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Monday, February 1, 2010

Foods I Eat on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure

Today is weigh in day, but my scales are hiding from me! We moved this weekend, and the box I packed then in has gone missing. Ironic, thinking of all the times I have avoided them! I was actually really disappointed, since I think I had a good loss this week.

Since I am super busy with the move, I thought I'd share this video with you all. Its a bit long, but I walkthrough the foods I use most frequently on the Belly Fat Cure.

I hope you all are having a great week on the plan! I really love your comments and feel so grateful that you take time out of your busy day to stop by, read and say hi. Thank you!!


  1. Thank you so much, Amber! This was most informative. I had no idea (failed to truly read the label) that Fiber One constains Aspartame. I'm glad I saw the Unlce Sam's at my store. Is it really necessary to take the probiotics 3x a day? I've been doing just one. I'm also having slower MBs (sorry if that's TMI!)

  2. Great video! Still struggling to see much weight loss (3 lb in almost 3 weeks). Maybe not eating enough and need to take fiber supplements.

  3. That was very informative - thanks! I'm finding it very easy to stay low sugar but keep hitting 7-8 carb servings. I'll keep working on it though. I'm eager to lose this belly!

  4. Katie - to avoid going over I plan to have 5 servings. Then if I want the chocolate at night I can. More important than 15/6 per day is 5/2 per meal.

  5. Amber- Is exercise okay? I love the way it makes me feel my entire day! Also, did you struggle with your digestive system at all, i.e. bm's? I drink a ton of water (psyllium hasn't been working for me) but have increased my fiber intake..any input you can give would be great. Thanks also for sharing your experiences on this journey!

  6. Hi Amber,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I too was eating fiber one cereal and didn't know it had aspartame. You saved me!! I have a question I hope you can answer. I was eating these flatbreads that had dextrose and maltodexrrin in them and I asked Jorge if I should avoid them and he said yes but then I looked at the ingredients in the stevia sugar I use and it has maltodextrin and dextrose in it! So I'm so confused and wondering if you can please help me?

  7. I am so confused....is the dextrose in the Stevia in the raw packet ok for this diet plan?

  8. Thanks Amber. That video is very helpful! I too didn't know Fiber One had aspartame. Back to Shredded Wheat I guess. That can be eaten easily without milk as well. You just pour hot water over the biscuit to soften it, then, pour the water off. My Dad used to eat it like this to soften it but then add milk after draining the water. Adding blueberries will help with flavour and give fiber and antioxidants. I don't understand why (and I didn't know until I read the book) that milk had so much sugar in it! I am glad I only ever had it with cereal. So why is half and half okay?

  9. try the nu naturals stevia its EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! NO BITTERNESS OR AFTER TASTE. liquid or powder use a very small amount it lasts forever. try the nu naturals baking blend i use it for crustless cheescakes,
    use reg for the fresh berry toppings, i love ice tea too! u get grea iceteas lemonades, strawbeey ades as well. i use flavored liquid stevias for my greek yougurts! they're perfecting stevias these days but NU NATURALS is FABU. IHERB.COM IS THE CHEAPEST SO FAR
    i will watch and read all here lost 12lbs want 45 more
    thanks for this itsGREAT CLEAR CONSISE AND HONEST

  10. Thanks Amber, Just want you to know you're still helping people like me, 2 years later!


  11. Hi Amber and thank you so much for you blog. I am from Germany and just discovered Jorges Book “BFC – Fast Track”. It was so eye-opening. I do have still some questions and was looking for answers in the internet – this way I found your page J The labels in Germany are a bit different than in the U.S.A but I think I come along. As a matter of fact we don´t have almond milk, almond flour and flax flour, so I “produce” it on my own. Can you tell me what a “good” amount of carbs in Yoghurt is? I am still confused while shopping and didn´t find any Yoghurt without carbs i.e. with less carbs.
    Greets from Germany