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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk7

My Sister M has recently began her journey on the Belly Fat Cure. To read all about her and her story, click HERE:

Ok down 1 ½ boxes of butter (1 ½ pounds). So while it’s been slow going, it has been steady! So yay for the turtle, right?  I’ve ordered my GG Crispbreads and am patiently awaiting. My husband actually had his first colonoscopy yesterday and had a DEEP colon cleansing.  I attempted to support him with a liquid diet on Thursday, but fell a bit short with my string cheese and handful of pork rinds.  So now, I realize I have this fear of being hungry. Note: Swanson’s organic low sodium vegetable broth tastes AWFUL.  But it really made the chicken broth taste wonderful!!

We’ve got a blizzard forecasted in the Midwest today, and I am fighting the urge to cook up batches of homemade chicken and noodles.  I actually got out and walked 1 mile both Tuesday and Wednesday this week and was not sore afterwards.  My hip flexors hurt during the walk and then my lower back would start freezing up from hunching over. So I decided to lean back (into the pain) and suck in my stomach and it helped!  Being obese is soooo…inconvenient.  I look forward to the days of pain-free walking. I’m going to ride the exercise bike today and tomorrow

I’ve got all the ingredients to make Jorge’s brownies, but Amber’s afraid for me.  If I DO make them, I will cut them in portions and FREEZE all but one serving….I promise!  You know, at the very least, the walking helped me by investing more blood, sweat and tears into my weight loss.  I worked hard to burn those 150 calories and I wasn’t about to throw it away. Do you find that exercising helps you buy investing more, or makes your more hungry?

From Amber: 
Congrats Sister M on the 1.5 lbs this week! That is great!! Keep up the good work! We were both so busy this week we barely spoke. But I am all over those GG Crispbreads too! Maybe we will split a case of them! Did you track your food intake finally? Next I think you should post a few days with your weigh in. 

I don't think she should make the brownies just to have around. Maybe for her upcoming birthday instead of cake. I have seen so many people come and go on this diet, and my experience is that that people who make those brownies don't last on the plan. There is no nutritional value whatsoever in those brownies, and they are a trigger food for so many people, myself included. Have the shakes and approved chocolates in small quantities instead.

Have you all made the brownies? I won't link to them and wish I had never sent her the link! Bad, bad brownies....


  1. Yeah Sister M! 1 1/2 pounds of butter (that's how I've been visualizing my weight loss too) is nothing to sneeze at. Those boxes add up.

    I haven't made the brownies because I am afraid of the malitol after-effects. At least with Malitol, if you've had too much, you'll know. I'll just stick to a couple of squares of dark chocolate for now.

    My huge temptation right now are some yummy, from scratch, strawberry-lemonade cupcakes my niece made for a party at my house. Of course they were left behind in my refrigerator when they left last night. I had 3/4 of one yesterday and my husband had the other 1/4. I need to take these to work tomorrow, as I can hear their cupcake siren song calling to me..la la la.. *plugging ears* I can't hear you!!! :)

  2. Great Work!
    I have to agree with Amber on the brownies (and I LOVE brownies). I am VERY sensitive to Maltitol. I discovered that after buying 2 $6 cartons of Clemmy's ice cream and it isn't very good either...very oily tasting. Any hoo, I bought 2 cookbooks last week that feature only stevia as the sweetener. Both books offer recipes for brownies-carob and chocolate. I am going to make one of them and try substituting a little coconut flour/meal with the regular unbleached flour. My thoughts are that it will increase the fiber content and add a hint of coconut flavor? I'll add walnuts too 'cause they are good for you and I don't pass up an opportunity to add nuts to stuff :)

    Keep up the GREAT work Amber and Sister M!

  3. Wooo hooo...on the 1 1/2 pounds. That is great. And the walking. I only made it around the block, but I really want to push it. If only my back would co-operate. I have started to keep track of what I am eating, thanks to Amber. I am really anxious for the fiber blogs. Thanks for all the help.

  4. I hear some disappointment in your voice Sister M. I say, great job. Amber's great success in her weight loss of 39 lbs. had several of those numbers. Look where she is today!! I do hope that you make the decision not to make the brownies.
    I cannot believe that the dark chocolate is something that I really look forward to, but it has made the end of the evening tolerable if I were to have such a craving.Slowly allowing the small square to melt in your mouth seems to bring a sense of tranquility over me.
    I have ordered the GG crispbreads and Jay Robb chocolate protein mix from Amazon. I even found the Uncle Sams cereal on sale in my local grocery store.
    Refrigerated 40 cal Almond Milk is what I have on my cereal every morning.
    I live with a thin, insulin dependent husband who uses an insulin pump. He tells his pump how many carbs he will be consuming and it calculates how much insulin he will need for that meal. Since I became involved with BFC we have switched him from skim milk to the Almond Milk and he now has 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries in place of a banana and have cut 20g of sugar just from his standard breakfast meal that he eats everyday. He checks his blood six to eight times a day. It is amazing just changing from skim milk and a different fruit that his blood sugar readings have become extremely dependable between breakfast and his lunch. He produces no insulin on his own and his blood sugars frequently bounce around all over the place. We have always counted carbs, fats etc. but never realized how much sugar was in the food we ate. Amazing stuff.
    I am now becoming a true believer that the amount of fiber that we consume is what will help make the process easier to reach our goal. I look forward to your discussion next week on the importance of fiber in our meal planning. I have some concerns about the low carb count and high fiber in some of the wraps and wonder if we need to reevaluate the true carb count in some of these products (?)
    Sister M, you are so lucky to have such a great sister, and I wish you even greater numbers this week.............Sally