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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Read a Label on the Belly Fat Cure

The key to the Belly Fat Cure plan is in your products' labels. Jorge Cruise's new book has lots of product and recipes to help you reach your weight loss goals, but by reading your labels very carefully you can follow the plan faithfully with endless products!

Before you eat anything that is packaged, turn it around and find the Nutrition Facts.  In the U.S. the FDA mandates that all products classified as food must carry this label and list certain, very specific, information. I'm pretty sure the staff at my local grocery store moan when they see me walk in the door, because mess up all their products. I pull them out, turn them all around, read them and put 95% of the things back up. Most contain too much sugar or have an artificial sweetener like Aspartame or Sucralose.

The Nutritional Facts is typically white with black text. First locate the Serving Size, which is at the top of the label. I always find this surprising, and sometimes find that the actual serving size is less then half what I expected. Breakout a food scale or a calculator, best guessing is a plan to over eat usually. The "Servings Per Container" number listed below the Serving Size will help you better determine how much you can have too.

Why is the serving size so important? All the nutritional information on the packaging is relevant for that specific amount of food. For this example I will use Wasa Crispbread, which are great on the Belly Fat Cure. The Serving Size = 1, Sugar = 0, Carbohydrates = 8 grams.  So what if you want to have two of the crackers, or even three? Simply multiple the Sugar and Carbohydate grams by the number of servings you are having to get your total.

3 Wasa Crispbreads:
Sugar 0 grams * 3 servings = 0
Carbs 8 grams * 3 servings = 24 grams
Apply the Belly Fat Cure Carb Servings rules and that is an S/C Value of 0/2

Or make a Wasa Crispbread into a BFC snack:
Wasa Crispbread = 0grams Sugar/8 grams Carbs
Nature's Hallow = 0 grams Sugar/7 grams Carbs
Cream Cheese = 2 grams Sugar/2 grams Carbs
The total is 2 grams Sugar/17 grams Carbs for a total S/C Value of 2/1

Some food products are considered Dietary Suppliments by the FDA and have different labeling requirements. However they may still contain high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners and must be tracked the same as all food on the Belly Fat Cure. Things to look out for are cough syrup (sugar), fiber suppliments (carbohydrates), chewable antacids (sugar) and liquid probitoics (sugar) for example. They may take additional research online and with the manufacturer's website to find their S/C Values.


  1. Amber, I am sure there are many grocery stores wondering why they have so much extra work to do all of a sudden! I am sure there are many more customers wondering why I am standing over the yogourt checking every single one to find one low in sugar with no sweeteners for 1/2 hour! lol I think it is so important that people are checking labels and not just finding that item in the book and assuming it is the same. There are so many differences between brands! In Canada, we too have to have the nutritional labels on anything that is deemed a food-I can't think of anything I have found that doesn't have one-its such a big help! Wishing you continued success on the plan!

  2. Hi Amber...I am now an avid label reader, it's really amazing the sugar in everything. It takes me a lot longer to grocery shop but so worth it!! I look so forward to this blog everyday. I'm on the road to great health, thanks to you!! :)

  3. Nice Work Amber! That is a great explanation for anyone who might have been confused before. Getting frustrated with myself. I have been so faithful to this way of eating. Last weekend I was down 8 lbs. and now back up 3! Just don't understand why I am not losing like everyone else. So back to where I was for weeks. SIGH!!!!!!

  4. Great article, Amber! I've been looking at labels for so long that it wouldn't occur to me that people can't decipher them, but this is an excellent explanation (and I just ran to the CarbRite site to make sure a bar was ONE serving considering I just bought two more boxes.

  5. Ive been working with my Mom a lot and thought I really need to talk details of the label. Plus in other countries, they don't have sugar listed separate like we do. I always wondered why some thing didnt have to list it the same and so I was motivated to research it! I hope you all found it useful.

    Jacqui - you are doing great! Some fluctuating is normal. Just keep being true to it and it will happen IMO.

  6. Amber, Two weeks digesting Jorges book. I spent the first week looking for products and really reading labels, like they were almost a novel. Also spending time looking for good discussion groups that were postive, informative and realistic.
    Me and Jorge are on my i google and your blog is what I read first thing in the morning.
    I go back and reread your journey with this program and so admire how you have researched and adapted the ground rules to actually almost make it easy.
    As I grow in this effort, please know that I have chosen you as a mentor to follow. Some of the discussion boards can sow seeds of doubt, but your discussions help keep us in the zone of reality and confidence that hard work will pay off.
    You sure can see Sister M growing in the 4 weeks. Way to go..............Sally

  7. I love reading labels!! It really does open up a huge door allowing us to incorporate more variety of foods into the BFC plan. Thanks for a great explanation on reading labels :-)

  8. Sally - Thank you so much for your kind words! I really do appreciate them and all my readers and comments! I know this will probably jinx it, but I have never had a single negative comment here. I think a positive attitude makes a huge difference in life!