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Monday, November 16, 2009

Product Review: Clemmy's Coffee Ice Cream

I bought Clemmy's Coffee Ice Cream a few weeks ago and stuck it in my freezer. I wanted to be better on the plan and feel stronger in my resolve BEFORE I opened up carton of allowed Ice Cream. Along with eliminating sugar from my diet, I also want to eliminate obsessive eating. And frankly I was afraid of that Ice Cream!

So now I'm in Week 4 of the Belly Fat Cure and have lost 14lbs and I thought I owed my readers a review of Clemmy's! There is a lot of talk of this Ice Cream on the plan, since apparently it is the only Ice Cream out there with a low enough S/C Value made with natural sugar substitute. A 1/2 Cup is an S/C of 0/1 and it is made with Maltitol and Xylitol. My stomach is also afraid of Maltitol!

This Ice Cream is very hard to find. I drove to the next town, which wasnt too far and a little specialty store to get it. It was $7.50 for 1 Quart, which is pretty pricey.

The Ice Cream is really good, tastes just like the regular Coffee Ice Cream I remember. It was smooth and creamy. I feel like a while later there was a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. To be honest, I just had two Tablespoons of it, sealed it really well and put it back (way back) in the freezer.

I give Clemmy's Coffee Ice Cream 5 Stars for flavor and taste, but it will not really play a role in my experience on this program. There is no real nutritional value in it and I am really sensitive to the Maltitol. I will stick with my Vanilla Cinnamon Shake if I feel a craving.  I would love to see an ice cream bar made with Stevia in the future. If you know of one, let me know!


  1. I read on Clemmy's website that they have an ice cream sandwich coming out. I love ice cream sandwiches. We cannot get Clemmy's in the Capitol District in NY. I've been meaning to put a product request in at our grocery stores and Wal-Mart. Keep up the great product reviews.

  2. I found Clemmy's at a grocery store called Sprouts in the Dallas area.

  3. I found it at Publix in Bradenton, Fla and I love it

  4. My sprouts in Mesa AZ had 2 flavors of Clemmy's Ice Cream for $4.99 a quart. I was so excited to try it that I had my 1/2 cup serving as soon as I got home. Within minutes I had the worst flatulence of my life! I tried it again a couple nights later and had the same problem. I'll stick to Joeseph's Cookies when I need a treat and skip the ice cream all together.

  5. It was a while ago that you posted this, I realize, but just wanted to pop in to say... I make my own stevia sweetened popsicle/fudgsicle... basically, I make chocolate milk using either coconut milk (full fat!), almond milk or regular milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia.. pour it into popsicle molds and freeze.. mmm. :)
    Of course, as this was 2 yrs ago, you have likely discovered this on your own.. but in case you hadn't, I wanted to share the wealth. ;)

  6. Ahh, but you are wrong, it does have nutritional value-fat and cholesterol. Most people are unaware of this, and too many are eliminating far too much of these nutrients from their diets, but staturated fat and dietary cholesterol are essential to good health and longevity. Cholesterol does NOT promote bad cholesterol ratios like once thought. And saturated fat is NOT the evil component in the American diet it was once believed to be.

  7. The diet seems based on Dr. Atkins diet. I don't really see much difference except Atkins endpoint is post weight loss one slowly adds back a minimal amount of complex carbs such as 1 or 2 tablespoons brown rice two times a week. I did the Atkins diet, used Atkins products in limited amounts, gave up soda, bread, pasta, sugar, do fruit in very limited amounts. I eat 2 tablespoons coconut oil per day (1in a.m, 1in p.m.), typical proteins (no legumes), fats and veggies (veggies are protein and carbs. I do not eat peas or carrots as they have higher sugar count than other veggies. I lost 14 lbs the first week , and 40 lbs by end of 4th month. Total lost at 9 mo was 93 lbs. Am now a size 2 down from a size 20 ... and I am in my mid 60's. I did add walking 45-60 min 6 days per week. It takes diet change and exercise to truly get back into shape. This is lifelong, not just a temporary diet.