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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk4

From Sister M: 

TGIF!  4 weeks into BFC and I’m down 9 pounds total. That’s 3 pounds for this week! My husband and I are going on our first cruise for our 30th Anniversary and I am going to lose 30 pounds by the time we board the ship!  I have 65 days left to lose another 21 pounds. Of course, I have many more steps to reach my actual goal.  I think for now, 30 pound chunks will serve me well.  It’s hard to get lost in a sea of pounds when you have so much to lose. With my frame, I probably will want to lose between 120 and 150 pounds.  But I’m just thinking about the 30 for now.

I feel I’ve made great strides both on and off the scales this week. Had some good discussions with my sisters and brother this week about why I overeat. I have lived through decades of starving myself for most of the day and then hitting the pantry when I get home.  I pass a point of no return with my hunger. It’s like pain pills after you have surgery. We all know, that if you wait until you’re hurting to take the next dose, it’s probably too late. You take the pills at regular, prescribed intervals. So on BFC, I’m fueling my body at regular intervals. But after lunch (usually 11:30), if I don’t eat something by 4, a trigger is pulled. Even if I have a filling snack, I cannot reach a point of satiation and I want to eat until bedtime. Whether it’s mental or physical, or both; this is when the bad stuff generally happens.  Soooo, Amber suggested that I have a protein shake around 3.  I’ve done that the last three days and cannot tell you what a difference it makes. I’m using Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk (surprisingly good!) with Jay Robb’s Chocolate Whey powder (Amazon actually has a great price on this right now with .99 shipping!). I add a tbsp of crème and flaxseed oil, and a few drops of SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Vanilla Crème and it’s very satisfying. I even froze it into ice cube trays to add when I blend to keep it rich and undiluted.

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. Getting support from ANYONE helps.  And I love thinking about the “extraordinary things people are saying to me” during my journey. Have a great weekend!  - Sister M


  1. Congratulations on the 9 pounds lost so far! Excellent!

    Kudoes to you for setting intermediate goals. That's exactly what I do, and it really helps.

  2. I know you can do this! That's great advice about the protein shake! I had no idea they made unsweetened chocolate almond milk! I'm all over that. I know the "trigger" feeling though - you have to get it before it gets you! Keep up the good work - I'm off to make Jorge's pancakes now!

  3. Anyone that has your Sister Amber helping them is sure to reach their goal,,, she is a help to so many of us, (9 pounds gone great)Keep going,,,,,
    Linda from baltimore

  4. Awesome job Sister M., keep it up! Sounds like your cruise is an excellent goal to keep you on track. Thanks for letting us all know about the chocolate Almond Breeze. Gotta get me some of that!

  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate you encouragement on this journey!

  6. Hi Sister M....I finally jumped on this woe a couple of weeks ago with the awesome support from your sister, like you i'd starve myself until dinner than just eat and eat until i was sick. Tonight was the first i tried the almond breeze and love it, i actually made a strawberry shake, i dedinetely need to get the protein powder, the chocolate sounds great!! Keep up the great work, i know what your're going through!!!

  7. That is great...keep up the good work. I am going to try that shake it sounds yummy.

  8. Sister M - That is awesome! You are going to love the cruise. Keep up the good work.

  9. WOOHOO for Sis M! :) Thats over 2 lbs per week. Well done you! (We all love your sister too)




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