what time of day it was, except for Monday morning. Okay, I'm not being totally fair, I was down .5 so that counts as something... right? That puts me at 159, 3 lbs away from my goal.

Stupid scales, I bet they are low on batteries or something with all my weighing the last few months... but they said what they said and that is what I will record. I found solace in a bag of Joseph's Sugar Free Chocolate Chip cookies. Old habits die really hard I guess. I had to clip a note to them to keep me from going back any more (Sister M's idea). Lets just say I've made a LOT of tea since then. But I recorded my triple dipping (they were that good) in cookies in my Tracker and had to have eggs for dinner to not go over count for the day. When I look back over my meals for the week, I can see Friday night I split a bottle of White Wine with a friend. I realize that is to blame, instead of my stupid scales.

I have gone back to my exercise too. So funny, because Jorge "don't exercise to lose weight" Cruise recommended power walking this week to get an extra 2 lbs a week off. Sorry, I'm still irked at my weigh in, but he said numerous times in class that you should not exercise to lose weight. I typically don't like it when people change their minds on me. I get confused. That said, my power walking is a huge stress reliever. I go for several miles up the in hills, deep in the woods. I see deer, coyotes, chipmunks and bunnies. I power walk up the hills and run down them. If you have an iPhone or an Android I strongly recommend using a GPS exercise app to get you motivated and track your workouts. (Runkeeper for iPhone and CardioTrainer for Android are both free and great apps) It clears my mind completely, the only thing I think about is "Can I make it up this hill" and "how far to the next turn". It has also helped reshape my body while losing weight.

I really annoyed both Sister M and my Mother by blogging about them this week. Sister M didn't like what I added to her weigh in post on Friday (sorry, love you!). And my Mom thought a self deprecating article I wrote for Yo Ladies was about her. (okay, it was a tiny bit about her...)  I'm a people pleaser, yet nobody was pleased with me.  Add to that the fact that my Husband is halfway around the globe for a few weeks, and our tenant wants out of his contract on my home that I can't sell thanks to the (apparently still awful) housing market halfway across the country. I don't really complain much, but it was a stressful week.

So here is to Week 19, I'm so glad you are over! Week 20, please be kind to me...

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  1. Amber, you are too funny. I too am very irked by Jorge changing his mind on a lot of things.
    What's up with that?
    When I got the BFC book I also got Suzanne Sommers Fast and Easy. Her plan "Sommersize" which she wrote years and years ago is very much the same as the BFC. However on her plan there are funky foods you are not allowed to have which has been my reason for trying the BFC instead. Not quite ready to give up sprouted wheat toast or the occasional adult beverage!
    My sister has done Sommersize twice now and has been extremely successfull, and has tried talking me and everyone else into doing it,but again giving up those funky foods have put me off.
    Here is my thing I don't own and scale and refuse to go and buy one. I am basing my weight off of clothes fitting and being weighed by a Dr's appointment back before the end of the year and one I just had a few weeks ago.
    I started BFC right after the New Year. So far its only been about 5 pounds.
    Anyway I didnt mean to go on and on but just wanted to comment on your post, because I read what you write daily and it keeps me going. So thank you!

  2. LOVE the note on the cookie bag!! Maybe I should be glad my Dollar Store doesn't carry the cookies, huh?? LOL.

    Hang in there, girl. You know you weight loss is REAL body fat and not just water weight, so even thought the loss was small...the scales are still headed in the right direction! Cheers to Week 20!!

  3. Amber - great post! I'm always accusing my scale of being low on batteries. Ha! At least you had a loss. I say that's a good thing.

    I, too, was a bit confused about Jorge's exercise claim of an extra 2 lbs/week. What's up with that? I know full well that cardio does NOT really help me lose weight, relatively speaking. I only do it to keep my joints flexible (along with some yoga). I don't have a problem with him recommending it, but the weight-loss claim is a bit much, and is very misleading.

    Anyway, I like the note idea. I have a couple of places I'm going to add a note to.

    Good luck on your Week 20!

  4. I just got my first(and probably last)! bag of the joseph's chocolate chip cookies this morning along with some other low carb things I finally broke down on and ordered online from a Canadian company. I say last bag because, while I opened them and only had 2, I could very easily see me eating the entire bag over a night if I didn't watch it! For me, I just need to not eat this kind of stuff-not right now anyways, further down the road maybe. They are too good! I, like an earlier poster have not weighed myself at all. I hate that a piece of equipment can ruin my day so much if I don't like what it tells me lol! For now, I am just going on how my clothes fit, and how I feel I am doing with this. When my clothes get too big and I need a smaller size ;) I will weigh! You are doing great! Keep making tea and don't give that scale too much power over the success you have had so far!!

  5. Hi there - I am thinking about giving this a try. I am not 40 and cannot get anyone to help me out on the website. I would like to see if I can email with you or chat with you about your experince. i have not yet read all your posts. I am 35 and wonder if this is worth a shot. Please let me know what is the best way to connect with you. Thanks

  6. I started Jorge's power walk and I think it does the trick. After losing 5 pounds on the plan the first week, I was stuck on the same weight for 4 days when Jorge gave us the 20 minute booster. I have lost weight everyday I have done the walk.

    Not sure if this is a mind change or a refinement. Exercise doesn't take the weight off, but adding smart exercise to the right plan can boost your loss. A twenty minute walk will not cause you to lose weight. But 20 minutes of intervals before you have breakfast each morning just might. Sure seems to work for me. Jorge says he personally uses it to remove stubborn pounds.

    Plus it feels great to have it all done before you even begin your normal day.

    Started Feb. 16. 10 pounds gone. I am happy to be on this plan. At first I thought it seemed too hard. But now, it seems much less restrictive than most diets I've been on.

    The fruit thing seems the biggest hardship. But when I think about it, when I was scarfing down Big Macs and Chik Fil A, I wasn't choosing to eat very many fruits then, either, so it is silly to grieve for them now.

  7. Amber, your scale sounds like mine. lol. I read the blog with your Sister's history on it and thought how brave of her to let her story be put out for us all. That really made an impression on me. Please thank her for doing that.
    Also, I just saw your video...great job. I wrote a comment about it and just to follow through I did send a question through the site and will let you know if I get an answer.
    I am just starting on the BFC and really enjoy your blog. I am hoping to be able to go go back and read it from day one.

  8. Notice that sad little bag is nearly empty! lol

  9. Joseph's makes snack size bags (1.5 oz) in 20-bag assortments for $19.95 - which is over double what the 11 oz bags cost - but it may help to not have the bigger bag calling to you.

  10. I sent an email to In and Out Burger and they actually gave me a call. The seven grams of sugar is the result of the dressing they put on. If you order it without the spread you still get ketchup and mustard. Hence the 7 grams of sugar. You have to order it without the spread and without ketchup. They do not add sugar to the meat. Hope this helps.

  11. Love the note on the cookie bag. I could post-it half my kitchen with those. Hang in there and keep up the great work.

  12. HulaDeb - Your point abt fruit is EXACTLY what I think when people complain about it on this plan! Well said and very truthful!

    Marianne - Your my hero! But In N Out doesnt have mustard/ketchup on a protein burger, so that is weird they said that. I thought maybe it was the sauce and onion, I get without onion.

    Carla - Feel free to ask any question here in the comments and Ill try and answer. My awesome readers are also grea help!

  13. I'm frustrated as well this week. For two weeks in a row I have lost NOTHING! I didn't gain but my scale has not moved even an ounce either way. I started BFC the last week of January and it's been 5 weeks and the only time I lost weight (6 pounds) was the first two weeks of the plan. I log/track all my food and still nothing.

    I did start working out this week (Monday and Wednesday on The Firm Wave) but can't imagine that would cause me not to lose anything.

    Oh well. I know I said this last week but I'm giving it one more week. SIGH!


  14. Joanna - If you havent lost anything in wks then I think you need to change things up a little, IMHO. 1st how much do you have to lose? Are you being 100% true to 5/2 per meal and 15/6 per day? Really think about that and be honest with yourself. 6 lbs the 1st week is huge loss, so dont discount that!

  15. any suggestions on changing it up?

    I have about 30-40 pounds to lose. 30 would be good but 40 would be great.

    I would love to see other bloggers post what they eat each day for some new ideas. Is there someone other than Amber doing that?

    I think one of the reasons I haven't changed to a different plan all together is that I'm afraid of gaining the weight back.

    I will continue to visit the site for ideas.

    Amber, thank you for responding. :)


  16. Amber,
    Thanks for your blog. I was originally a semi/Atkins dieter and by following a couple of blogs found you the week before Jorge started the program BFC for Women Over 40. I read every one of your posts since the beginning and got so motivated I signed up for the Women Over 40 program.

    I love his material, book and plan. I am a bit disappointed in what I am getting for my $$$$. It is minimal and comes from old video material I found on yours and others blogs. However, with that being said - learning the plan was 100% worth it to me.

    My question to you is....I had a great 1st week and dropped 4.5 #s. I went out to lunch once, but really watched what I ordered and stayed true to the plan. But my weight went up 2.5#s and has stayed there for 3 days. I don't follow his menu exactly - but I keep my sugar grams to under 10 and my carb count to between 4 and 6 servings with the total carb count between 50 and 90 (total allowed for the day is 120).

    Could I possibly be stalled since I am not getting enough carbs? Is that possible? I don't really eat large portions - but as a semi-Atkins dieter, I love my meat and cheese. I heard if you eat too much protein, your liver can break it down and turn it into glucose spiking your insulin.

    Is my only choice to follow his plan exactly???? Any advice???