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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 8: Weigh In Day and Why My Weight Loss Has Slowed Down

I am down 1.5lbs this week on the Belly Fat Cure. While it's not an impressive number on it's own, it is Week 8 of consistant loss! That puts my weight loss total at 22lbs during two really difficult eating months.

Several members of my family are dieting too, they started their plans a few weeks earlier then I started the Belly Fat Cure. We all check in with each other and offer encouragement and track our weights together. They are all doing different diet plans; Atkins, Jenny Craig and Body for Life. But one thing is the same, each has had a week where they lost nothing and/or a week they gained weight. Except for me. We all have varying weights to lose and are different ages, but we do have the same genetics! I have the 2nd least amount of weight to lose in the family, but I have lost the most so far. I don't know what that means, and Im not suggesting that the Belly Fat Cure is a "better diet" than the others. But it does encourage me and reminds me not every week can be a big loss or even a loss at all. I also feel like the others are "diets" that you do for a limited amount of time and abandon when you reach your goal weight. To me, the Belly Fat Cure Carb Swapping program is a lifestyle that I plan on staying with and slowly moving my children into. I will not be adding back Coke Zero, Splenda or hidden sugars when I reach my goal weight. 

But there is still that question: Why has my weight loss slowed down? I wouldn't say I have plateaued. To me that means no loss for a few weeks. But I am not losing the big numbers I was in the first month on the program. There could be a number of reasons, but I think I can attritide my slow down to two reasons, first being exercise. I have been a regular walker for years now and recently ramped it up. Never lost a pound, but kept trudging on. When I started losing weight it became easier to walk faster and go farther, so I did.  My feet and joints used to hurt for days after a big hike, but not now. Muscle weighs more than fat, and I feel as if I have definitely converted lots of fat to muscle in the last few weeks. My Brother keeps encouraging me to buy an expensive scale that shows that conversion more clearly, but I don't want to spend the money. I think that without the exercise a bigger loss would show on the scale. Getting fit and running a 5K is a separate goal I made at the same time I started BFC and I'm not giving up on it.

The second reason, I think, is that I've recently cut back quite a bit on my food intake. My carb grams were not topping 50 and the servings usually came out to 4 or less for the day. Some days I was shocked at how little I had consume!  My (thin) Husband noticed this first and called me out on it. Sometimes it was purposeful other times it was just the result of a busy day. But the facts were there, I was really denying myself! It was all based on a fear that started on Thanksgiving. I was afraid I wouldn't lose any that week. I was afraid I would have to report that here, letting myself down and letting you all down. So I began cutting back out of fear. Which is when I actually started to lose less, so I sabotaged myself! Funny how we do that to ourselves, isn't it? But my spreadsheet shows I had bigger losses when I was truer to the BFC plan, so that is what I'm getting back too! Last night dinner was a 5/2, which frankly was a little scary!

Maybe my new normal is only 1-1.5lbs loss each week and I can definitely live with that! I also need to be prepared not lose every week and be OK with that. I had gottten spoiled with my early losses of 3-3.5lbs a week, but I realize I've passed the half way mark on my weight loss and my body is adjusting. I've decided to be more true to the program and get closer to the 15/6 mark each day. But I'm going to make sure those Carbs are high in fiber and extra healthy!


  1. So, This is another validation that every diet, has its plateau. I hit mine week 7 and 8. I was behind in reading your blog, I had gotten "busy" with everyday life. (My inspiration has been reading your blog and other BFC topic blogs and sites while trying to follow along with your BFC weeks as I go through mine accordingly.) I just finished reading this posting after having written mine the other day. I write about hitting the plateau, and you wrote about hitting the plateau right around the same week! My husband was asking why I hadn't written anything on my blog and I was kinda bummed that I hadn't had a sufficient loss each week. Because of that, I kind of lost my excitement in posting on the blog. I am still on course, however. Thanks again for this blog it is so awesome!