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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk 6

My Sister M is also doing Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure, here is her weekly update: 

Yay – A solid 2 pounds down! I needed that!  And what a week of learning…once again.  And if you haven’t been getting the hint from Amber – here is the secret. FIBER.  I actual ran OUT of my benefiber packets but have had more fiber this week than ever.  The key is finding those high fiber foods and building each meal around them.  For breakfast – you can’t beat Uncle Sam!  10 gram of fiber and 38 carbs for a heaping ¾ cup!  Yah – it’s two full servings of carbs. EAT IT!  For lunch.. my newest craze? Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Mix. OMG. I used 2 cups of the beans, plus 1 carton of Chicken Broth and water to taste.  I added a ham hock for a smokey flavor and wow.  My six servings ending up being 37 carb with 10 grams of fiber with 2 ½ grams of sugars per bowl.  That was my lunch. Dinner was a high fiber/low carb pita with avocado and deli meat. I shot for 10 grams of fiber per meal and hit it. I even bought a jicama and shredded it to put in my pita. My snack? 2 Tbsp of Flax Seeds to crunch at my desk.  (Lots of water and iced tea to keep that fiber doing its job!)  And the GG Crispbreads came in, so I’m looking for ways to incorporate them

Here’s the deal. Yah, the fiber kept things moving along. But the big benefit is the  f u l l n e s s  the fiber is providing. I am no longer starving! I no longer eat incessantly. Those little magic cells at the top of your stomach that are supposed to signal your brain that you are full…they are finally working.  . With Amber’s success, I really think that fiber is the key.  I actually found myself surprised when my favorite TV show comes on and I didn’t need a pickle to nosh on. “No thanks – I’m still full from dinner.” That’s what skinny people say.

A special “shout out” to Sally and her husband. Your story is truly amazing. When we educate ourselves and find out about high sugar foods like skim milk and bananas and make the switch, we are taking control of our bodies;  making informed decisions instead of just letting life roll over us. Keep up the good work and let us know how your family is doing!

I’m keeping on the BEAN TRAIN this week so I’m hoping for another great week! This week’s song? The Soulwax Remix of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want!”  Enjoy!

From Amber: 

Great job Sister 2!! I think that puts her at 12 lbs total lost! I am so glad she is bringing her lunch to work! I think everyday having to face those temptations when eating out must be so hard. I think this is really important. We talked about it and she is going to try and repeat this week again, with basically the same foods. Who knows, she may get sick of it. But no reason to keep reinventing the wheel.

I really agree with the "feeling full factor" with the added fiber! I've got my Mom fully converted to BFC too, she was on Jenny Craig. All three of us are all about the fiber right now.  Funny too, both Sister M and I accidentally bought and ate Green & Black's 70% Dark Chocolate bars this week! The packaging is so similar, but that is so frustrating!



  1. Hurray, Sister M, keep up the good work. Both of you ladies are such good writers. You make the blog very interesting to read. Fiber, fiber, fiber.

  2. Yeah for Sister M!! You are both so inspiring! I find myself coming and reading your blog every morning now (with my coffee filled with benefiber and cream)
    Great tips about getting in the extra fiber!

  3. Two more boxes of butter gone! Awesome!
    Thanks for the bean soup recipe. Sounds good! I wonder if adding a little liquid smoke would have the same effect. Does the ham hock add any meat to the mix, or just flavor?

  4. Way to go! Just put in a big order over at Carbsmart with my Amber discount! Ordered the GG Crispbreads. Been eating the Wasa crackers with peanut butter or Baby Bel as a snack--definitely helps keep you full longer.

  5. I hear ya on the fiber thing but I've taken a different route. Many of the people at the crossfit gym I go to are on the Paleo diet. Sorta like BFC but add in fruit, take out any grains. Basically you have to get your fiber from vegetables--lots and lots of vegetables. I have not added fruit back (beyond the /14 cup of blueberries in my spinach smoothie) but I got rid of basically all grains, especially those with gluten (I'm not at militant on corn but still avoid it mostly).

    It's more work and requires more planning than using grains (at first anyway) but it has gotten me started losing weight again, despite some visible gains in muscle mass from crossfit. Not only that, but I really feel different. I think I that the improvement in overall feeling is just as strong as when I gave up sugar a few months ago. This isn't for everyone, but for someone looking to supercharge their BFC, it's worth trying.

    But I still like my chocolate in the evening. Whole foods (and Amazon) has this "Chocolove" 77% dark chocolate. I know it's below the magic number but 1/3 of a bar is only a 6/1 and I don't find that I need the whole third of a bar. It tastes sooo much better than the 85% stuff. And I like the 85% stuff too; this is just a better deal for my evening ritual. Breaks off into nice and small squares too.

  6. Sister M, You and Amber are both such inspirations to me. I definitely will eat more fiber this week....started this morning. Eating oatmeal with pumpkin puree, cream, butter, cinnamon and Truvia. What a gourmet treat! S/C/F = 2/2/7

  7. Such a great post! I agree, fiber is so important, along with LOTS of water!

    A favorite breakfast of mine is cooked steel cut oats (1/4 cup dry, equals 1 cup cooked). I add 1 scoop (2 Tablespoons) of cold milled ground flax seed meal (from costco). Then top with about 3 walnut halves, chopped, and 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and sprinkle with cinnamon. Sometimes instead of unsweetened almond breeze I top my oatmeal with 1/3 cup of Voskos Greek yogurt.

    According to calorie king, it looks like the best brand of steel cut oats is Bob's Red Mill Organic steel cut oats, which has 27 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, zero gram sugar, and 6 grams protein per serving. (Quaker has 1 gram sugar)

    Then, 2 T. of ground flax seed meal adds 4 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, zero sugar, 3 grams protein. (PG Premium Gold brand from Costco)

    2 Tablespoons chopped walnuts = 2 grams carbs, 1 gram fiber.

    And if I top with the Greek yogurt, it is 3 grams carbs, 2 grams sugar.

    That all totals 36 grams carbs (2 carb servings), 9 grams fiber, and 2 grams sugar (with the yogurt), and it also has 18 grams protein. I love this breakfast. If I use unsweetened vanilla almond breeze I sometimes sprinkle 1/2 packet of PureVia, but the cinnamon by itself adds great flavor too, and sometimes I do not add the PureVia. When I use the Greek Yogurt instead of the almond breeze, I still sprinkle some cinnamon, but I love the tart taste of the yogurt without adding PureVia.

    Anyway, that is my favorite breakfast! (By the way, I cook 4 servings of steel cut oats at one time, divide into 4 servings, and store the left-overs in the refrigerator or freezer to easily reheat in the microwave.)

  8. Congrats Sister M on the 2 pounds! I agree with everyone that I am addicted to checking this blog :) Luv'n It!!! I am also really focusing on fiber. Just placed an order for the GG Crispbreads. Can't wait to receive them. Your bean soup sounds like something I would really like. I will need to see if I can find the Bean Mix locally now. Thank you and keep posting. This is keeping me motivated to read everyone's postings.

  9. Absolutely amazing!! Two lbs. must feel marvelous, but what I hear more in the message from last week is that we have turned the mind set from recreating brownies to fit this plan (something that probably created the problem we are currently trying to correct) to legumes that we do know are healty and full of fiber that probably have helped Sister M acheive her goal for the week and also find a food that she seems to enjoy and staves off hunger pangs. She has also accomplished something that is also really important. She has made progress in stabilizing isulin spikes by consistent carb and fiber counts at each meal. I think that this is a key component of Jorge's BFC.

    This can once again be backed up by my very thin insulin dependent husband that uses an insulin pump to distribute his insulin injections. He has always counted carbs and tells his pump how many carbs he is eating and it in turn calculates how much insulin to dispense after it receives what his current blood sugar reading is and how many carbs he intends to eat. His diet has always seemed healthy with fruits,vegtables and multigrain breads and veggies,but he has still sufferes from high and low blood sugars (spiking of insulin). His carb count has not changed in the mornings, which for him is still 51 carbs, but by changing products that we thought had high fiber and healthy carbs, we have this week removed 26 grams of sugar from that same carb count with the products we are using for our weight reduction and he is discovering that he is going to be able to reduce the amount of insulin he takes in the morning substantially. Example: His blood sugar was 145 this morning (high for us) and he told the pump he was having 51 carbs for breakfaast and it told him it was giving him 6 units of insulin. Typically his blood sugar reading would have carried him trough lunch (unless he was extremely active) but just reading the Sunday paper he checked at 10:30 and his sugar was 57(too low). Same carb number as last weeks but with the even smarter carb choices it is proving he will need less insulin with smarter food choices. We had Pam's menu this morning and he has already had lunch and I am still full. Lesson learned, the principals we are using are sound medical solutions for both the pleasingly plump and the medically challenged.

    I sit here at my computer in a pair of Liz jeans that I have not worn for a year (no extra give)feeling great but vowing not to weigh for six weeks as I have learned that a watched scale is worse than a watched pot for me personally.

    Smart good food full of fiber that I enjoy eating is moving me down to the next wardrobe that I have waiting in the closet. Stay true ladies, especially you Sister M. AND thank you Amber for those of us smart enough to have found you and the positive motivation that everyone contributes to this great blog. Interesting that there is never negativity here!! If someone falls, there is someone looking out with intelligent ways to pick ourselves up.

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen.........Sally

  10. Remember to give those clothes that you outgrow away! Do not keep them in the closet as a "crutch" if you slip and find your current ones getting tight. If you don't have anything that is bigger in the closet, you will have to get more strict on your bfc way of living.

  11. HELP! I have been faithfully following the BFC for 3 weeks and i have not lost! I have been exercising 5/7 days a week, sticking to the plan, and am very frustrated? Where do I find help with this?