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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sister M Weigh In: Wk 1 & Revelations

From Sister M:
Ok – one week down! How’d I do? Well, I was done 3.5 pounds this morning, but not celebrating yet. That was part of the gain from my New Year’s gain. But I’m in the right direction again. New realizations?
I think that the artificial sweeteners affected me more than I realized. While I didn’t keep a bucket of the stuff at my side all day, I relied heavily on them. My daily Atkins or South Beach Breakfast bar was my quick breakfast fix. I’ve found a local place that is supposed to carry a Carb Rite or Carb Smart breakfast bar with Stevia. I’m going shopping there today (yay-PAYDAY) to take care of that. My one diet pop a day and/or “on the go” peach tea fix was HARD to give up. OMG, again, I didn’t drink liters of them, but I looked forward to it every day. Actually found a new “on the go” stevia sweetened packet BUT – it has evaporated cane powder and it’s like 6 carbs and 6 sugars per packet (look again – one packet is TWO servings – BASTARDS!) Sorry.
I’ve also been fighting Amber on the FiberCon and didn’t think I needed it. I had regular, easy going bathroom habits. BUT… I think that either the fiber or the artificial sweeteners I was getting from the bars were assisting there. Cause all that’s not happening now. So okay, I’ll buy the FiberCon.
I’ve definitely been eating less, probably not enough, but that will improve as I get more comfortable with the diet. I am going to spend the night with my daughter at college tonight (about an hour away) and take her to see a movie. I packed a baggie of the Goldfish so I won’t be tempted to mindlessly eat popcorn.
Amber was mean to me about my favorite low carb snack. The versatile pork rind. The make great nachos, salad croutons, and movie crunchy snacks. Show me where Jorge says something about pork rinds. I even told our other sister (JJ) that Amber was mean to me. She didn’t give me any satisfaction. JJ said she wishes she had a Jillian to get onto her. Anyso, Amber actually called back in about 10 minutes and apologized. (But I haven’t eaten any since!) However, I would genuinely like to know Jorge’s stance on pork rinds.
Amber’s shipping me a good starter kit and I can’t wait to get it. Cannot find Uncle Sam’s cereal here. Can’t wait to try the Sugar Cookie tea. Although, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I need to take my measurements..and take my picture. I actually got a haircut and some highlights for my “photo-shoot.” You know, so you won’t look at my chins. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Song of the week…Pink’s Glitter in the Air.
From Amber:
Right after she sent me this, she called to say she had actually won the Gold Medal Jorge talks about here in this video! So while she thought she had great BMs she realizes that she could do much better and it sounds like she got rid of what Jorge calls "False Belly Fat". Jorge talks a lot about poo, and it part of your body functioning properly!
She is right, I was mean one day, turns out I'm not the great coach I thought I'd be! I felt she was just doing Atkins with a tiny twist and Prok Rinds have no nutritional value. But then I realized it is a process, and for her to switch plans is a really HUGE thing. I keep encouraging Lean Proteins/High Fiber and that is the key. She was really fighting me on certain things: tracking, eating higher carb products to get the fiber in, and taking FiberCon. Carbs are scary to Atkins-ers, I get that. But think of using them as a "Fiber Delivery System" and keep them within the Belly Fat Cure 2 servings per meal/6 servings per day and see what it happens.
I am SO excited and proud of my Sister M this week! I knew she would Rock the Belly Fat Cure! How are you all? Anyone relate to her story and struggles?


  1. Yikes! I discovered BBQ Pork Rinds. I am now questioning whether it is ok to snack on. I was looking at FiberCon, Benefiber, etc. products. Do you have to count any carbs with any of these? I am already running out of carbs per day, but most of the time still have half my sugars to use.

  2. Benefiber has its carb grams on the bottle, each brand/type is different. The one I use is 4g per servings and the one with added calcium is 6g. I have the benefiber w/ my morning coffee and oatmeal, so I can roll it all together to calculate my carb servings for that meal. Fibercon pills have 0grams carbs.

    My sister and I disagree on the Pork Rinds being allowed, but they are 0/0 though. I asked Jorge in a video question on his Facebook page about them. Lets see what he says!

  3. Thanks! I need to get the fiber part fixed. I really think that is what is stopping me (no pun intended ;)from moving from this plateau. Can't wait to hear what Jorge says about Pork Rinds.

  4. A bad week this week. I fought the Cheez-its and the Cheez-its won.. but I am back on track. Unfortunately think I am going to post a gain this week.

    Sister M. might want to try True Lemon Naturally sweet (lemonade). No sugar, no carbs, 5 calories per packet. It's sweetened w/Truvia. Truelemon.com


  5. True Lemon is a great substitute we just found too! Thanks for pointing that out Kim! You will do great next week, and learned a weakness to stay away from til you have more control maybe. I often fight the same battle with Chips... you truly can't have just one!

    Something I told Sister M: Just because its allowed on the BFC in small portions, doesnt mean you and I can be trusted alone in a room with it.

  6. Can you eat a food product that has dextrose or maltodextrin in them?

  7. Ive been getting lots of questions on dextrose and maltodextrin. I honestly dont know much about them, except they are food additive possibly made from corn.

    They are not explicitly mentioned in the BFC book, nor were they mentioned in my class with Jorge. I believe they are counted in the Sugar/Carb content of products that contain them. I would recommend you google them and talk to you Dr about the safety of them. I simply don't know!