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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review: Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder

Jay Robb Whey Protein Powders have come in very useful on the Belly Fat Cure. They are featured in Jorge Cruise's Carb Swapping book and one of a few products to get his "Seal of Approval". In the beginning, I used the shakes to fight my evening snack attack. It was tasty and filling. I like both the Strawberry and Vanilla. I find the Vanilla more versatile if you can only just get one. Sister M prefers the Chocolate.

At the beginning of the diet, I resisted Jorge's product endorsements. I thought he was just trying to sell us something, and initially I was annoyed with that. So I bought GNC protein powders instead, yes because they were on sale. Several weeks later Jorge mentioned WHY he recommended Jay Robb over other brands, because it is one of only a few that uses Stevia. Hmmm, then what does my brand use?! Sure enough, after vigerous label reading, I find Sucralose. A big No-No on the BFC.

Moral to this story: I have learned that when Jorge recommends a brand, use it. Oh, and read every last label! (While researching this post I found that Jay Robb has an amino acid called Apartamine. For a minute I totally freaked out thinking it was Aspartame, however it is not... back to calm). There are very few protein powders currently on the market that have a great S/C Value and do not use artificial sweeteners.

The trick on the Belly Fat Cure is to not make the shakes with milk or fruit juice, but with teas, unsweetened almond milk (USAM) or unsweetened coconut milk instead. By itself Jay Robb Whey Protein is 0 gram Sugar,1 gram Carbohydrates and 0 grams of Fiber for an S/C Value of 0/0. Be sure and add in the information for your liquid to come up with the total S/C Value, but if you used my suggestions above it should still be an 0/0. I also add in Ground Flax Seed or Chia Seeds to give a Fiber umph (I'm all about the fiber right now!).

You can find Jay Robb at most health food stores, GNC, Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods and Amazon. They may seem expensive at around $20+ for 12ozs, but you get at least 12 shakes from that. (I always mix mine with less then the the recommended scoop, since I'm always trying to save a nickle.) Jay Robb also has Egg and Rice protein powders, along with the Whey protein. There S/C Value is okay, but not quite as good, so watch out for that when you are shopping.

Amazon has a great deal on Jay Robb right now, $21.29 with free shipping. That is better a better price then I have seen in local stores!

Don't forget to enter the fun giveaway that Jay Robb is giveway to Me & Jorge readers this week!


  1. It took me two times to read Apartamine and not "see" Aspartame, good catch.

    I like Jay's Egg powder too but the thing about whey powder that makes it so great is that it really fluffs up a shake. I love volume!!!!

    Thanks for the great fiber tips - I could use them. I think I may also add a small shake in the evenings as I was starting to go a little nuts with the chocolate. Have to nip that in the bud.

  2. Hey Amber do know if Think thin bites are belly good??? I read the ingredients and they seem to be. I hope so cause I just ate 1 and it was ym yum yummy!

    Nobody on the fanpages ever answer your questions :(

  3. just want to add my 2 cents to your Canadian followers(we can't get Jay Robb here) North Coast Naturals whey protein powder is really delicious! It is 0 sugar, 2 grams carbs per 29 gram scoop. It is sweetened with Stevia. I usually mix it with almond milk and ice, but I have had it with water and ice and it is very good, a bit thinner. It is available at many grocery stores/pharmacies/health stores. Chocolate and Vanilla are both great!

  4. Hi Rosalie - Yes they are good for the BFC. I reviewed them months ago and then just recently Jorge featured them on FB himself! My review is here: http://bit.ly/cjiGWI. They were actually my first every product review!

  5. After read above post I think that whey protein isolate is best supplement to take. I don't think that a brand is more important because you will not get any one brand every where. Yes you can surely focus on it's flavor because it is available at everywhere. He has describe that after take this supplement what type of changes he have felt. After read this post I have also start to take Whey Protein Isolate which is also good to take and as much effective as described by him.

  6. Has anyone heard of belly fat reduction by drinking whey protein and OJ first thing in the morning? A Natural body builder told me once that if you do nothing else this will still work to burn belly fat. He had a scientific reason but I can't recall and had trouble comprehending his explaination at the time. Thank you...

  7. I got terrible indigestion this morning from the Energize Me Green Tea drink. I was debating to go to the ER, I had terrible pain from my shoulder blades all around my ribs. I've never had indigestion like that.

    With that said, I thought the drink was tasty but no sure worth the terrible pain.

  8. I've posted this question in several BFC forums and can't seem to get a response. I currently have on hand a cake batter flavored whey protein powder with amino acids, made by Muscle Gauge Nutrition which I believe would be fine to use with BFC. Its nutritional values are 111 calories per 1 oz scoop with 2 grams fat, 2 grams carbs, 22 grams protein, 0 fiber. Ingredients: Pure whey protein concentrate, pure whey protein isolate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan gum, sweetened with stevia. This protein is available in 5 lb. tubs for about $30, which makes it a heck of a lot more affordable than Jay Robb products. Ingredients comparison is the same other than artificial flavor is added to Muscle Gauge. I think the taste is fine and it mixes well without any cloying thickness or clumps.In your opinion would Muscle Guage be a good choice?

  9. What is the difference (nutritionally) between Chia seeds and psyllium Husks?

  10. why jay robb protein is so expensive? "from grass fed cows not treated with rBGH", no artificial ingredients, etc etc... a good, clean and "natural" product.... better for your health than the 5lbs at $30 from any other brand...

  11. It has health benefits for the body.