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Monday, March 8, 2010

Product Review: Wasa Crispbread

I discovered Wasa crispbreads several years ago when I did the Weight Watchers Core Plan (WW did away with that diet plan!). But I fell in love with these little cracker/breads and was thrilled to see that they fit into the Belly Fat Cure and Low Sugar diets perfectly!

Honestly, first taste might remind you of cardboard. They are really crunchy! But keep an open mind and these will become a diet staple. That crunch now satisfies a need that only potato chips could before. The most obvious use is as a "cheese delivery system", but you can do so much more: Spread on almond butter or low sugar peanut butter, scoop tuna salad on top, or make a turkey cheese sandwich. My favorite is to spread on cream cheese and top with smoked salmon. If I had capers that would be perfect!

There are several different varities of Wasa available and they have slightly varying S/C counts. The Fiber Crispbread has the best S/C of the bunch at 0grams Sugar/7grams Carbohydrates/2grams Fiber for an S/C of 0/1. The others have just a little more Carbs, but still are at just 1 Carb serving for one. I frequently have two of these for lunch, with a high protein topping served open faced, cottage cheese on the side sprinkled with ground flaxseed. They are pretty readily available at chain grocery stores (in the cracker aisle, kind of hidden), Amazon.com and at Carbsmart.com.


  1. Great suggestion. Even better, going to www.wasa-usa.com you will find an expanded use for these with GREAT recipes and nutrition facts that all seem to fit into BFC program.
    The garlic parmasan seems perfect to go with healthy salads that we create for a main course menu.
    Please keep us motivated with more creative products..............Sally

  2. Oh, Amber, would you believe that after reading this post last night, I had my first craving since starting BFC - Wasa!!!

    I broke down and had a couple of them with butter. LOL

  3. How about spreading some hummus on there - would that taste good? I keep planning on making some hummus to replace mayo/mustard on sandwiches, would be so much healthier.