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Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 4:Weigh In Day

So excited today! I was down another 3.5lbs for a total 14lbs. I think that is a wonderful way to finish the first month on the Belly Fat Cure. If I can keep this up, I will have reached my weight loss goals by the end of the program! I know there will be weeks when I lose less, or nothing, or even experience a slight gain. I will not let these set backs stand in my way! In fact, I honestly believe I have actually already lost these 40lbs and just need to go through the process for my body to realize it. I am nolonger that person who eats obsessive-compulsively.

My new mantra is:
This extra weight nolonger belongs to ME, I have released it. It just will take some time to shed it from my physical body!

I am always excited about class on Mondays with Jorge and to begin Week 5! I hope we get some Thanksgiving ideas! I will be blogging about Thanksgiving recipes here soon. If you have a blog and would like to join me in a Thanksgiving Recipe Roundtable, drop me an email here. The more, the merrier!

I hope you all had a great week on the Belly Fat Cure! Take a minute to leave a comment about your week and if you lost any this week. 


  1. Congrats on your loss this week!! I'm down 2.5 pounds and excited as well. I like your mantra and your thoughts about visualizing your body 40 pounds lighter ... I can see it happening now too.

  2. Congratulations! Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to participate in the program, but I'm looking forward to the book.

    I've been doing my own modified version of this type of eating style. I started around the middle of October and am happy to say I am down 24 pounds!

    Your blog has been very helpful for me to read and follow. :)

  3. Hi RachelV - Im glad you find my blog useful! If there is something about the plan you think I could explain better, let me know!

  4. You go girl!!!!!!
    -Susie (fitsandgiggles)

  5. Woo hoo - you are doing so great! I love the idea of a Thanksgiving recipe round table.

    Kelly, Clemmy Addict (getting vanilla protein pwd tomorrow for your shake!)

  6. Kelly - let us know how you like it! Im making mine tonight!

  7. Way to go our BFC startlet!!!

  8. Hey Amber - I was just reviewing your blog. I am so impressed at how successfully and consistently you are dropping weight.

    I wanted to ask about how you gave up diet Coke so easily. I am ashamed to admit I didn't give it up, I was down to 2.5 cans a day but it has crept back up to about 4 a day. I know that awful. I've stopped losing, so I wonder if it's related.

    Did you just go cold turkey?

    I am loving my protein shakes in lieu of Clemmy's - thanks so much for the idea!

  9. I did it cold turkey! I didnt realize that he would ask us to do that on this plan and I really thought we would just give it up for a few wks and add it back. But after 3 days I didnt think about it as much. It was really easy! Ill do a whole post about maybe, since it was a big deal for me and I think a part of my success! One key is making Iced Tea... lots of it the first few weeks. I did not replace it with Stevia or Sobe. Just water, coffee & iced tea.

  10. Could you give me the recipe for the Iced Tea that you make? This is my first week on the Belly Fat Cure (Change of Life)