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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet Tooth, What Sweet Tooth?

Today on twitter a friend asked me a question about the Belly Fat Cure. She said "What do you eat to cure your sweet cravings?" And that really got me thinking... What happened to my sweet tooth? I used to have one...

Let me say, just to be clear, I was a total Carbaholic! I sought out sweet things like cookies, Coke Zero, brownies and high carb items. They were my comfort food. I didn't really eat them in the presence of others, I preferred them in private. But I feel those cravings are gone, or at least on their way quickly filing their way out the door of my life.

I know this to be true since my husband is out of town and Im doing even better on the diet this week! Usually I eat like a Frat Boy stuck in a Hostess Cupcake Factory while he is out of town. But not this time! In fact I was relieved to not have to make normal meals each day. I can try some of Jorge's recipes that are simple and eat dinner when I'm hungry instead of when my man manages to make it home.

I asked my sons the other day "Have you noticed Mommy doing anything different lately? Something I used to do and don't now?" And immediately my 7yr old said "You don't drink your Cokes anymore". They notice this, because they beg for them "Please Mommmmmm can I have one too". Id say "No you can't, they are bad for kids". Truth be told, they are bad for us all. I can tell Im setting a better example for them now. So funny how as Mothers we look out for their health, and just ignore out own.

I'm not going to lie, the first week or so doing the Belly Fat Cure I stumbled a bit. Trying to find foods I liked that were allowed and I concentrated too much on trying to replace the foods that I had eliminated. I am in Week 3 now, and feel much more comfortable with the plan and the choices I make. Cravings are gone now. They really are! I don't go to bed hungry and I'm not starving or really denying myself. I am simply making different choices.

To learn more about how artificial sweeteners read my Week 2 Blog Post, the book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills and of course pre-order Jorge Cruise's book the Belly Fat Cure


  1. Great post, love the comment about the Frat Boy! It had me rolling!

  2. Hi,

    Week 3 progress is great. Usually you'd log in a big zero by week two! Don't you watch Biggest Loser? Some people even gain weight in week two. Pat yourself on the back! I like your idea of having someone in mind that you'd like to look like at the end of your journey. I believe I'll go take a look and find myself a lady as inspiration (I'm a size 18 and want to be a 12). Keep bloggoing!!

  3. C - You are so right about wk3 and plateaus. That is why Im not going to let it get me down! Are you part of the 12wk live coaching? I need to really think about the inspiration too! Im a sz14 and would like to be an 8. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!