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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tracking Your S/C Values on the Belly Fat Cure

It is very important to track your Sugar and Carb intake, or S/C Values, while doing the Belly Fat Cure diet. The first few days I thought I didn't need to, how hard can this be right? Once I started, of course I was over and forgetting food items and under counting them. I did the Atkins Diet in the past, so I was really familiar with Carb counts and thought this would be easy to remember. But on Atkins your Carbs and Sugar are counted differently (minus Sugar Alcohols from Sugar and subtract Fiber from Carbs) and basically you want to stick to 0 or 20 tops . But the BFC is more generous, so you do need to keep track.

Jorge provides a Tracker that you do on paper (it can be found HERE). Writing it down on paper seems so 20th Century, so I decided to automate mine. I built an Excel spreadsheet that is pretty complex, lots of lookup tables and calculations. I entered in all the foods I eat frequently and their Sugar and Carb servings. Then I made up a weeks worth of columns so I can just start typing the food name and it fills everything in for me and totals up my day so far.

When I come home from shopping, I enter in any new items into my lookup table. If I don't do it right away, I may to lazy to do it later and under count. I also think the BFC is like Atkins where it is very improtant to stick with it and not go over your numbers. You cannot follow the diet all day, and then have a Coke or a Candy Bar. NOT EVEN ONE! It ruins the whole day, possibly the whole week. That was my experience on Atkins, and I believe the BFC is the same way.

On the Belly Fat Cure you can have 15 Grams of Sugar a day. You can also have 6 Servings of Carbohydrates. A Serving is considered 20 Grams. So essentially you can have 120 Grams of Carbs. But you shouldnt do that, you go by servings:
Initially I thought Sugar would be my problem. But once you get the hang of the diet, then Sugar really isnt a problem at all. My Sugars stay really low actually, many times I still have 8 or more left at the end of the day. If I have Greek Yougert or Dark Chocolate then those, so far, are the only food items I have that bring the count up. Carbs are a different matter. I have to keep a close eye on them!

Here is a sample day:

You'll see, Im out of Carbohydrates even though I didn't do anything crazy! I had even made two slices of bread for lunch and decided to leave one off, since I know I always run out. But my total Carbs Grams is only 74.

I would really encourage you to track your meals, in detail with any diet and keep track of what you eat. Its good practice and makes you think about what you are putting in your mouth! You can download and use a copy of the Me & Jorge Tracker HERE.


  1. Hi, I'm also on the BFC diet and the 12 week live coaching plan. So far I haven't lost very much and I know it's because I'm not tracking as well as I could be.
    I love your excel spreadsheet, can you post directions as to how to make Excel do all the fancy math so I just have to input my sugars and carbs? I think it would really be helpful to me!


  2. Oh Lizzie, it is "fancy math"! Im just working on it tonight after the Benefiber is a 0/1 bombshell and realized even with meticulous counting, I have been over lots of days and didnt realize it. I was under counting and not combing a few things I eat. So tomorrow is a new day and Im ready to rock WK4!

  3. That Benefiber "bombshell" you mentioned - you mean that it counts as one carb serving - how much? Am just getting started, need to go to the store to buy some stuff!

  4. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, the LoseIt! App is really helpful for tracking all your intake throughout the day. I find it really easy to go back and count my carbs and sugars just by looking through my daily log. Actually the Nutrients tab shows a tally of your day and week, so it's really easy to see your sugars for the day.

  5. I was just wondering, in Jorge's book, it mentions nothing about "combining" your total carb count for the day, as your (c) amount for the day as in what your journal automatically does. I'm not saying you're doing it wrong, but for a particular food anything under 4 carbs isn't counted per Jorge's book? That's how I read it anyway? As far as I know on the high side, as long as you don't go over 120 c, you should be good for your daily amount.

  6. Hi Sushi - I am sure I am counting correctly, as I took a 12 wk class with Jorge where he explained it in detail. You add up everything you eat in a sitting (a meal or a snack) and calculate the carb servings. The most you should have in one meal is 2 carb servings, so at the end of the day you should never be over 120grams. You goal is not to get to 120grams nor to save them up and use them for one meal or one snack. The goal is to evenly spread out a max of 120grams through the day.

    As for the FREE under 4grams items, if that is all you have and you have it by itself then it is 0 carb servings. If you have it with anything else you add the grams all together and get a total.

    Hope that makes sense! If you think about how your body will be processing everything you put in it at once and how that effects your blood sugar, then it makes sense. The math gets a little weird, but I am sure I am counting as Jorge intended! He has seen my spreadsheet!

  7. Ah, per meal, well I'm only having usually one carb a meal, so there isn't really anything to add "together", because everything else is usually 0/0 Gotcha. Thanks.

  8. Ah, I wanted to ask one thing! How can I add more lines on the column that says "food intake" without ruining something? :( sometimes I add everything, including my drinks and such, then I don't have enough spaces. Thanks!

  9. Hello I was wondering if there is a S/C planner I can download so I can write down what I have eaten on a daily basis and total for myself?? Thanks