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Monday, March 29, 2010

Imagine Yourself Thin, Part 2

Back in November in my class with Jorge Cruise, he suggested we envision ourselves as already being at our goal weight. Really picture it, what do we look like, what are we wearing and doing. It was a visualization exercise, and I wasn't totally comfortable with it. I feel like I hadn't been happy with my looks in a long time, that I nolonger "looked like myself". Back then I wrote a blog entry where I envisioned myself looking like Star Jones. Mostly, I just liked the clothes she was wearing I think.

But there must have been a shift in my mentality lately. Somewhere in this weight loss process, my face changed... back to me. I recognize myself again, in photos and in the mirror, when I hadn't in a long time. So sorry Star, but I'm thinking more of Shikira's hips and her hips action lately!

My Belly Fat Cure needs to turn into a Hip and Butt Fat Cure right about now and I'm think Miss Shikira has just the moves and motivation to help that along! Come on, how does she do that?!

What about you? How do you picture yourself thin? Is it your "old self" a totally new self, or some crazy famous inspiration like mine?


  1. Hi Amber....I'm picturing a whole new self like i've never before when starting another diet! This woe has totally changed me, it really has clicked. I don't crave the bad stuff, i have'nt cheated since i started this Feb.22nd, before i would always give myself the weekend to cheat and couldn't wait for it to come, i just don't have the desire to feel that way ANYMORE!! I feel sooo good!! I can't imagine NOT doing this for the rest of my life...i have NEVER said this before!! The weight loss feels so different than before, every week i feel like i'm shrinking and boy does that make me feel good! I look forward to this blog everyday so keep up the good work, it's helping me tremendously!! (:

  2. I just Tweeted to you but you might have to follow me to receive...do I need to send you my address for the Jay Robb prize. I don't think I have your email.

  3. Hi Amber-
    This past Saturday I "shopped" in my own closet. I can now wear shorts and pants that I bought 2 years ago! I even went so far as to put on a skirt that I bought maybe 5 years ago and hadn't actually worn since the day I bought it-and guess what?! I can zip it up. Now, mind you, it is still tight at the waist (yes, a skirt that is made to fit at the waist! imagine!)so I really need to start incorporating some toning exercises into my day-core work with the pilates ball. Anyway, I envision myself back when I was 135...a LONG time ago. I have a black and white picture of me in a bikini in the surf and I've put that on the bathroom mirror as a reminder and motivator. You have done a GREAT job and have been a true inspiration and motivator for lots of us....thank you!

  4. Holy cow!!!!!! If I did that my body would get stuck one way or the other. Phew...should have taken belly dancing instead of crocheting. lol

  5. Heather - I want to start toning more too. I am running/hiking which is great for my lower body, but my arms need workout now.

    Marianne - To funny!! I want to learn how to do that!

    And Lisa - Thanks so much for that! I really feel the same as you, it is almost to good to believe! I am truly amazed with my own progress and what I have learned through this experience

  6. What is so funny is that my "picture" on Calorie-Count.com is of Shakira! She is totally my vision. BTW, belly dancing is a great way to get to that level of toning and have tons of fun at the same time.

  7. I know that this is a really old post, but I'm catching up. For those of you who still follow the BFC - Tracy Anderson has great toning workouts. If you google her, you can see tons of stuff posted out there from magazines for free - or you can get her dvd's. It is low weight high rep and I love it.