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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh In: Week 13

This marks the end of my Live 12 Week (plus Bonus Week!) Coaching with Jorge Cruise and his Belly Fat Cure program, so I'll be left to my own resources now! These last 13 weeks have been life changing and I have learned so much about food, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. I am certain this is the weight loss plan for me, for life. If you have the opportunity to join one of his classes, I though it was a unique opportunity that I really enjoyed!

I spent the long weekend on vacation and skiing with my kids and friends. The good news is that I felt 1000% better this time than the last time I went skiing. It was so much easier without the extra weight and beign in better shape. I could literally pick up my kids and help them out when they needed it. The bad news is that we stayed with friends and took turns cooking. There was a lot of wine flowing too. I was very careful with my choices, attempted to limit myself to two glasses of wine. But every time I turned around it was filled up again, so who  knows! In the end, I only maintained my weight this week, and have no loss (or gain) to report :-( First time that has happened on the Belly Fat Cure and I'm going to try and make sure it is my last!

I also didn't track my food this week at all. I thought I was passed needing to do that now. When I mentioned it casually to my husband, he said "But I thought that was the key to your success!", I realized I should still be tracking. So I will be tracking everything once again!

I had not planned to post my Before & After photos, I find it really embarrassing. But I realize my readers are in the same place I am and won't judge me, so here goes! Actually, that isn't technically a Before photo. I was about 4 weeks on the plan before I took the first one and realized if I didn't do it quickly it would be too late! As soon as I took it, I was so glad. It showed me exactly where the weight was and I was a little surprised. That extra weight couldn't hide any longer! So I encourage you to take a photo take today, if you haven't yet. And its not technically my After photo either, since I'm not done yet! So here are just a couple of photos of me ;-) The "Before" is dated 11/16/09 at 182lbs and the "After" is dated 1/19/10 at 169lbs, so just about 2 months time.

ps. If you sent an email asking for the Me & Jorge Tracker, I got it! I'll be making it available this week, thanks for your patience!


  1. Wow, you are doing great Amber!! I applaud you for the picture posts... I didn't even want to get in front of a camera, let alone post pix online. I think it's awesome you took this brave and empowering step. Not only are you feeling great and experiencing success, but you aren't afraid to show it to the world. You are doing great on the program AND you have the beautiful pictures to prove it. :)


  2. Amazing progress!! You are such a motivator for me to stick with Jorge!

  3. Amber, your pictures certainly show the great progress you made! Congratulations on your success! Keep it up!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments! I never planned on putting these up, but you all motivated me to put myself out there! I dont even think the photos show the real difference you can see, but they do show me that Im not done yet. And I needed that reminder this week.

  5. WOW! You look amazing! How encouraging to keep up with the plan and hopefully get these kinds of results!

  6. I have followed all the progress you shared with everyone. I tried your recipes and enjoyed them. Your way of relating everything was very encouraging to me as the weeks went by, Thanks for sharing part of your life,,,seems like your are a friend,Your pictures show the great progress you made. I'm leaving my email address as requested for the tracker,,, My son has a problem that he had a test for yesterday and it is very important that he gets 30-35 grams of fiber everyday, The tracker will be a big help for him and me,
    Thanking you for offering it.
    email,,,, DiDominicus@verizon.net

  7. You are a remarkable young lady and a joy to read.
    Hope everyone can keep up now that the class is officially over.
    Would love an alumni program
    Is the tracker mentioned above the same a jorges?

  8. Fantastic blog (as always)! It is crazy to think that we are done the program but you are not alone - you still have our twitter group - we should set some goals!