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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh in: Week 15, Ch. 2 and Artificial Sweeteners

Okay, tough week here! Long story short, we moved. We moved quickly. And we moved ourselves. A little history here is required: Thirteen months ago I moved half way across the country, leaving my beautiful home with renters since I couldn't sell it, thanks to my street being full of foreclosures. I moved to THE most expensive area in the country so my husband could take his dream job. But not selling my house and crazy home prices here, left me being a renter. Ugh. The owners of our rental house decided at the end our twelve month lease that they are going to sell the house. So we moved. Quickly.

With all the hard work moving and barely having time to eat, I was positive I would have a good loss this week. I could just feel it! But alas Monday morning, I couldn't find my dagnabit scales. I was so upset that I actually called my husband (at his dream job) and started crying "I need those scales NOW!" I only realized I was overreacting a tad when he said "Amber, do I need to come home?" He's never said that, even when I was 9 months pregnant and miserable. I eventually found the dagnabit scales in a box labeled "TOYS", and I registered a loss of .5. Stupid, stupid scales. What do they know?! So I'm a little bitter this week, and tried and sore and bruised.

I did, however, read Ch. 2: One Critical Key of Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure. I am very thankful I took the 12 Week Live Coaching Class with Jorge, as I don't feel the book really gets across some very important points. The most important part of Ch. 2 for me was about sweeteners. Blue packets, pink packets, yellow packets. They aren't good for us. Some are known to cause cancer in animals (so why not in me too) while others are known to destroy the natural flora and fauna in your digestive system. And all are known to increase your desire for the sweet taste, instead of satiate it, like I thought it was doing.

NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE BELLY FAT CURE. Period. If you are on the plan, but haven't given them up, you will never lose the taste for sweets. Period. And that is the One Critical Key to the Belly Fat Cure. If I were telling you this in person, I would put both hands on your shoulders and look you in the eyes and say it slowly (Then we'd hug, and laugh about how crazy I am about this diet!) So imagine me doing that, instead of yelling ;-)

I didn't know about this when I paid my Husband's hard earned money (from that dream job) to sign up for the class with Jorge. And to be 100% honest, I may not have done it if I had known he would ask us to give up diet sodas. During Class #1, I kept thinking "he just means regular soda, not diet, surely!" And then I thought "we can add it back later, after our gut has healed". But after a week without my good friend Coke Zero, I didn't even care anymore. Habit broken. And I was no casual Coke Zero drinker. This is the number most shocking factor of the diet to people who know me.

To summarize this post, in case you couldn't follow my rant: My life sucked this week, I lost .5lbs which makes me angry at my scales and artificial sweeteners are bad. But it will all be better, I will lose the last 10lbs and you will not miss artificial sweeteners if you go cold turkey. I promise, these things are true!


  1. So sorry the loss wasn't what you had hoped. Maybe you will see a nice drop next week when you have had a chance to relax a bit! Hope you like your new home!

  2. Hi Amber, I was just on Twitter and saw you'd updated your blog, so I came over to check it out. Your move certainly happened fast - glad you survived, now for the settling in - ugh! Congratulations on your continued success - 165# now - that's awesome! I'm really proud of you!I was 172 this week - I'm thrilled with that. I got stuck at 174.5 for several weeks, so now I'm happy to be moving down again. I'm finding the program to be so engrained now that I have no interest in going off it. I got rid of all my size 16 pants today - wow did that feel like a committment to keep making progress. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, I'll chat with you later! - Johna

  3. So right about the artificial sweeteners. Watched a presentation by Russell Blaylock MD yesterday and it is so criminal that this stuff is out there. Thanks for talking about Chapter 2 - it is so critical to this eating plan. You are doing a great job.

  4. Hi! Im just starting bFC. It is my second day. I have been blogging about weightloss for a while now and have tried many things. I'm excited to read your blog and see how you do on the BFC. Come visit me at www.weightlossupsanddowns.blogspot.com

  5. Okay, Hi! I've just found this blog and am reading some of your old posts.

    I've done BFC for 6 weeks and have lost around 17 lbs. Yay for me! But, I haven't given up artificial sugars. I am a Diet Coke addict, so I understand when you say the same thing about Coke Zero. I NEED IT! When I first started, I tried. At one point, I let myself just have one a day. But now I'm back to habitually using (it seems like a drug really). And I love Splenda in my hot tea at night - with cream it's such a treat. I've been able to resist other sweet things no problem - I can walk away from cake, pie, cookies, ice cream (mmmm...ice cream, sorry I regress). So is it really THAT bad?

  6. Julie - do you have Truvia or Sun Crystals to put in your tea instead? I really say go cold turkey, try it for a wk. I really didnt think I could do it either, but I did! I am maybe more proud and surprised by that, then by the weight loss!

    You can do it Julie!