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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Product Review: Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea

Lipton Black Tea, Vanilla Caramel Truffle, Premium Pyramid Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)I had seen Jorge use the Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea to make a protein shake on pg. 99 of the Belly Fat Cure, and it looked really good! I'm a big tea drinker, as you may have noticed, but had never heard of this tea. This weekend I hit up Safeway and there it was on the top shelf of the tea aisle, and on sale for $2.99. I also love a sale!

I'm a little bit of tea snob, just a little tiny bit, so I was really suprised with the great aroma and flavor of this Lipton tea. This is agreat tea to have just hot, iced or in the wonderful protein shake Jorge recommends. The bags are tiny little net pryminds and give it more of a premium tea feel. A little bit of natural sweetener and a touch of cream bring out the flavor even more, if you need it.

As I write this, I have a little steamy pot of it seeping.  It smells so good! This is a great find to satisfy the olfactory senses. I think they are perfect for curbing the appetite, just like a Star Bucks Vanilla Latte used to do it for me. If you can't find this brand, it is available from Amazon in bulk, from the link at the right. I'll be on the look out for similar teas too, and let me know in the comments what your favorite tea finds are!

Most all brewed tea is 0grams Sugar/0grams Carbohydrates and can be a great delivery method for your Benefiber doses, warming up on cold night, or served over ice after it has cooled.

(note: I altered the recipe from Pg. 99 and did not include whipped cream and special caramel syrup on top, or any sweetener in the shake itself and it was great!)


  1. I also LOVE this tea! I have replaced my REAL Coke habit ( about 1 a day) with more hot tea. I really didnt care for iced tea with my brand of Stevia in it (Only Sweet which is a mix of maltodextrin and stevia - 0 cal 0 carbs). I like Sobe Lifewater if I am out and need to buy a drink on the run. Watchout, they are not ALL 0 calories. Bought a bunch of them at Target and got home to see some had 23 grams of sugar in them.
    Thanks for this blog it is really helping me.
    Today is the end of Week 6 and I got weighed and I am down another 2 pounds this week for a total of 14!!! I cannot remember when I weighed this but it was before my heart bypass in 2007. I cannot wait to get up every morning and jump on the scale...and NO one can make me cheat. I am OBSESSED!! This is the EASIEST diet I have EVER been on. Thanks JORGE!!!

  2. Amber,
    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to all your ideas, tips, etc with us! I recently found your blog and am starting on the BFC today. I just had the chicken taco plate for lunch.....that was incredibly GOOD! I have downloaded your tracker and am on my way!! Again..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing PLEASE!!!! I will be following your sisters progress as well!

  3. HI! This isn't about the tea, but just wanted to tell you about the dark chocolate that I have found and love. Lindt 90% Cacoa has 4gm carbs/2 gms sugar for 3 squares(large)-30gms in weight. So it is 2/0! 2gms of fibre. I could not find any of the brands I have seen on your blog in Canada, but did find this one! Yum!

  4. Debbie - So glad to meet another OBSESSED BFCer! Its contagious! I love all the CAP words and exclamation marks in your and Karen's comments. It makes me smile, i totally feel your excitment! Thank You both for taking time to read Me & Jorge and leave me a comment. I really do appreciate it! Id stop writing if I stopped getting comment I think.

    I have an updated Chocolate review coming up soon, I feel like I have tried every dark Chocolate available in the US by now (its a tough job, but I did it for you all ;-) ). Lindt 90% is on there, but my label said it was 14grams sugar for 4 squares, so you'd have to make it a 2/1 for 3 squares. The bonus fiber in dark choco is such a treat, right?!

  5. Amber.I was just reading all the posts before Jorge takes them off, I read your Dec. 3rd comment where you said you have a new blog "How The Belly Fat Cure Works for Me. Then when I clicked on it got me here. Do you have more then one blog?
    Thanks for the tea article,,, I could use a new tea,,, I never got to go to Whole foods to get the Sugar cookie sleigh ride tea yet, Hope they still have it when we get shoveled out of this snow and my son goes back to the day center... Then I can go shopping,,,, We never had a snow in baltimore like this before.Looking forward to Chocolate up date too, "Hi to Sister M"

  6. My two favorite teas currently in rotation are: Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai and Celestial Seasonings Sweet Coconut Thai Chai (both come in decaf).


  7. not sure why there would be such a discrepancy in the sugar grams in the Lindt chocolate-but I am looking at mine right now and it definitely says 2 grams of sugar. It may be a different bar size(square size) or something. For two countries so close in promimity, there are an awful lot of differences in food lol!! I couldn`t eat 3 squares at once anyways-I savour it slowly and it probably melts in my mouth for 10 mins! So, I will continue to eat my low sugar yummy dark chocolate! Thanks!

  8. Linda - I have a few blogs, but on one on the Belly Fat Cure. If you have an Android phone you can check me out at http://www.androidmom.com ;-)

    The post your referring to is here and it is called How The Belly Fat Cure Works For Me. I wrote it during our class with Jorge when I realized so many ppl were having trouble figuring out the Carb Servings. It (and the Choco review) are the most read posts here on Me & Jorge. You can get to it here or looking through the Archive of posts: http://www.meandjorge.com/2009/12/how-belly-fat-cure-works-for-me.html

  9. That is weird about the chocolate being different in Canada (I assume). But I am always amazed at the differences in other countries. Many European countries do not even list the Sugar content on the nutritional info of a product. Just total carbs, which would make the BFC difficult to do!

  10. Hi Amber...here i am again stalling with this diet plan. I guess i'm like you were at the beginning afraid of failing again. I'm sorry to bother you again but i have a few questions for you. I've tried everything out there, and it sounds like you have too, but can you tell me why you think this is the one? The one thing that bothers me is having to count vegetables, i understand the high carb vegetables because i did the suzanne somers plan and i did not have high starch vegies but had unlimited amounts of the low carb ones and that's what fills me up. It even scares me about lettuce, i was reading the nutri. value and it has 2g of sugar per only a cup and a half!! The counting and measuring scares the heck out of me, a half cup of vegies is not very much! I also saw some of your lists of what you eat and it didn't look like much, only a half a cup of oatmeal in the am, that just doesn't cut it for me! I totally understand the sugar count, that was a big thing with Suzanne Somers, i really liked her plan, it reminds me of this one because you get real food, but you didn't have to measure or count anything. Another thing is buying a lot of these special foods, just for his recipes(which look great) will cost me(if it's worth it, i WILL spend the extra money). You really can't have a big salad because of the sugar content, do you eat a lot of meat and cheese in moderate amounts or measured amounts? I'm not much of a chocolate person so the chocolate in this plan is no big deal to me, it's the cake and cookies! I'm so sorry for this long blog but i need your help!!!! Please advise me on what to do? Tell me why i should try this!! I totally trust what you have to say because your story sounds like mine. Thanks so much~Lisa

  11. Hi Lisa - Id like to turn your question into a whole blog post. Could you email me at meandjorge@gmail.com? But in short: This diet really clicked with me right away, but even more after reading about how more then a little sugar effects our body. I dont eat hardly any red meat, Im on a tight budget myself, I hated dark chocolate 4 mnths ago, but I do love cheese. But I want to talk more about this, because Lisa isnt alone!

  12. made the protein shake today with chocolate whey protein and the Lipton Caramel truffle tea--it was delish! Didn't bother with the whipped cream and caramel syrup, but for a really special treat that would be good. Down a total of 9 pounds so far and thrilled!