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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ch. 1: The Buddy System

In both our class and in his book, the Belly Fat Cure, Jorge emphasizes the need for an Accountability Buddy. Someone who will support you, that you are accountable to, and that you are going to be honest with. If you can, someone who is also on the plan with you.

I have been incredibly lucky because through class, my blog and twitter I have met several other people on the Belly Fat Cure. Their encouragement and support really does help and keeps me more true to the plan then I might otherwise be. I have to report my weight loss each week here on the blog and to them, and that is good motivation. But I have one that is my Accountability Buddy and that is Dave.
I forget how Dave and I first met, on twitter or the class message boards, but either way we hit it off and found we had a lot in common. For starters we are both Cancers, in our forties (does 40 count as "in your forties"?) and had 40lbs to lose. I have wanted to tell you more about Dave and his amazing success on the Belly Fat Cure for awhile. And since Ch. 1 talks about Accountibility Buddies and support I thought this would be the perfect time!

From his Before/After photos you can tell he has lost a truly incredible amount! I am really proud of him and his success motivates me each day. I feel like his photos tell the whole story,
but the details are this: 37.5lbs lost and 8.5" off his waist. He is currently at 201.5 with his ultimate goal being 195. Miraculous change, don't you think!?

Dave says his secret to success is “Keep it simple and automate meals as much as possible. The saying 'eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at night' helps me remember to have a larger breakfast and to minimize carb servings in the evening.” I can tell you he does not go off course, have a "free day" or splurge on items here and there. He lost this weight from being really dedicated to the plan. Neither of us tried to rethink it or add in things we thought Jorge was wrong about.

I don't normally exchange personal information
with men I meet on the internet. I have to admit, the first I got an email that said "I've attached my Before photos" I was a little nervous what I'd find when I clicked on them! But no worries, he was fully dressed ;-) Dave and I have never met, but I'm sure we will one day.

So this post is a remind to find yourself an Accountability Buddy: Someone who will support you, you can be honest with, will hold you accountable. If you would like to use the comments section on this post to find a buddy, please do!


  1. I think this is so much easier because my husband is doing this as well. I've also got my mother on it. The kids eat whatever we do so they don't care. haha

  2. Congrats to 2 of the most awesome peeps I have met doing the BFC. You both are inspirational and keep me accountable. One of the joys of doing the 12 week BFC coaching was being a member of this great group. :-)

  3. Dave has done awesome and you too. Its great that you two have been buddies with similar results. Congrats!

  4. First of all i want to congratulate you for doing such an awesome job.your blog has helped me so much in many ways..i have just joint the jorge cruise's fanclub and that is how i found your blog..as its said one good step leads to another..is so true..well inspired by reading your blog i have also made a blog to stay focused and seems like each time i follow through you amaze me with your good spirit..good luck in all that you are doing and i am on my voyage to find an accountable buddy for myself to keep me focused:)