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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 14: Weigh in

I am completely thrilled to say I lost 3lbs this week for a grand total of 30lbs! That is a huge milestone for me and puts me a 166lbs, and 10lbs more to lose. I really buckled down and stayed true to the plan this week. I only exercised once, because of all the rain, and it was cardio. I was good about taking my probiotics and getting lots of fiber. If I need a snack at night I had the Cinnamon Vanilla shake instead of Chocolate and I think that helped.

I hope you all had a great week too! Let me know what your weighs are in the comments area.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ch. 1: The Buddy System

In both our class and in his book, the Belly Fat Cure, Jorge emphasizes the need for an Accountability Buddy. Someone who will support you, that you are accountable to, and that you are going to be honest with. If you can, someone who is also on the plan with you.

I have been incredibly lucky because through class, my blog and twitter I have met several other people on the Belly Fat Cure. Their encouragement and support really does help and keeps me more true to the plan then I might otherwise be. I have to report my weight loss each week here on the blog and to them, and that is good motivation. But I have one that is my Accountability Buddy and that is Dave.
I forget how Dave and I first met, on twitter or the class message boards, but either way we hit it off and found we had a lot in common. For starters we are both Cancers, in our forties (does 40 count as "in your forties"?) and had 40lbs to lose. I have wanted to tell you more about Dave and his amazing success on the Belly Fat Cure for awhile. And since Ch. 1 talks about Accountibility Buddies and support I thought this would be the perfect time!

From his Before/After photos you can tell he has lost a truly incredible amount! I am really proud of him and his success motivates me each day. I feel like his photos tell the whole story,
but the details are this: 37.5lbs lost and 8.5" off his waist. He is currently at 201.5 with his ultimate goal being 195. Miraculous change, don't you think!?

Dave says his secret to success is “Keep it simple and automate meals as much as possible. The saying 'eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at night' helps me remember to have a larger breakfast and to minimize carb servings in the evening.” I can tell you he does not go off course, have a "free day" or splurge on items here and there. He lost this weight from being really dedicated to the plan. Neither of us tried to rethink it or add in things we thought Jorge was wrong about.

I don't normally exchange personal information
with men I meet on the internet. I have to admit, the first I got an email that said "I've attached my Before photos" I was a little nervous what I'd find when I clicked on them! But no worries, he was fully dressed ;-) Dave and I have never met, but I'm sure we will one day.

So this post is a remind to find yourself an Accountability Buddy: Someone who will support you, you can be honest with, will hold you accountable. If you would like to use the comments section on this post to find a buddy, please do!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chapter 1: Lose Your Belly in One Week

While I have been on the Belly Fat Cure diet for 13 weeks, I have not read the book. I was part of a Coaching Class with Jorge Cruise that was conducted over the internet. He distributed materials that included many recipes from the book, along with weekly videos and lots of cooking demonstrations. So far I have lost 27lbs and have 13lbs more to my goal.

I had to drive to two difference stores to find the book (the first one was sold out) but I'm really excited about keeping motivated on the Belly Fat Cure in this way. I think I will see things I didn't before and I hope you have your book too and tell me what you thought about each chapter as well. If you haven't bought it yet, the book is only $10 on Amazon. You can click on the book right here to buy it from Amazon.

The book starts out telling us that waist circumference defines are attractiveness, and has even since Paleolithic times. It is a sign to others of our overall health, specifically our reproductive health. I never really thought about this, but that is probably true and makes a lot of sense. I also have to mention that I don't like the title of this chapter at all, since I am not going to lose MY belly in one week. Some people can, I guess, but not me.

"The number one physical benefit you will experience almost immediately is increased energy" This is the statement that stands out most to me in this chapter, and I certainly found it to be true in the first weeks of doing the Belly Fat Cure. I remember telling multiple people "I feel like someone is slipping me happy pills and uppers". I just felt so happy, energetic, like I could conquer the world. I'm a happy person normally, but I was so tired and sleepy all day which doesn't mix well with two little boys. I feel like my very sluggish metabolism has been reset. Honestly, that energy boost has evened out over the weeks, now that my body is used to this way of eating. But it was very noticeable and exciting. Did you all experience it too?

Jorge also charts out the amount of weight you can expect to lose on the plan, which is up to 13lbs a week. Now I don't mind these kinds of charts, but I know some people live by them and bought the book just because of this claim. Clearly some people lose these big numbers, however I didn't lose THAT big in a week. My loses (see the weightloss log at the left) were big for me and I am very happy with them. Don't get down if you don't lose 6lbs the first week. So many people get down about that. Did you lose at all? Did you find the plan easy to follow and the food enjoyable? Do you feel it is a plan you can be true to for a long time? Being able to keep on a plan is such an important part that we overlook. So just ignore that chart on pg. 4 is my advice!

I wanted to leave you with my favorite Jorge cooking video! I make these tacos all the time and I don't see this specific recipe in the book. It is super simple, high protein and fiber. The #1 key of this meal is the tortilla - make sure it is high fiber/low sugar/low carb one. I use La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious which I've blogged about before as a staple for the BFC.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh In: Week 13

This marks the end of my Live 12 Week (plus Bonus Week!) Coaching with Jorge Cruise and his Belly Fat Cure program, so I'll be left to my own resources now! These last 13 weeks have been life changing and I have learned so much about food, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. I am certain this is the weight loss plan for me, for life. If you have the opportunity to join one of his classes, I though it was a unique opportunity that I really enjoyed!

I spent the long weekend on vacation and skiing with my kids and friends. The good news is that I felt 1000% better this time than the last time I went skiing. It was so much easier without the extra weight and beign in better shape. I could literally pick up my kids and help them out when they needed it. The bad news is that we stayed with friends and took turns cooking. There was a lot of wine flowing too. I was very careful with my choices, attempted to limit myself to two glasses of wine. But every time I turned around it was filled up again, so who  knows! In the end, I only maintained my weight this week, and have no loss (or gain) to report :-( First time that has happened on the Belly Fat Cure and I'm going to try and make sure it is my last!

I also didn't track my food this week at all. I thought I was passed needing to do that now. When I mentioned it casually to my husband, he said "But I thought that was the key to your success!", I realized I should still be tracking. So I will be tracking everything once again!

I had not planned to post my Before & After photos, I find it really embarrassing. But I realize my readers are in the same place I am and won't judge me, so here goes! Actually, that isn't technically a Before photo. I was about 4 weeks on the plan before I took the first one and realized if I didn't do it quickly it would be too late! As soon as I took it, I was so glad. It showed me exactly where the weight was and I was a little surprised. That extra weight couldn't hide any longer! So I encourage you to take a photo take today, if you haven't yet. And its not technically my After photo either, since I'm not done yet! So here are just a couple of photos of me ;-) The "Before" is dated 11/16/09 at 182lbs and the "After" is dated 1/19/10 at 169lbs, so just about 2 months time.

ps. If you sent an email asking for the Me & Jorge Tracker, I got it! I'll be making it available this week, thanks for your patience!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weigh In: Week 12

My 12 Week Live Coaching with Jorge Cruise is officially over, but he has thrown in a Bonus Week. So I'm not left to my own resources quite yet! I've decided to post Before/After photos next week, which I hadn't planned on doing. But if I can help motivate someone else to lose weight, its worth it!

I am really proud of myself, for not only losing 27lbs (OMG!!), but for keeping up the blog and connecting with so many people also on the Belly Fat Cure. I am also stunned that I gave up sodas/diet sodas completely! Cold turkey was the way to go.  I have gone from 196lbs to 169lbs. I had a loss every week, which I also think is amazing! I really love this plan, and I love the changes I see in my body and health too.

I am by no means done here, I have 13lbs to go to get to my goal. I am thinking I may need to go another 10lbs after that, but I'll decide for sure once I get to 156lbs. And I'm going to do it with the Belly Fat Cure, no question in my mind about that. No changes, no adding back certain foods or higher carbs or sugar. While I feel 1000% better and way lighter, I have more to go. I could actually just stop here, stay at this weight and be pretty happy. But I really enjoy this plan and how I have felt the last 3 months. So I'm not changing a thing!

Okay, there is one thing I'm going to... I'm going to change up my exercise and turn my bi-weekly hikes into full out runs. My body feels strong and really ready for it, which if you saw my blubbery thighs before this started would totally make you laugh! One of the goals I set for myself back in October was to run a 5k after Christmas, and I feel ready for it.

One thing I have noticed this week is the Belly Fat Cure community on twitter, that was not part of our class, is reporting big losses of 6-7lbs their first week! Really impressive and reminds me I can do this on my own after class is up. If you tweet, join us with the hashtag #BFC to discuss the plan on twitter. I hope you all will join me as I Blog the Book starting next week. One small problem is that Im having trouble finding the book! Amazon and my local Barnes and Noble appear to be SOLD OUT! I even checked the library, but California libraries suck. Be on the lookout yourself!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Money Saving Tip And Simple Pumpkin Oatmeal

I am the only one on a diet in my household, my kids and husband are thin already. So it is very easy for the super low sugar/carb foods in my house to go to waste, waiting for me to use them up! So I devised a little plan to preserve large jars of food into single serving sizes that I can use easily when I need them.
I got the idea from when I made baby food for my boys when they were babies, I would cook, puree and freeze it the same way. If you have a tip to save money while on the Belly Fat Cure, I hope you will share it here!

I got the idea for Pumpkin Oatmeal from Candice's blog Cooking to Lose That Belly. Mine is super simple and nothing fancy at all, but it is really good, easy and I crave it in the mornings!

Simple Pumpkin Oatmeal:
1/2 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 1/2 Tbsp Pumpkin Puree (or 1 ice cube of Pumpkin Puree)
Water (depending on how dry/wet you like your oatmeal to be)

I microwave for 1:15 and check for dryness. If needed at add water, microwave for additional 1:15 minutes. Stir and add cinnamon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog the Book - Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure

My 12 week class with Jorge is ending soon and I was trying to think of ways to keep motivated on the Belly Fat Cure Carb Swapping plan. I have decided to Blog the Book, chapter by chapter! You see, in class we didn't get the book, although we got lots of information that was in the book and lots more personally from Jorge. But I've seen that the book has tons more recipes, ideas and success stories, just thumbing through it in the store. If you haven't picked up the book yet, here is your chance! Amazon has it for $10, which is a great deal. So far I have lost 26lbs on the plan, with 14lbs more to go. Honestly, I think I might have a few more to go after that, but I'll revaluate when I get 155lbs. I think this plan will just take me to where my body naturally needs to be! I know some of you found my site through our class, and haven't read the book yet either. Others found me while searching for the book itself. I hope you will join me as I "Blog the Book" either way. I see the Belly Fat Cure as a lifestyle now, and plan on keeping the sugar and artificial sweeteners out for good!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weigh In: Week 11 and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I have been out of town this last week and completely out of touch. For an entire week I have not tracked my food intake, weighed or exercised. I have eaten 80% of my meals at a restaurant or party, and had a glass of alcohol (red wine, sake, champagne) each day. None of these things are normal for me! The first day I really struggled and questioned how I could practice the Belly Fat Cure in this scenario. I was visiting friends, going to my old favorite restaurants, being tempted at every turn with Sugar and Carb heavy dishes. But after a day and a half I felt like I was back in control. That Croque Madame (French for Ham & Cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top, served at my favorite downtown Denver Bistro with Champagne French Fries) and Bloody Mary were great, but enough is enough. I went off plan a bit, and that happens in life. But for the first time ever on a diet I didn't let it sabotage me completely! I am so excited for the New Year and what it has in store for me. Honestly, just three months ago I couldn't have said that. I have big plans for my physical body and a difficult week isn't going to deter me at all. In fact, it encourages me that I can do this after I lose the extra pounds.

I treated myself to a new jacket (on sale at Nordstorm Rack for $49!!) and a friend took a photo so I could see how it looked on me. Less than 3 months ago I was pushing 200lbs. I would not have been able to fit my arms in this jacket, much less zip it up! Wearing this new jacket I feel proud of myself and what I have accomplished in such a short time. However, I have no explanation for the goofy grin on my face.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years celebrations too! If you managed to stay on plan, congratulations! If you didn't, then let me encourage you step back up and recommit yourself. It is difficult to lose weight, and stick to any plan. But you can do this! If you were just doing the Belly Fat Cure part way and had not truly committed yourself, then take the this time to really give into it and see where it will take you! I truly believe this plan is easier when you follow it fully. Doing it just half way, you are still fighting the sugar cravings and aren't really satisfied.

That said, I was down 2.5lbs today for a total of 26lbs on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Carb Swap plan! Holy Cow!! 14lbs to go to my original end weight.