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Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting Through the Holidays on the Belly Fat Cure

Being on a "diet" at any time of year is hard, but during the holidays can be pure torture! The Sugar Factor is turned up to about a billion and it is everywhere! But I made a conscience decision to start the Belly Fat Cure right before all of this to help keep me strong through this time of year. And frankly, if I can keep my sugar intake low during Halloween, Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, then I am home free.

So far one thing that has helped me get through this is the the Swine Flu. Yes, the Swine Flu. Its everywhere that kids are and there are kids in my house, touching things, then touching their faces (that is putting it nicely because I could have said picking their noses and still have been saying it kindly!). And I desperately don't want to get it. That saved me during Halloween and the big Birthday Party. Dirty little hands, blowing on cakes, candy from unknown origins. Plus the fact that half of the kids trick or treating with us were bed bound the following week, well the yuck factor was nearly as strong as the weight loss factor. But the truth was I was using the yuck to propel the weight loss.Whatever works, right?

So I'm half way through the holidays and its time for the Gingerbread House in all this sweet glistening sugary glory. The Swine Flu has abandoned the area to torture grade school kids elsewhere (So unreliable, that stupid flu bug!)  The kids are slurping Egg Nog out of Santa Mugs while nibbling on Gingersnap cookies. For this I have Dark Chocolate (85% cocoa or more) to be my savior. If I need, I do a little nibbling, but make sure to count it towards my 15/6 total. Oh Holy Dark Chocolate, the Night is Brightly Shining.... 

As for slurping of my own Ive pulled out the tea bags. Candice over at Cooking to Lose that Belly suggested Sleigh Ride Sugar Cookie Tea by Celestial Seasonings. It smells like the real deal but you may want to add a bit of natural sweetener if you still have a sweet tooth. While the kids and I make their Santa Cookies on Christmas Eve it will take extra reserve and will power to resist, but I will put on a pot of tea and "splurge" with a spot of cream in it! (You could heat up the Chocolate Unsweetened Almond Milk for a faux hot chocolate experience too.)

Then there are the parties. I failed at my first exposure to adult Christmas treats, but aced the next one. The trick? Skip the cocktails and have a small glass of wine instead, and then go for Sparkling Water with Lime. I assigned myself the job of designated driver and that really helped as well. I was so lucky at the restaurant party we went to! The appetizers where deviled eggs with smoked trout and cavier and mini mushrooms stuffed with sausage. When the tray came around, I almost jumped for joy! For dinner I was able to choose a salad and pork with a vegetable, over pasta, bread and rice dishes. I skipped dessert altogether and opted for decaf coffee with cream. It felt really good to make such strong choices and I hope to be able to do that at the other parties and temping situations.

For events in peoples's homes I'm going to offer to bring an anti-pasta plate. Prosciutto, salami, cheeses and olives will a perfect way to get through the night and stay BFC true!

One thing that has really helped me is setting a weightloss goal for the next two weeks with my Accountability Buddy (who blogs over at Belly Fat Cure for Life) and a few of my twitter and email buddies. There is power in numbers I tell ya! How are you getting through the holidays on Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure?

And seriously, does no one make a xylitol Candy Cane?!


  1. Amber - Congrats on conquering the Holiday scourge of Sugar! Let me know if you find those Xylitol Candy Canes!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog!!!! I'm going to have to buy those tea bags. In my house its gingerbread cookies and I am scouring the internet for some sugar free - non molasses recipe! So funny how this whole experience has changed our outlook and how we prepare to face things!

  3. I am loving the pic of your kids! You have truly been an inspiration to me. Your blog and success has helped to guide me. I really appreciated your food tracker as well. It's nice to see how fellow BFCers use different methodologies to track the same thing. From your spreadsheet, I was able to adjust my own tracker as well. I have made 2 additions: carb counts in grams and fiber in grams. Those 2 additions propelled my recent loss, so I THANK YOU for everything. I haven't weighed in yet this week, but as of last, I am down 15# and a few inches. Congrats to your success, and cheers to the holidays!!

  4. Hi, Ok I get it. count sugars and carbs. But I still do not know approximately how many calories to eat. I am a 55 yr old female currently at 128 and would love to be 118. I am consuming between 1000 and 1200 cals per day. I do moderate cardio each day for about 45 to 60 mins and wt train 3 times a week for about 45 mins. Why am I getting to 125 lbs then back up to 128 again. Any suggestions. Sandy

  5. http://www.drjohns.com/candystore/p-22-xylitol-peppermint-discs.aspx