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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk 5

From my Sister M:

Ok… I’m refusing to use the “j” word (as in "just"), so here goes: I lost a pound!  Let’s talk positive.  I did a lot a pre-planning this week. I brought a big bucket-o-spring greens into work, along with chix breast that I grilled and froze and fixed a beautiful salad every day for lunch. I received my box of Doctor’s CarbRite Frosted Cinnamon Bun Bars and was set for breakfast all week (yummy with 21 grams of protein and zero sugar!)  Thursday night we went out to eat at a great Tex Mex place for a birthday party. I snuck in celery to dip into my ¼ cup of salsa, ordered a great tilapia filet covered in cheese and mushrooms with steamed veggies and rice. I gave my son half the rice and ate half of what I had left (about ½ cup). So I had MANY successes away from the scales.  I’m living a life-style that is maintainable and comfortable for me; even last night at my son’s band banquet.  Easy-peasy choices there.  Green beans, chicken and steak and a plop of mashed potatoes. I passed on the rolls, brought 2 packets of stevia..one for my iced tea and one for my coffee.  I did take one bite of the flourless chocolate cake that was delivered in front of me.

Amber told me she had 41 grams of fiber yesterday and I realized that when I don’t track, I don’t realize the fiber I’m missing out on. I’ve got the S/C values down, but really need to concentrate on the fiber. I think that’s a HUGE part of Amber’s success. We are going to have a contest to see who can fit the most fiber in (and I told her vodka and flaxseed shots don’t count!) for the day.  She’s found these obscenely great crackers (GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread) with a nearly 1:1 carb to fiber ratio. I’m going to order today! Until then, I’m on fiber patrol. Have a great week and thanks again to everyone’s comments and support! How much fiber can YOU fit in today?

From Amber
A pound is a pound, so I think that is great! This week 1 lb is my goal. However my sister is not tracking her food intake, which I still do at week 21. Every single meal, every single day. To go from Atkins, where its pretty much all the protein and fats you want and 0 carbs, to allowing carbs in specific amounts is really hard. I got her to commit to tracking this week. I think it is a critical key of the Belly Fat Cure and in class Jorge stressed tracking and keeping a food log time and again. Whether you do it with the super simple dot system in the book or use my S/C Value Tracker, you need to track.

I'd love to hear from you all, how you do record your food intake and count your S/C Values?


  1. Boy Amber, that is my biggest problem. Tracking the food that I eat. Just like when I take a journal on vacation ready to keep track of EVERYTHING. When we get back...there is a lot of blankness in the book.
    Great job Sister M. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sister M- way to go ! A pound is a pound! I like to think each pound gone as a pound block of butter-thats a lot of fat to lose in a week!! I think fibre is the key as well-I have been averaging about 35 grams a day. I discovered the crispbreads a couple weeks ago, and they are great and loaded with fibre!!
    Amber, I use your s/c tracker that I downloaded. I kept a journal for the first week, but this is much easier. I type in all new foods right when I have them on the lookup table, and then fill in my meal/snack as soon as I have it so I know where I stand for the day. Its a great tool and I recommend it to everyone-thanks for supplying it to us for our use!!

  3. 41 grams of fiber - WOW. That is my question on how to get more.
    I use a journal and write down every bite that goes in my mouth.
    The cover of the journal matches my kitchen color, so its always on the counter.
    How do you count things like Benefiber w/4 carbs, if you take it 2 or 3 times a day?

  4. Congrats, SisterM!

    I've been using Amber's tracker since the beginning - but I will admit that last week, I was a bit sporadic. I will get back on "track" this week.

  5. I couldn't get the tracker to work on my computer after downloading the XLS file so I just made my own spreadsheet. I have columns for date, time, food, gms sugar, serv carb, gms fiber, sum sugar, sum carbs, sum fiber, over sugar, over carb and under fiber. The last 6 are all calculated by the spreadsheet. The last column is for comments. I have each day use 12 rows and just copy an empty day's worth to the bottom to keep it up. I use NeoOffice but can also use XLS directly.