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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weigh in: Week 16

Week 16 makes four months, right? A quarter of a year sounds like a long time! I am down 2.5lbs this week to a total of 33lbs lost and 7lbs to go to my initial goal weight. I am currently 163lbs. That is the lowest weight I can remember in at least 9 years. And that, folks, makes me very happy!
I was running across the kid's school campus yesterday because I thought I might be late for the Kindergarten release. With the weight of my cell phone my pocket, my jeans began to droop, to the point where I had to hold them up while I ran. I later told the story to my husband over dinner and he and the kids thought this was a hilarious story. But the really funny part is that these are 12s that I couldn't squeeze into 4 months ago. The tight 14s I used to squeeze into? I can take them off without unbuttoning them now, and I look like an idiot if I attempt to wear them. Like the punk boys whose underwear is meant to show and the jeans are at their knees. Not a good look for a 40 year old woman at the PTA meeting!
I have a tip for you this weigh in day: Find a Good Belly beverage replacement for your old Bad Belly habit. Remember, there are two types of Belly Bad: 1) High sugar/carbs and 2) artificial sweeteners (sucralose/splenda, sacharin, aspartame). Mine was Coke Zero and I kicked it with homemade iced and hot teas. I mix flavors and brew it all the time. Sister M's was Peach flavored Mixie Sticks which I think are Crystal Light. She hasn't found a replacement yet, but I think it will solve a lot when she does.
I have loads of upcoming blog posts planned, but I don't want to dump them all one you at once! I try and post three times a week. If you have a question for me or a product you'd like me to try leave a comment. I read them all! Just a few of the upcoming things I have planned:
  • Lots of product reviews, things I eat everyday on the plan but I never thought to review them! To check out the reviews I've already done click here.
  • Updated Dark Chocolate review. I officially think I have tasted every 85% Dark Chocolate bar available in the Western US. If you haven't read my current list, get caught up now. They are the indulgent snack de jour on the BFC!
  • More Blog the Book with Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Carb Swapping System.
  • Update on my "Sister M" who is just starting the BFC. Read here story here, your comments so far have been really encouraging!
  • I'll be publishing a days worth of my meals each week like I did a while back. People are always asking what I eat. Did you download my S/C Tracker yet? It's available directly from my blog now! It may help you keep track of what you are eating, so give it a try.
Let me know how you are doing this week! Post your weigh ins and goals in the comments section , I'd love to hear how you all are doing too!


  1. Thank goodness for your blog. It is hard to get info on the BFC. I am in week 4 and have lost 7lbs. Kind of thought it would have been more. Lost 4 in the 1st week and 1.5 each week after. My week 4 weigh in will be Monday.I am now 185 and my goal is 155. I have been following this plan pretty strickly and feel like I should be losing more. I do have wine or vodka just about every night, but never more than 2.I am cutting way back on the yellow packets, but have not found a good drink subsitute. Anyway...I have enjoed your blog. Thanks for being so commited to it! Susie

  2. I have just started researching this diet with Jorge and am so glad I came across your blog! I cannot wait to read through the whole thing. Thank you so much for posting this blog as I think it will be very helpful and informative. I look forward to reading the blog and congratulations on your loss so far! You have really inspired me to give this a shot!

  3. Hi Amber...putting your menus on this blog will be great! I'm still stalling on starting this woe and i want to cook for my whole family. The biggest thing for me is i live in eastern iowa and our choices suck! So could you tell me the best place to get a lot of these foods? There's a website i found called carbsmart.com and it has jorge approved products, have you heard of it? I want to make sure i don't get ripped off! Jorge doesn't say much about coffee, i'm a total addict and hope this won't deter my weight loss, what's your thought? Again congrats on your loss so far, what an achievement! I love this blog...Thanks~Lisa

  4. Susie - I recommend you cold turkey the yellow packets (Splenda/Sucralose) Pickup some Sun Crystals at the store today. They are way better anyways! I make loads of flavored iced tea. But I hear you, Sister M is having trouble with the drinks too.

    Lisa - Jorge is a big coffee fan too! Its all good on the BFC! I have it the morning with benefiber and cream. I hated to get rid of my Coffeemate! But I dont miss it now at all.

    Thanks so much for your comments!

  5. One thing I've fell in love with are the sugar free (xylitol) pudding snacks. Totally meets the need for a treat in a way that even dark chocolate doesn't. You should try them. There's a caramel kind and chocolate kind and they don't taste sugar free to me.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog too.

    My story: I'm down a total of 13-14 lbs in under 4 weeks. Including 3 weeks where I had road trips of 2 or more days. The only time I've blown the diet is during one 4-day trip and I actually gained weight that week. I'm out of my "I give up pants" and comfortably wearing my "I'm fighting the battle" pants.

    This week I've added in 5 fish oil tabs per day. I've yet to burp up nasty fish oil so the Kirkland Signature fish oil tabs are great. Sugar cravings are basically gone. I can even watch man vs. food and not feel deprived, which is significant.

    This is pretty sad, but this is the longest I've ever stuck w/ a fad diet (Atkins, SB, etc) other than WW. I can't really see myself giving up on this at this point. It's hard to explain but sweets, treats, ice cream, donuts and stuff aren't even that exciting to me. It's almost as if a switch was thrown in my brain to lessen (significantly) my desire for sugar.

    I didn't think that eating 15 g of sugar a day could be a lasting "lifestyle" change, but I've been able to manage it through work-related travel which include multiple dinners/lunches out, entertaining clients, etc. I'm begining to think that I can live this way. I've been sick w/ a nasty head cold for the last 8 days so I haven't felt like working out at all. Hopefully getting back on that next week and that'll charge up my weight loss again. Still, 3-4 lbs a week with ease and relative consistency when I do my part is awesome for me.

    The most interesting part to me by far is that fact that I don't want sugar. I wouldn't have believed I'd have this mental shift had you told me a few weeks ago. It didn't really happen I think until sometime this week.

  6. Wow Mike, You've got it down! I agree with you 100%, that is how I felt/feel too. Amazing, isn't it? Im in my "Im fighting the battle pants" too, LOVE that!

    What is the brand name on your pudding snacks?! Please tell.

  7. Augh!!! Feel like a total failure tonight! I have been doing wonderfully on BFC for 4 weeks now. A friend showed up announced, asked me to dinner and I had waaaaay tooo many carbs Chinese... Could I have chosen a healthier dish in the restaurant? Yes, did I? NO! Grrrr. But on the positive side, funny thing Amber, I am not down in weight at all, still stuck at 148 but down over 2 inches now in belly size. My pants were falling today too, not like yours though. But these were (in the words of dear hubby...) my "get back witcha's" before the Holidays. Now I may not be able to wear them much longer for they may fall off soon... WHOOP!!!!!

  8. They are "Jell-O" brand. My wife bought them for me thinking they would be fine b/c they were sugar free on the label. I assumed that they would be filled w/ aspartame or sucralose. Imagine my delight when I read xylitol. I'm sure you've seen them before and passed over them for the same reason/assumption. I know all the sugar-free mixes use aspartame. But the little cups use xylitol. I was pretty pumped.

    There is one thing about this diet that I think people need to know about. I think it is less forgiving of an "I totally blew it" day than other diets. I think this diet relies on momentum a bit more than most (like Atkins, I think) so you really can't do it halfway. You really have to be serious about it. This is a 7 day a week diet, not a 6 day per week with a free day diet. All you'll end up with is frustration if you opt for the latter.

  9. Suzanna - Your pants story made me laugh! I guess my kids were right, falling down pants stories ARE funny! Great job on the inches lost! What is your goal weight? You have got to be close, right?

    Mike - Again I totally agree with you 100%! BFC is like Atkins, you can't "kind of" do it. It wont work otherwise and you could gain weight.

  10. Amber- Aiming for 135 but... this is more for me in the health department. I was a complete and total sugar addict from my coffee first thing to midnight snacks of ice cream, chocolate, whatever. My recent wake up call was when I developed a severe MSRA (antibiotic resistant staph) infection throughout my nose and sinuses right before Christmas and was hospitalized. I was told this shouldn't happen to an average "normal and healthy person". After spending Christmas sitting in a hospital bed for 4 days, 3 on IV antibiotics, I realized I have to treat my body better. The day I got home from the hospital the Costco Connections magazine was sitting in the mail pile. I saw Jorge again and it all clicked from there. I have to do this, I have to get healthy, I want to be healthier and happier. And that darn number on that scale STILL eludes me but I feel better and have absolutely no sugar cravings at all! Taking it one day at a time...

  11. Oops, Should have been MRSA...

  12. Why are my comments unable to be posted? What am I doing wrong?