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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Show Me The Whey

It's pretty clear to me that you all know your way around a shake! The Belly Fat Cure has a whole section devoted to shakes, and they give us a great jumping off point. I used shakes in the first month to get me past my usual evening snack time. They are really filling, and I frequently share then with my husband or a friend. Lately I use them less often, and on occasion as a meal replacement.

Things to add to your shake:
Whey Protein Powder - Jay Robb is has the Belly Fat Cure seal of approval and honestly it seems to have the absolute best S/C Value out there. This week I MRM (Metabolic Response Modifiers) Whey also made with Stevia on sale at Whole Foods for $13. It is 1gram Sugar/1gram Carb.
Amazing Grass Green Superfood - I love the Chocolate version of this, but it is not for everyone (my kids cried when I had them taste it!) and is pricey. I luckily got it on sale for 1/2 price at Whole Foods. They aren't protein powders, but green shakes that get you 5 - 9 servings of fruit and veggies. I'll be reviewing it and having a giveaway in the weeks to come.
Flaxseed oil - For those good Omega-3 fatty acids, Barleans has some awesome flavored oils that I have not splurged for yet. I really want the Chocolate Raspberry Flaxseed oil!
Ground Flaxseed - Added fiber and  nutrients. I add these or Chia every time I make a shake.
Chia Seeds - Added fiber and nutrients. You will want to soak them for a few minutes before starting the blender.
Cinnamon - I love this in a shake! Here is my favorite shake recipe.
Peanut or Almond Butter - If you use the low sugar version it adds a lot of great flavor
Cream - Adds a little richness to the shake, or whip it up and add to the top
Unsweetened Almond Milk (USAM) - Comes in Original, Vanilla and Chocolate. Only one store sells it near me, so I stock up on this. (I have three in my cabinet right now!)
Unsweetened Coconut Milk - I prefer this to USAM sometimes, but it only comes refrigerated.
Flavored Teas - Brew it extra strong and let is cool first, the options are really endless with this.
Coffee - Recreate your favorite Starbucks drink. Use Decaf coffee for late afternoon or evening shakes and try freezing the coffee in ice cube trays for use in other shakes.
Green Veggies - I love the Bug Juice, it is make with water, not protein powder.
Nature's Hallow Preserves - Just a touch of these Xylitol sweetened yummies would be great I think!
Ice - To make it more like an ice cream/milkshake. It the beginning I used a lot of ice, not not much.

I personally don't add fruit or sweeteners to my shakes.  I will be adding back more fruit when I get to my goal weight, but I'd rather have them whole. I also don't add psyllium husks or Benefiber to shakes, because I think you need to take them more with water. But that is just me!

Here is one of Jorge's video's from over a year ago, when he was still developing the book. The protein powder he uses is called "Show Me The Whey", love that name! I think it is from Henry's Market. I think I will have this for lunch tomorrow with Uncle Sam's on top!

If you are having trouble finding a few of the items, like Chia, Barleans, Jay Robb, etc and are willing to mail order them, I have created an aStore at Amazon.com that has every item from the BFC in it! You can access it HERE.

Update: I had Jorge's shake from the video and it was GREAT! I loved the cereal in it! I didn't have chocolate whey powder, so I used: Chocolate USAM, Vanilla Whey Protein, Chia seeds, Flexseed oil, Ice, Uncle Sams.


  1. I love Jorge in this video. Makes you want to run right out and buy whey protein.

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