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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Can Bring Home the Bacon....

I'm a Mom of 5 and 7 year old boys and I am the person responsible for cooking every meal in my house, except for three. Saturday and Sunday mornings my husband flips pancakes for the kids and he makes pizza once a week. While I totally appreciate that, it still puts a lot of pressure on a person making drastic changes to their own diet.

I'm always reminded of this old commercial when it comes to cooking for my Family. Although the Belly Fat Cure makes me laugh at the "Bring home the bacon" part. I brought home actual bacon for the first time in years this week for this plan!

My husband has been out of town for awhile and just returned today. I loved just cooking for me and kids while he was gone and keeping it ultra simple 'Jorge style'. I realized I was much less stressed and there wasn't such a concentration on food all day and what I would make for dinner.

So, I told my husband that. He said he sees a big difference in me (Hello 4.5lbs lighter than the last time he saw me) and that I seem really happy and motivated "so cook whatever". I made him tuna salad on a whole wheat pita with spinach leaves and a side of cottage cheese, and he loved it! The whole thing was a S/C of 3/2. He even downed the Bug Juice (Jorge's green veggie drink) in a few gulps and declared it delicious! Which of course prompted me to drink mine faster (I had been gingerly sipping it) and say "Yum" a little too forced.

Sure, I think later he snuck something from the kitchen and he was severely jet lagged having just gotten off a flight from literally more than half way around the world. But this is a big victory for me! I had been putting all the "What's for Dinner" pressure on myself all these years, and it was really unnecessary.

Now, before you say "You're Husband is way better than mine, mine would never do this!". First, wait, let me stop laughing... The key was the difference he noticed in me. Not just my weight, which he really claims to notice, but my attitude and devotion to this program. He also works at a company known to serve the best free meals to its employees in the country. He eats a gourmet lunch everyday, so I don't think he is really sacrificing much!

If your partner isn't being supportive of you on this journey to healthier living and weight loss, give them some time. This was a decision you made, maybe with them, maybe with out. Change is scary, people don't like it. But you are doing this for yourself and you can't change other peoples eating habits for them. You can set a great example and impress them with your perseverance and ever slimming body. And if you win them over great, but remember you are doing this for yourself! (However, you can NOT buy those high sugar items and keep them out of the house for the most part. If they insist on having them, maybe they need to make their own trip to the store!)

So I'll be making easy, straight forward dinners now and I'll let you know how it goes when I serve him eggs and sprouted bread toast for dinner... with bacon of course. dada dada


  1. I liked the commercial. It's a good target to aim for. I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind. More power to you..

  2. Love your style. Not only do I laugh out loud but you bring insight and seriously helpful info! meandjorge is a plus!as I skip along into minus territory.Betty

  3. Great post. I never intended to change anyone else's eating habits and stressed to my wife that I need to do this program for me and don't expect her to change her diet, and she hasn't. But I also see her eat badly and I think it is taking a toll on me. Not that I want to eat badly but that I see how unhealthy she is eating. I hoped my example would be good and perhaps once I lose more of the belly and she sees more visual results, she might catch on to how good this is. But for now it seems to turn her into an emotional eater in a bad way. Not sure what else I can do. Thanks for your post.

  4. Hi Jamie - Give her a little time, that would be my advice. You just keep doing great and she will see the difference in you I bet! Im going over to check out your blog now...