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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 14: Weigh in

I am completely thrilled to say I lost 3lbs this week for a grand total of 30lbs! That is a huge milestone for me and puts me a 166lbs, and 10lbs more to lose. I really buckled down and stayed true to the plan this week. I only exercised once, because of all the rain, and it was cardio. I was good about taking my probiotics and getting lots of fiber. If I need a snack at night I had the Cinnamon Vanilla shake instead of Chocolate and I think that helped.

I hope you all had a great week too! Let me know what your weighs are in the comments area.


  1. Besides staying true to the plan, did you follow any specific self-imposed "guidelines"... like no carbs after lunch? Consumed only 4 of the 6 carb servings? I would love to know if there was a specific trick that helped with the 3 pound loss. I am still losing, but it's more like 1.5 per week; it's better than nothing, but of course I'd like to see a bigger number. Keep it up, you're almost there!

  2. Thanks so much for the comments, I really appreciate them!

    I rarely have 15/6, I am at 4 or 5 carb servings most days. But that has been true pretty much this whole diet (except in the beginning, where I always had all 6 carb servings). Last wk and the wks Ive lost 3lbs+ I get all carbs from high fiber meals, and none from snacks. I pick my protein first, fiber next (I try to get 25g a day at least). I also got rid of ALL artificial sweeteners, so my cravings are under control. Tracking food, every bite, really helps me too! If you dont already have my tracker I am posting it here soon for everyone to download. I will also post a few of my days food log again!

  3. Oh my, Amber, I feel like I've read my life story from the beginning of your weight loss journey! I just finished reading your whole blog and I even cried when you mentioned the books you recommended for self worth! It is totally me, especially now, with all the weight I've gained, I have NO self confidence what so ever! I have exactly the same number of weight to lose(40#). I weigh about the same as you did too in the beginning! I'm really proud of you and I'm going to jump on the BFC WOE. You have inspired me to do this one more time!(I've tried sooo many plans in the past). Your blog has saved me because I've been stalling and stalling for 2 weeks now, researching this plan(in the mean time prob. added more weight to lose). One ? do you eat unlimited amounts of pro/fat, I know not to the extreme, but will you have seconds of say, chicken or steak? or cheese? I'm going to get serious about this and can't wait for your tracker. If I have any ? do I just post a comment here or can I email you, I'm not very good on the computer. Oh, and I'm in my forties too!!Thanks~Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa, Thank you for your kind comment!!If I can do this, you definitely can too! I felt really helpless a few months ago. Jorge says your protein should be the size of your palm. I dont get seconds anymore during meals, but I load up my carbs with lots of protein. You will be surprised at how full and satisfied it makes you feel! But for snacks, I eat more cheese than I should. I go back for seconds on that ;-) I try to back sure I loads of fiber with it now though. Good luck and keep my updated on your progress!

  5. Thank you so much for finding me and taking the time to comment...your blog is clearing up a lot of question for me...the tracking is the most important part for me...have to make it convenient!Have a great weekend and congrats on your weight loss!

  6. Hi Amber,

    Can you eat 120 carbs or less per day and still be so well on the plan. If 1 C =up to 20 grams of carbs, technically I would think you could then eat up to 120 carbs as long as you don't go over correct? I'm starting my second week on Jorge's plan and I was wondering if you or anyone you know eat their carbs this way? Thank you and great job on your weight loss. :)

  7. Anonymous - I dont go anywhere near 120grams. A typical day is more like 85-90grams. I count carb servings per meal and never go over 2. That means anywhere between 21-40 grams. If you are always maxing out your carb servings on purpose, I call that "back filling". I dont think that works as well, especially after the first few weeks. How is it working for you, Im curious!

  8. This is a jewel of a blog! I started the BFC 3 weeks ago and lost 4.5 and then have since slowed down. I was worried about my BM being slow and I read one of your posts that suggested we be patient with our digestive system. That really helped. One question, how much exercise is too much..I typically spin every Friday and will do only 20 min. on my elliptical..it makes me feel so darn good that I can see giving it up..please advise. Again, thank you for you being an inspiration- God Bless you!

  9. Hi Amber,

    I'm anonymous from January 30th post. I had my first weigh in last Monday and lost 3.6 pounds. I was thrilled of course. I have my second weigh in tomorrow. I hope this continues.

    Have you found that not only do you lose the desire for sweets but also the desire to eat? I sometimes have to force myself to eat lunch as I'm still full from breakfast (that has never happened to me before).

    I also have another question for you that I don't seem to understand regarding the carbs. If I have a sausage for example that is a 1 sugar and 4 carbs and I make three of them for a breakfast burrito with eggs (I scramble them all together) do you count each sausage as a 1/nothing or a 3/1? Just curious how JOrge might have told you do count them or how you and others are counting carbs.

    Keep up the good work and wish me luck at week two weigh in :)

  10. Hi, congrats on a great first week loss!! Please read this post for details on how to count the carb servings. You aren't the only one confused! http://meandjorge.blogspot.com/2009/12/how-belly-fat-cure-works-for-me.html

    But long story short, you add the carb grams for everything you eat in a meal. Take the meals total and convert to carb servings. So you sausage example would be 3/1.




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