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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Skinny on Fiber

Today I am blogging over at CarbSmart about fiber on the Belly Fat Cure. I hope you will take a minute to check it out HERE! I have been doing lots of research on fiber and high fiber products, and I really feel it is making a great difference at this stage in my weight loss.


  1. I just got my GG Crispbreads over the weekend. You can REALLY pile on the chicken salad and they have a really wonderful crunch. A note: I did prepare myself by getting used to wasa bread first. I think it helps to use them as a stepping stone between regular crackers and the GG Crispbread. Thanks for the CarbSmart link. I was too afraid in the past to buy a whole case!

  2. Amber, I hope you know how important your blogs are to us out there. I am part of the Jorge Cruise Women Over 40 group. I have had a hard time with bm's and all your blogs about bm's, and you pointing to Jorge's BM you tube video and now your week on Fiber - have helped me greatly. I wish Jorge spent more time on this in his book - or during his weekly update videos to us. When I am on his site - and women are frustrated - I always point them to your website. Hopefully it is driving more traffic. I love his plan, but for those of us with other issues - you are a great source of information. Thanks for your commitment and dedication. Oh - by the way - what is going to happen to your blogs once you hit your goal weight? Barb

  3. Amber,you helped me so much! I too am part of the Jorge Cruise Women Over 40 group and love reading your blogs! I have lost 11 lbs and have about 40 to 50 more pounds to go, haven't decide yet! And hope your blog will be around for a long time !!!!! Your information is great and helps me to stay focused! We need you to blog even after you lose your wieght!!!!

  4. Tracie - I think you are right, the GG Crispbreads wont be palatable to everyone right away. The longer you have been off sugar the better for a lot of the products I talk about!

    Barb & Mary - Thank you SO much! I really what you both said! I love Jorge and his plan too, but get frustrated with the lack of explanation at times. I hope you find my blog a good supplement to his program! BFC is a way of life for me now, not just a diet. So Ill keep blogging about it as long as I have readers! I was hoping Sister M could maybe one day take over the majority of it if I ever lose interest. Maybe Ill blog about getting kids on low sugar/high fiber!

  5. Amber, A couple of questions on how we count fiber and carbs and if there is a UNIVERSAL STANDARD on the nutrition facts that are printed on all products. If the fiber count was not utilized in the nutrition facts, would the fiber count number than move back up to the overall carb count?
    Example: My user friendly grocery store for this program sells an Ole xtreme wellness high fiber low carb 8" tortilla wrap with the following nutrition facts: 0sugar, 12gfiber, total 5gcarb. Legally we could if we believe our labels consume at least 3 of these and almost fulfill our goal of 36g of fiber at one meal. My head tells me this is a way wrong way to approach these tortillas of course but my point being are the high fiber products being produced to trick us into thinking that we are eating fewer carbs than we really are? Similar to the trap we all fell into with fat free products than adding sugar and sugar free products adding chemicals.
    I just want to stay smart on this program and not fall into a trap of over reading our labels.
    Love to hear your thoughts on this...........Sally

  6. Sally - Great question! Different countries have different requirements. In the US, Fiber is considered in the total Carb count. In other countries, its different, like the UK it is listed only separately. When I see them with a lower carb count then fiber count, I believe they are showing Net Carbs. I did a little research on these Ole Extremes and believe that to be exactly the case here. Net Carbs = Carbs - (Fiber + Sugar Alcohol) and is a turned used in Low Carb dieting such as Atkins. It has become a mainstream term now though.

    On the BFC you should count these as 0g sugar/17g carb/12g fiber. Still a great S/C Value.

  7. I think I felt that in my instinct but I think net carbs are being used in many other products that are confusing us on how we calculate them in our s/c ratio program

    How do you approach LaTortilla Factory Smart and Delicious Softwraps?? 23g carbs, 13g fiber and 0g sugar. If the carbs are higher than the fiber should you count them as listed at total 23g of carbs or 36g of total carbs. How would one know if they are total carbs or net carbs? Ole wraps list there carb count as total carb at 5g..................Sally

  8. I have the Mission Carb Balance Tortillas. They have a total carb count of 18g, fiber 11g and 0 sugar. Then on the package it says when counting carbs,to calculate net effective carbs, deduct the grams of fiber from the toatal carbs to get the net carb count. So their calculations was 18g carbs minus 11 fiber equals 7 net effective carbs. So I've been having 2 of these for a meal. So I'm wondering too if this is what we are supposed to do with all of our carb servings? I'm a little confused now! Any suggestions let us know....Lisa

  9. Hi, Everybody: Here is a good way to figure out if total carbs or net carbs are being counted. . .

    You can calculate the total calories in the serving. Protein and carbs (all carbs) are 4 caolories each. Fat is 9. If you do the math and come up short, they're using net carbs.

  10. Lisa - Those Mission Carb Balance Tortillas are a good example of Net Carbs, but also those, I hate to say it, have Sucralose in them. Check the back of the package under ingredients. Not all the Mission Carb Balance ones have it, but several do! :(

    Sally - I think that it is simply a miss print on the Ole Extreme or because it is a foreign product to some extent? Ive seen blatant label misprints before and they are usually very obviously wrong and dont add up, like this. Ive even just called up the company and asked.

  11. I knew they were too good to be true!! Thanks for the information and yes i found that nasty word at the end of the ingredients. And i bought 2 packs of them last night...bummer...

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