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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How the Belly Fat Cure Works for Me

I have been losing very consistently on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and wanted to share some of the details of the plan and how it is working for me, with all of you. I am very lucky to be part of the 12 Week Live Coaching Class Jorge is doing with a limited number of people before the book is released. The KEY to the Belly Fat Cure is 15/6. This is referred to as the S/C or Sugar/Carb Servings. Sugars are easy, 1gram = 1 Serving. Carbs are a little different and the chart here explains how it works. It takes a bit of math to get it down at first, but once you figure it out, its down!
You add the Carb grams of everything you are having in that meal together and figure out the serving.

Along with having a guideline of 15/6 for the day, you have one for each meal of 5/2. For each meal you should not go over 2 Carb Servings, which potentially could mean up to 40grams. Don't try and max it out, or get the most you can. That is working the system and it won't work that way. Jorge explains that going over 5grams Sugar and 2 Servings of Carbs spikes your insulin levels and locks in all the Sugar you just consumed. That make the 5/2 per meal guidelines the real key to success for the this program.

The Belly Fat Cure is NOT about eating 15g Sugar and 120g Carbohydrates a day. If that is what you are doing, you are actually missing the point all together. Those are the MAXIMUM you could possibly consume, but in no way is it a goal to reach.

So that explains the Belly Fat Cure, and all its math! Now let me tell you how I have applied it to my diet. At first it is really difficult to get your Sugars that low. Sugar is EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING. Things you thought were healthy are loaded with it! Whole wheat bread, cereals, yogurt, milk, apples, bananas, etc. You kind of have to throw everything you've ever heard about losing weight, and through it out the window. And then, start new.

You want to check the labels of everything you eat and make sure it doesn't go over the S/C 5/2 per serving. Check your serving sizes and make sure that is the amount you are eating. The two most important things for me were:

#1 Going cold turkey on artificial sweeteners (Sucralose, Aspertame and Sacchrine). That includes Diet Sodas. It is hidden everywhere and takes lots of label searching to find. If you product says Sugar Free, it likely has one of these in it! But doing this immediately, I got that sweet taste out of my system and reset what my taste buds are now expecting. It happens quickly, but give yourself a week or so to get used to everything not being sweet. This was KEY for me! If you do the Belly Fat Cure and leave in artificial sweeteners, then you can't really last eliminating sugar in the long run as you will still expect everything to taste sweet.

#2 Find staple products with great S/C values and high fiber that I use everyday. I have Bread/Tortillas/Pasta once a day and it is responsibly for most of the Carb servings, so it needs to be right. I have reviewed the products that I found in my area (see product reviews). I fill these products with high protein/good fat foods to make my meals. If you get these basics wrong,  it can sabotage your whole plan.

Once I had these two things going for me, everything changed! I track everything in a spreadsheet to see where I am at the end of the day. It lets me know exactly where I stand, whether I can have an evening snack or not. It also is really helpful when I haven't lost what I should have, I can look back over the week and see where I went wrong. Here are a few days worth of meals, I tend to have the same things very often:

I like to keep my dinner the lowest count of the day, definitely lower than 5/2. One reason I do that is I like to have Dark Chocolate in the evening. But you need room somewhere in the day to make that happen!

I hope you find this helpful! Leave a comment and let me know how the Belly Fat Cure Carb Swap system fits into your life.

* I also take Probiotics, acidophilus and regularly (3xs a week at least) have the Bug Juice. Just this week I have seen that this process is really working they way Jorge said it should! So patience with your digestive system is needed!


  1. Amber-
    this was fabulous. you took all of the information we have been given and presented it in a very easy and understandable way. i am a visual learner and this was truly helpful for me. I have been very curious about what successful peoples daily meals and eating plan looked like. Love the spreadsheet. i so appreciate all of your blogging and sharing your experiences through this 12 week program. thank you-

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  2. This is great, Amber! Thanks for breaking everything down.

    The spreadsheet is a great idea!

  3. Hi, Amber,

    Thank you for posting all the good info! If you are still looking for Chia seeds, I found them in the raw foods section at Whole Foods.

    I'm a wimp and haven't started the bug juice yet. I drink the Kombucha and think it's a good thing. HOWEVER, and it's a big however, I have not had the success you are having. So maybe the bug juice is in my future.

    Appreciate very much the reviews and the Amazon links.

    What kind of cottage cheese do you eat? What I had in the 'fridge when this started had 5 grams of sugar for 1/2 cup, and I had a whole cup. Imagine my surprise!

    Thanks, again, for your efforts,


  4. I get a lot of questions about my cottage cheese! It must have been a good find, but I didnt realize it! It is Sunnyside Farms Cottage Cheese Lowfat 2% Milkfat. I bought it at my regular big chain grocery store, although I think it is a California brand. For a 1/2 Cup it is 4g carbs and 2g sugar.

  5. Hi Amber,
    I love your spreadsheet. Is there any chance of getting a copy of it for myself? My email address is: LucieH@att.net.


  6. Hi Lucie, I will make it available! I havent decided exactly how yet, but Im working on it!

  7. Hi Amber,

    I love your openess and sharing you are a great motivator and it is refreshing to read your upbeat attitude. I am struggling and had some ruff days last week. My BM are now beginning to work with the Pro-Biotics and Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse. However you are only having about half the amount of carbs allowed so very samll amounts. If is not a rude question, How much over weight are you? I am very 10olbs and so need more fule to get my body around. Do you think this makes a difference? I only know that if I cut down too much I end up hungry and fall of the wagon. I am happy though I am 11lbs down so it is much better than when it was going up. I can be patient. My body has a lot to deal with in poor health.


  8. Hi Janis - First, 11lbs is wonderful! Congratulations on that loss! My starting weight was 196, totally not a rude question to ask on a weightloss blog! :-) Initially I wanted to get to 155lbs so I determined I had 40lbs to lose. Currently at 176.5 lbs. But I really feel like the BFC is going to take my body to a weight lower than that. I think the reason my carbs are so low is that I have found a few wonderful staple products that I use constantly, and Im not afraid to have foods considered fat. I certainly ate more, closer to the 15/6 mark the first few wks. But I started feeling fuller sooner and really searched for these great products too!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate your feedback and questions.

  9. I love your spreadsheet!It's great the way you broke everything down. Your blog is such a lifeline for me through our BFC journey!

  10. Amber, it may be sacrilege to say this, but you just explained BFC better than Jorge does. :) You are so positive and explain things so well. You should be a BFC Coach!

  11. Great spreadsheet! Thanks for sharing what works for you, and for breaking everything down, I think keeping track of everything really helps:) How much water do you have daily?

  12. Thanks for the nice comments, you all make doing this so fun!

    Chesca - I dont track my water, but I drink lots. Mostly in the evenings. If I dont, I feel dehydrated, so I work on it. Before BFC I drank very little water. I bring my Brita pitcher into the living room at night and just keep pouring. I have a few glasses or iced tea or hot tea each day too. I dont put a sweetener in them.

  13. Hi Amber - You are a Rock Star! I love your post - so helpful. My weight has been inching back up a pound or two in the last couple weeks. I am pretty disappointed. I think I am following the program pretty well (esp the sugar part). I probably go over on carbs though. I have 5 more pounds to go, I work out fairly intensely and I am breast feeding a 9 month old, so I guess I justify more carbs too much. I do feel confused on how many carbs I really need to properly fuel my workouts etc. I don't think BFC totally works for someone that works out fairly intensely. I'm not losing any more weights from my work outs though. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing -workout wise but I love it so much.

    Also, I haven't kicked the Diet Coke habit yet - terrible I know.

    Reading your daily consumption is incredibly helpful. You are a HUGE source of motivation - so thank you!

    Oh, sorry for my long post!

    1. Hi! Did you ever figure out the carb load for intense work outs?

      Thank you!

  14. Kelly - Give yourself a week without the Diet coke or other artificial sweeteners and see how you feel then. I actually dont think I would have signed up for BFC if I had known Jorge was going to ask us to do that! That is how attached I was to my Coke Zero.

    I always heard you shouldn't try to diet while breastfeeding, so be careful with that! And only 5lbs left 9mths latter is really amazing!! My youngest just turned 5 and Im still working on it! I cant WAIT til I get to my last 5lbs!

  15. Oh Boy this is a life saver this day for me!! Thank You I was looking for a way to get myself focused again. With going out of town during the holiday weekend. I fell off the wagon bad and need to get it together for a wedding in 4 weeks or the New Year's weekend. I have to make this work give me the help I needed. Thanks. I hope you don't mind if I copy your plan this week. I am so excited to see what can if you do right. Thanks again

    Michelle S MN

  16. Hi Amber, you're doing an outstanding job, with your blog. Congratulations. I found out that it helps a lot, if I'm helping others.
    The spreadshit helps much. I set one up for myself and it was very interesting to see, what I really eat. I went a bit more into detail and tracked protein, fat, and also calories. Through that I learned to look at food from a whole new perspective.
    Congrats to your weightloss as well. May I make a sugestion?
    I do anyways ...
    Looking at your meal tracks I realised that you have carbs for dinner. Jorge mentioned it a couple of times, we get better results, if we have the last carb serving by 3pm.
    Give it a try and take the carbs after 3pm only from the veggies. Its worth it.
    The video you put on your site is great as well.Unfortunately the link to 30MillionLives does not work. What a mission and vision.
    Good luck for the second half.

  17. This was very helpful, thanks!!

    -Susie (fitsandgiggles)

  18. Hi, I'm Emha from the Netherlands (Europe). I was wondering how to read the label of a product. If is says 4.5 carbs of wich 2.2 are sugars, do I substract the sugar value from the carb value to get the final carb value that counts? I hope you can shed some light on this. Thank you very much in advance.

  19. I just got the book, am figuring out what I can eat & cannot, looking to see what I need to pitch in the frig & pantry - I too would love to have a copy of your spreadsheet! (I do web design and am on the computer a lot anyway!)

    Thanks for sharing so much...


  20. Hi Emha! I understand that outside the US products arent required to list the Sugar grams separate from Carbs, which can make this program a little difficult. You can use calorieking.com to look up common foods and brands, but Dutch brands may be hard to find. May times if you google the product name along with the word "nutrition" you can find the breakdown.

    One good thing is that I believe in Holland that your foods dont have quite as much added sugar as we have here, so you maybe able to have more yoghurt, soy milks, etc. My inlaws live in Twente!

  21. Hi
    I am also from the netherlands and I am waiting for my book to get here. I hope it comes this week! I have a question. If your dinner consisted of chicken which had 5 carbs and you had rice or something else that had 15 carbs does that then count as 2 of your servings or just one since they are under 20? My inlaws also live in twente! Emha I would love to talk to you maybe we can look for products here together please look me up you can reach me at debbiepleij@yahoo.com!!! HOpe to hear from you both. Thanks!

  22. Amber,
    Thanks so much for the clarification. From the book I really didn't get that you add all the grams of carbs per meal (or snack) together to get the total carb servings. I thought each item was a separate serving value. So for example if I had 8 oz of the Sobe water for 6g and serving of rice for 12g then I counted it as 2 carb servings not 18g for 1 carb serving. This makes sense now. However I am still not losing weight and this way I could actually be eating more. I will make sure I am having the 2 carb servings at each meal. I was sometimes having 3 servings for dinner since I only had 3 earlier in the day. One last thing, in his book, Jorge says to have all 6 servings. It looks like you weren't using all of them. Is that a problem?

  23. Been doing this 4 weeks, lost 5.5" and about 3" - I had NO IDEA you should add up all your carbs in a meal and THEN get the carb count.

    I'm not having a problem with keeping sugar down, but struggle some with the carbs - but it'll be different once I track 'em this way, need to recalculate the last couple of days and see what that does to my numbers.

    I haven't given up the Diet Pepsi yet though - can't find Zevia near here, hate to spend $25 on it at Amazon.com - the Sobe Lifewater isn't bad though, I only drink 4oz.

  24. Anonymous Jan. 20 - Limiting it to 2 carb servings a meal will make a difference or you. I dont know why it isnt stressed more in the book, but it was in class. And the whole point of not spiking your insulin is based on the 5/2. The way you were counting, each individual item, can go higher or lower than per meal counting depending on the types of foods you are eating. Like lots of 0-4 items would never add up.

    He told us it is fine to have less carb servings if you arent hungry for them. But said dont skip high fiber carbs, skip the ones with less nutritional value. My S/C typically looks like 9/5 for the day.

    MoMoBusiness - Feel free to download my Tracker and it will calculate the S/C per meal for you. And give up the Diet Pepsi already! ;-) Give yourself a 2wk break from it, cold turkey and tell me how it goes! Read this post and see what I mean: http://meandjorge.blogspot.com/2010/02/weigh-in-week-15-ch-2-and-artificial.html

  25. I maybe have 3 diet pops a day. Is that ok or should I still give them up. also is there anything else with fiz that you suggest instead.

    I have one more question. I do like to have an occasional beer when out with friends. Since it is a 0/0 if having more than one do you have to count it?

    Thank You for your help!!

  26. Dawn - you need to give up your artificial sweeteners to do the BFC properly. Read this:

    SOME light beers are a total S/C of 0/0, because they have less then 5 grams of carbs. But if you have them a meal/food or have more then one you need to add the actual carb grams together and then get your S/C. If me personally though, alcohol impedes any loss.

  27. What is the purpose of the protein shakes, just for protein?

  28. The protein is a plus, but I use them as an evening snack or sometimes a meal replacement. Jay Robb is low sugar/carbs and no artificial sweeteners and with a chia or flaxseed, has lots of fiber. They are really filling too.

  29. I'm new to the BFC, and I'm still not sure I'm getting it. ;-) Perhaps you can clarify ... Can I eat an unlimited amount of whatever has an s/c value of 0/0?

  30. Not of things that have a S/C Value of 0/0 but things that have actually 0 grams of carbs. Jorge says to use common sense and those it are higher in fat and you should feel satiated with them quicker. Do you have an example of something you want to eat loads of? I like cheese, I eat more then I should sometimes, but always feel bad afterwards.

  31. Hi Amber. I'm completely new to BFC and to your blog. Jorge sent me the free 7-day menu, chapter 2 of the book, an audio about emotional eating, etc. I know I need to order the book but haven't done that yet and started today anyway. I am coming to this from a different perspective. I have already gone completely low carb. In January, I stopped eating all grains, fruits, and very limited sugar. So, now I find myself confused about what to do. When I have cheated with grains or a little more sugar on holidays, I gain weight...a few pounds...and it takes me a week of very little carbs to get it off again. I've just gone up and down with 3-5 lbs since January. I have only 10 lbs more to lose (baby weight...but my baby is 2.5 years old) and have tried many diets to lose and can't seem to lose it. I exercise quite a bit. What do I do? I'd like to stay lower carb and not increase my carbs to 5-6 servings a day. I'm afraid to gain more weight. The sugar is very low already. I have added the dark chocolate as I was missing that. Can I still do this plan with 3 servings of carbs per day? I typically have a large salad either at lunch or dinner with another veggie in it so that could be 1-2 servings. Then, at dinner tonight I had 1 cup of green beans with butter...so that's 2 servings and some sauerkraut (which has no sugar in it)...not sure on the carbs but maybe 1 more. So, I guess that would be ok, right? That is 4-5 carbs servings. Or am I doing this wrong? Thanks for your help. Also, can I substitute canned salmon for the tuna? I don't eat tuna...too much mercury in it.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Hi,
    You say above:
    The Belly Fat Cure is NOT about eating 15g Sugar and 120g Carbohydrates a day. If that is what you are doing, you are actually missing the point all together. Those are the MAXIMUM you could possibly consume, but in no way is it a goal to reach."

    ....however page 10 of the book says:

    "This means that each day your total eating goal needs to be 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbohydrates."

    These two statements seem to contradict one another.


  34. Hi Wendy - Even with 6 servings of carbs your total could be extremely low, no where near 120grams, since you count the grams per meal. I don't eat 15 grams of sugar a day and only did in the very beginning when I was still learning what to eat and finding all the right foods. That statement is based on the info Jorge gave us in class. He said it in class & has answered questions on FB about too. Here is one link on his blog about it too http://bit.ly/b4DeFV

    If you are losing doing that, then keep at it! But if the weight loss stops or slows down, this is where you come back to!

  35. Hi Amber - I hope I didn't overlook it but were you able to find a way to share the spreadsheet? I have learned a lot by reading your information. I think my downfall is eating a lot of protein, but they must be the bad types. I'm staying at a plateau, due to not a lot of carbs. Guess its time to focus on lean meats only!

  36. Just seen your pic in Womans World magazine. That's great

  37. Hi Amber, I totally hope I could lose the weight just as you did. Thanks for being so open and helpful on this blog. I started the bfc about two months ago and began to lose weight - however I need to refocus due to the holidays and your blog did just that 4 me. I only started to actually track my s/c value on a chart today - I guess I was too consumed with the amt of sugars to eliminate / track when I started the program. I also began using unsweetened soy milk to make my own soy yoghurt. One of my biggest 'ememies' was fat free milk which I used a lot of AND which I used to make yoghurt before the bfc. Thank God for the bfc.
    By the way, did you exercise even a little during your weight loss? Also, is wheatgrass drink the same as bug juice?

  38. Hi! I have been on the BFC for 3 weeks and haven't lost more than 2 pounds. I have been tracking my S/C on a spreadsheet too and still do not see the results that everyone else has. Any advice????


  39. Hi Amber - I started the BFC 1 week ago and lost 5 pounds. I'm a bit confused regarding the suppliments. You say that you take both Probiotics and acidophilus. What is the difference between the two? I thought they were the same. What should I look for when buying them?

  40. I am looking for an app that I can use on my smart phone,we are going to be traveling for a month and want to track our eating. Does anyone know of such and app???

  41. Where do we find your spreadsheet to download? Its fantastic! Good job on your weight loss, I'm just getting started. Really inspired by all I read.

  42. I like to have 2 cups of cheerios in the AM instead of 1 cup which brings my carb servings up to 3 instead of 2 for breakfast. I find that 1 cup is too small an amount to start the day.

    But, I am aware that I only have 3 servings of Carbs left for the day and usually at dinnertime have have 0-1 servings of Carbs, so I never go over 6. Must it be 2 servings per meal for it to be most effective? Also, I was never a lunch person nor feel hungry even now at lunch, but I do have the recommended snacks or a Carbrite Energy Bar in the middle of the day.

    I am losing my tummy, little by little, but it's slower than some I've heard about. I would hate to give up that extra cup of cheerios in the AM!

  43. Trudilu - you really need to keep it to 5/2 per meal. Cheerios are not filling, so I bet you are still hungry. Look at another, higher fiber and higher fat, option. That will keep you feeling full. While it is fine to skip a meal, dont skip it for a Carbrite bar. Have a good little more with green veggies of some sort and some protein. I think you need more protein early in the day. That should help it come off a little quicker!

  44. hi Amber,
    What did you use? Mircrosoft power point?

  45. This was very helpful. I can start over and follow the BFC correctly. Blessing and thank you so much

  46. Did you drink wine or other alcohol during the diet?


  47. I saw that you said that alcohol impedes your weight loss...does that mean if you drink at all you notice a difference? Or you just notice if you overdo it. Because in the FT book, he seems to encourage moderate alcohol consumption.

  48. Is he saying that the sugars from fruits are not allowed as well?

  49. Is he saying that the sugars from fruits are not allowed as well?

  50. It lets me know exactly where I stand, whether I can have an evening snack or not. It also is really helpful when I haven't lost what I should have, I can look back over the week and see where I went wrong. can you buy forskolin at walmart

  51. I still do not understand the carb count thing! I think I should only eat about 40-60 carbs on a diet...how do I do that & still have enough servings?

  52. Sugars are easy, 1gram = 1 Serving. Carbs are a little different and the chart here explains how it works. It takes a bit of math to get it down at first, but once you figure it out, its down!