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Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 3: Weigh In Day

I have just completed Week 3 of Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure. I lost 1lb this week. But mostly, I want to tell you how GOOD I feel. I mean, I feel GOOD! I have energy, I wake up early, I'm not groggy all day or grouchy with my kids over homework and dinner. I really do feel good. See look, I'm smiling right now (I really am).

But this diet isn't a Feel Good Program or Let's Make Amber a Nicer Person by Christmas. No! I signed up to lose weight damn it! But wait, or is it...?

I am an emotional eater. I know that, but I don't really know how I know that. I know I'm not eating because I'm hungry. I eat regular healthy meals... and then make brownies after the kids go to bed. I'm not crying while I do it, in fact I'm rather happy thinking how great they will taste. Or when my kids were younger and I would finally get them down for a nap, I'd run downstairs to my pantry and scan it for the highest-sugar/worst-thing-for-me/make-me-forget-the-last-hour snack. Or last year scavenging through my son's Halloween candy, picking out all the mini chocolates, eating them one after the other and hiding the wrappers. So I'm emotional/stress eater, maybe a binge eater to boot.

Not once, not even once, on this plan have I felt that need. The need to eat something sugary or wasteful. To drown out an emotion with food. To punish my body for letting me down, by putting junk into it.

So even though my loss was less than stellar this week, in fact it down right sucked, I still feel GOOD. And I now know feeling good is going to take me to the end and keep me from making poor choices. Those 40lbs do not belong to me any longer and they are going to melt right off and I will not put them back on.

See, I am smiling right now (I really am!)


  1. Keep on smiling and stick with it. I am in my 50's, have at least 60 pounds to lose, and will stick to it with you! I have only lost about 4-5 pounds in the first 3 weeks. Kinda discouraged because I feel I have drastically changed my eating habits and have stuck to the plan pretty well. Thought I'd see the pounds drop off quicker but maybe it's the prebiotics. Before BFC, I was making and eating lots of homemade yogurt. I used it on my cold cereal in the morning, in place of sour cream and mayo in homemade dressings and in place of buttermilk in pancakes. I quit eating yogurt 3 weeks ago so I plan to go out and buy some prebiotics tomorrow. I was a little confused by Jorge's comment tonight that the Benefiber counts as a carb serving. I am not counting my Benefiber as a carb as it is rated as 4 carbs per serving and I thought anything under 5 was free.

  2. Hi Susan! I also used yogurt instead of mayo & sour cream in the past and have cut that out. I got the Probiotics when he mentioned them & have really upped my fiber, so I was expecting a bigger loss too. But I think I need to really reevaluate things. Like the Benefiber, my bottle says 6grams of Carbs, and I was not counting it! Im so glad he mentioned it today. I also do a whey protein shake some nights. Individually the Carbs are a 0 serving, but add in the powder & almond milk and its a /1. I usually get about 80grams of carbs a day and all 6 servings. But turns out I was going over by 2 each day based on these things. I count them meticulously, but I think I need to recount and reconsider! Im going to change these up, eliminate the sprouted bread with my eggs. See where that gets me!

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment Susan!

  3. You've got a great attitude, Amber! I too am an emotional eater and have not had the desire to binge or self medicate with food since starting the BFC. I have caught myself a time or two going back and forth to the fridge for another piece of cheese- but I think I'm getting a handle on that now:) The meeting tonight was a real eye-opener! I find it a little frustrating that it could take 2-3 months of taking expensive probiotic supplements to get my system functioning properly again and see the big losses. Ah well, I guess we didn't get here overnight and we can't expect to be "fixed" overnight either. Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog!