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Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 6: Weigh In Day and Walking

I just completed Week 6 Of Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and this week I lost 2lbs. It was a tough week with Thanksgiving and eating out a few times, but I did it! That puts me at a total of 19lbs lost so far! Almost half way to my goal of 40lbs. I have also decided that I want to lose more than 40lbs. When I started I just wanted to be "less fat" but I have bigger goals than that now! For the first ever, I think I can get to the weight I was when I got married. It feels really possible! 

A few months before I started the Belly Fat Cure, I started Power Walking. While Jorge encourages exercise, he says don't do it to lose weight. Instead, exercise for your heart and to be fit. So that is what I am doing it for, just simple self improvement. 

At first I was doing 3 miles with moderate hills and it was killing me! Over two months I moved up to do up to 6 miles with big hills. I love how these walks make me feel! Sometimes I do them with a friend and other times alone. I actually prefer the time alone to really work myself and huff and puff and get red in the face. They are tough, and the next day I am sore. But its good to feel those sore muscles and know that Im pushing my body and can feel its strength. It is also part of taking a little time a few days a week for just me. I have noticed that it has gotten easier (not easy, mind you) as I am lugging less wait up those hills. I am excited to say I did 45 miles in the month of November!

I find that the right music can really help me move. The right song comes on and I feel like I am just flying along the trail. This is one of those songs and I thought I would share it with you all and help motivate you to get out and move today!

Do you have a song that really gets you moving?


  1. Congrats on the fantastic progress. The music that motivates me to exercise is anything from the Disco era. Turn the beat around!

  2. Your fantastic progress is very motivating! The 12 week program wasn't something I could afford at this time, so I am waiting for the book. I found your site a couple of days ago and it's motivated me to try the program as best I can while I wait for the book. Keep up the great work and thanks for blogging !

  3. Chesca - Ill be blogging later this week with menu examples of the food I eat. I track everything in a spreadsheet, so I have basically everything Ive put in mouth since day 1!

  4. That's great, thanks for sharing, I will look for it. I've done a good job of keeping a log the last 2 days. I stopped by Trader Joe's and picked up some bread and Uncle Sam's cereal, any other examples of what you eat will be very helpful. My weakness's are chocolate and red wine, any suggestions?

  5. You've released nearly 20 pounds! (and over Thanksgiving too) You must be swimming in the pants you started in 6 weeks ago. AWESOME!!

  6. Chesca - Funny, because 1 serving of Dark Chocolates (over 85% cocoa)and a glass of wine is allowed! You just have to leave room in your S/C count for it! I have Dark choco many nights, and wine here and there. Most wines are a 0/1.

  7. That's what I like about BFC, I can still have the foods I like:) I'm looking forward to the book at the end of the month!

  8. Looking for more meal and snack ideas for on the go.

  9. Hi. I just wanted to know if the belly fat cure drink--with the psyllium husks--count towards your carbs. If it does, that means that I have to count it as a meal???




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