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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Product Review: GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread

GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread, 3.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 5)There are several things I just tolerate on the Belly Fat Cure (eggs, unsweetened almond milk, Uncle Sams) and there are few things I love (shakes, cheese and dark chocolate), but I really have to add these little GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbreads to the love column. I love them not because they taste so absolutely great, but because they just ARE so great. And not just for the BFC, but really truly any diet.

They seem like your typical Crispbread, a lot like Wasa or Melba Toast. But it is the Nutritional Facts on these that make them special. Why doesn't Jorge Cruise mention them in the book? Maybe because they are featured (actually required) in the F-Factor Diet book and he didn't want to copy that. Or maybe it is that he doesn't know about the "Elusive GG Crispbreads". If you are brand new to Low Sugar/Carbs you may not like these, but if you are well into and committed to the lifestyle I think you will appreciate them for all that they are. They are dry, so dress them up a bit. They are crunchy, but light (goodbye potato chip craving) and very best of all they leave you feeling full.

I eat  between 2-4 them for lunch, as a bread replacement. I load them up with turkey, avocado & cheese, tuna salad, hummus. Each cracker has 0g Sugar/7g Carbs/5g Fiber for an S/C Value of 0/1. They have totally set a new Low Sugar/Carb High Fiber standard for my diet and helped me get 40grams of Fiber in a day the last few weeks.

I called up the GG Headquarters and found out the product is imported from Norway. (So much for eating local and saving the planet, I've got weight to lose!) I asked for a list of retailers that sold them so I could pass that info along to you all, but unfortunately the list never arrived. If you have seen these in a store PLEASE leave a comment and tell us where! Whole Foods in the Northeast, NJ and NY apparently carry them, but the rest of us will have to order online. I asked the great folks over at CarbSmart for a way to let you all try these and they offered my readers a 10% discount on order $25 and up (good through 3/31). Enter the code 'AMBER' at checkout, and technically you can use the discount on any of their products.

Note: Be sure and increase your water intake when consuming more Fiber! I didn't the first few days and woke up noticeably dehydrated.

Disclaimer: This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of review, but that in no way effected my opinions


  1. I found these last week at Earthfare. I live in the triangle area in NC. I just LOVE Earthfare. I don't shop there for everything...just too pricey. But some things aren't pricey at all & so good for you. Hey, while you're there just stock up on some local produce to "off set" that carbon footprint.

  2. Just ordered these from CarbSmart--ordered a bunch of other Belly Good stuff, too, including stuff I can't find locally--can't wait.

  3. I'll have to check at Sprouts to see if they carry those. If not I will order from CarbSmart as well.

  4. Thanks Nancy, I would love to find a retailer that carries these!

  5. The Low Carb Grocery (Markham, Canada), carries these-you can either order on line or get them in the store (for those living in Ontario, Canada). Such an easy, delicious way to get in enough fibre!

  6. GO TO http://www.lowcarbcanada.ca/ for all you Canadians that don't live anywhere near one of our few big cities and really don't want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping the crispbreads to you. LowCarbCanada.ca is affordable shipping for Canadians and has tons of Belly Good products that are near impossible to find north of the border. Their customer service is really good, too!

  7. It's been a while since you posted this review. I'm sure by now you know you can pick up the crispbread at whole foods here in CA. Well in Southern CA, at least.

  8. I got thes bran crisp breads and i was disappointed that the texture is like biteing into "pressed plyboard"...might as well eat a "pinecone or bark off a tree"... I am extremely impressed with this "life change"ive made with low carbs and no sugar,high protien and veggies,etc..im shocked after 4 weeks ive lost 14 lbs of bellyfat i could NEVER LOOSE!!! I turned 50, have had 5 kids,and im " NOT STARVING"!!!

  9. Sprouts has them and usually they are 2/$5.00. I make my own lox and put them on the GG crisp with whipped cream cheese . If I am feeling ambitious I will add on red onion and capers too :)




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