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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shake Week!

Okay, I'm going to "Shake" things up a little this week, my 21st Week on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Diet Plan! This will be "Shake Week"! Kind of like Shark Week, but no Jaws jokes or scary stuff. And no, as my brother asked, it does not mean I am only eating shakes all week. What kind of diet does he think I'm on anyways? lol!

We are going to talk about all the great shakes on the BFC during Shake Week. Im kicking it off Monday with a really fun giveaway that the folks at Jay Robb provided. I'll also be reviewing protein powders, "things I put in my shake" and sharing my favorite shake recipes from the book and ones I just plain made up. I really want to encourage you all to share you favorites and failures too. I'll pick the a few of the best comments here and turn them into their own blog post at the end of the week called "Readers Favorite Shakes".

I hope this sounds fun to you all too! Dieting can be a real bore, so I thought this would shake things up a bit! (I know, its a great theme, right? teeheehee)

I'll start with my own "Shake Failure" story: Sister M got this brilliant, or so it seemed, idea to mix in unsweetened Kool-Aid with everything BFC related. We both started experimenting and I loved the idea of a Cherry Vanilla Shake. Pre-BFC I loved a Dairy Queen Chocolate Covered Cherry Blizzard, oh gawd. So I found a little packet of Cherry Kool-Aid and added it to a Vanilla Jay Robb. I looked at the packet quickly and there was only a tiny amount of powder in it, so I put the whole little packet in and turned on the blender. Quickly it turned bright pink and I could just smell screamed "Kool-Aid!". I pulled the packet out of the trash and realized it was to make a whole gallon of Kool-Aid. I sipped a bit and it was so disgusting and sweet (why?), I could actually taste it for days afterwards! Of course I took a photo, because that is what diet bloggers do, and I thought it would be SO good I'd have to share it with you all! NOT! Sadly the pink doesn't really come through in the photo like it did in person. Sister M and I slowed down our Kool-Aid experiments after that...


  1. Hey there - that was hardest transition away from my DAILY (for 3 years) morning shake that seemed so healthy but had 27g of sugar in it! I finally have a good recipe down but here are three bizarre ingredients you didn't know you might need: Xanthan gum and guar gum (verrrrry little of either, like an eighth of a teaspoon - maybe not even that much) and a frozen veggie, like spinach. I had to cut my fruit down to half a cup which sucked! I found out that frozen mustard greens make it taste awesome (that will be really weird if you're not used to green monsters). And.....I *might* be cheating with a teensy splash of s/f raspberry Torani's. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Yay for a Jay Robb giveaway!

  2. Not going to drink the kool aid today!! But, as someone new in the BFC program, I am really anxious to hear your favorite ones, and why and when do you partake??
    Wishing Sister M much success. The sounds of frosted cinnamon bun sure sounded good, but I have worked so hard to get 9g of fiber into my breakfast I just had to pass on that one.
    Wasa for lunch everyday, however.
    Think I have found everything but a cottage cheese with less than 5g of sugar.
    Off with my dog Dozer, my golden retriver pup for a walk in the sun, the first sun in the NC Mountains in about two weeks.
    Keep all the good info coming............Sally

  3. Ill blog later this week about my fiber experiment, it has been very interesting! I cant wait to see what shakes everyone is having!

  4. Hi, I haven't tried Rob Jay's produced but I'm dying too. I love shakes and so I'm sure I would love using his products to make shakes every day. Kim

  5. I really like the Jay Robb Protien powder. I usually have a shake between lunch and dinner with 1 scoop of powder & 2 tbs of ground flax seeds for extra fiber and water. I've only tryed chocolate and vanilla - would love to try others.

  6. Cinnamon Vanilla shake is my favorite. It's my secret cheat. I enjoy an evening treat and this one works for me.

    BTW, just found your Blog and I am happy I did. It is very motivational and helps me to stick with BFC. You look great.

  7. Sounds like you are the maaaddddd scientist. Don't give up though. That cherry chocolate combination sounds so good. I can't wait until you review the protein powders. I am finishing up a jar of egg white protein powder and will appreciate you reviews before I buy a new jar or can or bag. Thank you, perfect timing.

  8. I love this whey protein . I recommened to a lot of people at the gym and my spinning instructor.
    The vanilla flavor is the one I have been using for the past two months.
    this is my recipe
    1 or 2 scoops of whey proteiin
    1/2 cup of water
    1/2 cup of almond breeze
    some ice
    1 or two strawberries
    1/4 or a banana
    1 or 2 spoons of fage greek yoghurt
    put everything in a blender and you are done.
    This tastes so good I love it.

  9. I love my Jay Robb Whey Protein Shakes. I have one just about every morning with unsweetened Almond Breeze milk. I also add a half a serving of Uncle Sam cereal to add a little crunch to it.
    I love it!!

  10. This is the third week for me on the BFC program. I like to experiment with things a little, of course adding up the s/c as I go. I love peanut butter but have not kept it in the house for years. Now...shopping at Whole Foods I found Maranatha Peanut butter with only ground roasted peanuts and sea salt. A serving for 2 tablespoons is 1 sugar, 3 fibers and 7 carbs. I mix one scoop chocolate Jay Robb Whey with 1 cup vanilla sugarless almond milk, 2 Tbls of Maranatha peanut butter and about a C of ice to blend to creamy. I have had it with and without sun crystals (2 packs) for 2 sugars. I do prefer the sweeter taste. Pour it up in a large glass with a big straw and Holy Cow, is it ever the greatest and so satisfying.
    Karen Morgan

  11. I am surprised at all the people who use bananas in their shakes as one medium banana is 14 grams of sugar. Athletes eat bananas for a quick energy boost.

  12. My favorite is:
    1 scoop Jay Robb Strawberry Whey powder (nice, subtle strawberry flavor)
    2 tablespoons flaxseed oil
    1/2 cup or so of Unsweetened So Delicious Coconut Milk
    1/4 cup of half and half

    blend until smooth, and then place in the freezer until it's almost the consistency of ice cream. eat with a spoon.