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Monday, December 21, 2009

Week 9: Weigh in Day!

Well it is Christmas week and I have been tempted and tested over these last few days as never before! How crazy to be on a diet over the holidays, right?! Just Friday night I went to a company Christmas party at a restaurant that turned out to be hot appetizers and no dinner (thanks Honey, that info would have been really useful to the dieting Wife). There were no good choices to be had: Chinese short ribs, chicken wings smothered in a sweet sauce, egg rolls and the like. I had a glass of Bug Juice before the party thinking it would help perk me up a little and hold off any hunger until dinner... but there was no dinner. It was a heavy on the drinking sort of party, and we had taken a company shuttle into the city so we couldn't leave early either! So I ate. Looking back I wish I had stepped outside and found a quick salad or another low carb option at a fast food place near by, but I didn't even think of that at the time.

So I wasn't really looking for a loss this morning and was pleasantly surprised to be down another 1.5lbs for a total of 23.5lbs. That puts me a 172.5! I also measured my waist this morning and was down .5" to 32.5" which Dr. Oz said in his video with Jorge is the key number for women. Honestly, I have noticed HUGE changes in my body. I don't consider myself a "Fat Girl" anymore. I'm just normal now. Normal, with really baggy clothes...

As I mentioned last week, I have really been trying hard not to skip any meals (I am a notorious and life long meal skipper) and up my good, healthy fiber filled carbs. I cut back a bit on my Dark Chocolate consumption in the evenings too. The first day I had a 5/2 for dinner was really scary, I just saw the pounds packing back on! But that didn't happen at all. I felt more satisfied and was less likely to snack. All my meals where not 5/2 (by a long shot) but I did it all week and I feel much better and learned a good lesson about cutting back too much!

I received the sweetest email from Heather, who blogs at As the Pizza Burns, who was concerned I wasn't eating enough, and she was right. My fear of the dreaded plateau led me to sabotage my eating. So funny, because several weeks ago I asked Jorge the question "How do you keep from emotional on weeks when you don't lose?" Mind you, I lost 3lbs that week, but it was already on my mind! Jorge actually chose my question and answered it in class. Honestly I didn't understand his answer, it was something about the movie A Christmas Carol and fear. But now, I do. It was fear! That Jorge is so smart! And here I thought he was just rambling on about a movie he had recently seen ;-)

Fear of failure is what kept me from starting a diet plan for a long time. Once I started the Belly Fat Cure and was succeeding that fear crept back in and tried to pull me back down. What else has fear been holding me back from, I wonder now? If I answer honestly... a lot.

But that fear better watch out, because I'm getting in fighting shape now! I kicked the rear ends of my first 20lbs which such ease it shocked me. The next 20lbs may be a little trickier, but know this... I'm coming for you!

I hope you all are doing great this week and kicking your fat's little butts too! Later this week I'll be blogging about positive thinking and books that have greatly effected my outlook on life. I really hope you all will share your favorites too and help pass that positive energy on to others!


  1. Glad you're kicking butt!I think I'm getting it too!


  2. Thanks so much for writing this blog. I'm really worried about hitting that plateau also, or just not losing anything. I was really discouraged after reading the Chapter "Lose your Belly in One Week" where people were losing up to 13 lbs the first week, and I only lost 2 lbs over a week and a half of really sticking to it. Your steady progress is an inspiration and I look forward to seeing your reviews on each chapter!