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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk3 & Friday Fallout

Ok – so it’s Friday - weigh in day…and I’m up 1 ½ pounds. Trying not to let it get me down.  I suspected as much. I’m on some antibiotics that could be effecting me. But the bottom line is, I could have done better.  I have had a good week, though…learning and growing mentally. And it is a journey, a long journey for me.  Amber’s hounded me to use the tracker, which I finally did… yesterday.  I think the tracker is part of the control, or lack of it.  I’ve figured out that I’ve been letting life and food just “happen” to me instead of planning.  I’ve decided to pre-plan on the tracker to at least show me what I plan on eating today, and stick to it as best I can.  That includes snacks AND meals. 
Amber has been such a good source of support and I hate letting her down. I know she won’t give up on me (even if I wanted her too!) and my other sister and family are good to catch me when I fall.  Looking for a song for the week, but nothing seems to fit. How about “Hold On” from Wilson Phillips?
Sister M
Note from Amber: I really feared this would happen. When I heard the word "Panera" for lunch, that clenched the deal. She would not track her meals and was experimenting a lot with foods instead of concentrating on the basics. She also eats out a lot. We live about 1500 miles apart and she is my oldest Sister, so getting her to listen to me is sometimes hard. When we did put a few of her days into the tracker yesterday, they were over on Carb servings every day and included not one, but two servings of chips each day. My big suggestion is to bring your lunch every day next week, completely stay away from chips for a week and have Jay Robb shakes in the evening or late afternoon (or whenever your snacking urge hits). The shakes are big and filling, and really good. Keep it simple and boring for a few weeks and track after EVERY MEAL. And remember its a process, I'm not judging her and love her tons! Learn from this week, improve and make next week your very best week! Sister M is going to ROCK Week 4!

I have listed a few of my meals this week as an example to show you can eat great meals that have carbs and still lose weight. If you would like the S/C Tracker I created it is available here.

If your wondering why there is an orange ice cube in my oatmeal, then watch this.


  1. SisterM - You can do it! Pre-planning your meals for the day is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  2. To everyone,,, the pumpkin in the oatmeal is super delicious. Have you tried it Sister M?
    I had trouble with planning at first too. Keep with it you have a lot of us rooting for you
    Linda from Baltimore

  3. Keep on trucking Sister M. Learn from your mistakes and go forward. I am a proponent of writing down EVERYTHING, from ice cubes to gum. That way I know how much water, fiber, sugar, carbs and calories are consumed, and how many are left. Maybe when I am closer to my goal weight, I will back off some, but for now, I need to learn to eat like a normal person and charting it really helps me.