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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Feeding My Bugs

Mr. 3 Hr Diet himself, Jorge Cruise, gave my blog a little shout out this week and I thought that was amazing for him to do! I did the happy dance through my house and had a smile you couldn't wipe off, even if you tried (and some tried that day)!

If Jorge can do that for me, then by gosh I can drink that Bug Juice (yep, that's what I'm going to call it) for the Belly Fat Cure. Yes I can. That same night, he made up a special Prebiotic Vegetable drink that was a serious neon shade of green and looked none too appetizing. But Jorge said that the good bacteria in your gut needs good veggies to feed off of to survive.

Having been a dedicated fan of the Sucralose and Coke Zero for many years, I figure my little bugs are in pretty sad shape. And I believe if you are going to do something you might as well do it right! And the truth is, if I have any little bugs in there left, then they are starving!

The next day I got a tweet from my BFC Twitter Buddy Dave and I went from just thinking about making it, to sticking it all in a blender!

Here is the recipe for Jorge Cruise's Prebiotic Drink aka Bug Juice S/C 0/0 (per Jorge):
2Tbsp Chia Seeds (see below)
1 UnPeeled Cucumber
2 Stalks Celery
handful of Spinach fresh leaves
2 cups water

I drank the first 1/4 none to happily and sat looking into the glass for a bit. It wasnt the taste, so much as the texture. So I added more water and that made all the difference. I also added a very tiny amount of Sun Crystals, like a pinch. It was really not bad at all and I can see having this regularly, if I've been low on my veggie in take.

Just a note on the Chia seeds: I don't know what they are or where to get them and it sparked lots of fun "Cha cha cha Chia!" comments on twitter that day (okay, most of them were my comments). But I do know he added them for fiber. So I added ground Flax Seed which is about the same fiber 4grams for 2 Tbsp. If you don't have either of them, that is fine too. Getting caught up on details like that can sabotage your good intentions.

I was able to find the Chia Seeds on Amazon, you can order them here. Apparently they have lots of great attributes aside from fiber. I can't wait to try them! (They also sell Chia Pets at Amazon)


  1. Hi - just wanted to say I really love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful information! You are doing so great!

  2. OMG! I am laughing my butt off at your picture of Chia Jorge!

    What a fun blog entry!


  3. Bug juice??? I'm not so sure about this one! lol Are we supposed to have that daily?? Fun post BTW...I am sure Jorge would love to see his Chia Head! lol


  4. Thanks for posting the bug juice recipe. I would recommend getting the chia seeds. They don't need to be ground to get the nutrition out like the flax seed. Great web blog.

  5. Hilarious! I wonder what Jorge thinks of his new hairstyle!? I'm doing my grocery shopping next weekend and am definately going to try out the "bug juice". Like Melissa said I'm wondering if we're expected to drink that whole blender full daily?

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! Comments make me smile :-) I definitely don't think Jorge expects us to drink this daily. Maybe just when our veggie intake is low or trying to recover our intestinal bugs. I had 1/2 the blender one night and refrigerated the rest. The next night I split it with my husband (read about that in an up coming post!)

    Hi Tom - Do you have a source for the Chia seeds? What are some of the benefits of it over other fiber sources? Thanks!

  7. Congrats on your great blog. I can imagine that you were dancing all through the house after Jorge's comments. I would have too. And he even got you to drink is special prebiotic potion.

    The chia seeds can be found at natural food stores, but I even saw them at Costco. Read about them on the net, and maybe your research will lead you to where to buy them. That is what I did in my neck of the woods.


  8. OMG - you gave me such a laugh! You need to send that "Chia Jorge" to his viacoaching email - I bet he would love that! I really enjoy your blog!

  9. Great blog entry. I had my second "gut bug" drink today (love that we have all these names for it). I used half a cucumber, two celery stalks and a handful of baby spinach (sans chia). With one 9oz water bottle, I had about 1.5 glasses. It was much better today ... added more water so that it wasn't so thick ... I'm hoping my daughter will like it better too. I am having this drink now regularly (well, two days so far) between breakfast and lunch ... then 2 probiotic capsules with lunch.

  10. Wow, that bug juice makes a lot! Both days I drank 2+ tall glasses. It's definitely better with more water (the extra water from soaking the chia seeds did the trick). I found chia seeds at a vitamin/health food store (where they sell bulk jarred herbs, etc). I could have sworn the cucumber still had the skin on when Jorge made it. I'm a wimp, so I put a packet of Stevia in the blender, as well. I'm going to drink it daily until things start moving in the right direction - if you catch my drift. :)
    LOVE the Chia Jorge ... still laughing!

  11. Hello Amber, I have posted a couple of comments on your blog and after a trip to the health food store the other day have decided to start my own blog. Primary purpose of my blog will be detailing recipes and reviewing products. I know you have product reviews on your site and I think that it can be valuable to have multiple reviews of products and I don't think there can be too many recipes! I hope you will check it out and link to it. Thanks. I sure do enjoy your's and the rest of the BFC blogs. They sure do help!

  12. My blog is BFC Products & Recipes and can be found at

  13. Hello Amber, I am going to try the "bug drink" tomorrowm and I am kind of nervous haha, it doesnt look pretty! I was just wondering if its better to drink it when you wake up, or before you go to bed??
    Thank you soo much for your blog, you´ve been an ispiration!

  14. I have it midday or early evening. See if you are more energized after it. Remember to add more water if you dont like. You can add lots of water. And if you sweeten if with Stevia, just start with a tiny bit.

  15. HI Amber, I was wondering if while we are taking the bug juice, (I take them all alone this is a great way to combine it.) Do we still need to take the bfc drink in his bfc book? or is that to much? thank you, jennifer

  16. Hey Amber, Curious, I am currently on week nine of the BFC. Have you tried the Belly Fat Cure drink in the book? I did, it was VERY interesting. Is the Bug drink better? I have a ton of the psyllium husks and am not sure how many more drinks I could do unless there is a way to reduce the consistency to less, okay, so the only thing I can imagine to compare it to and the first thing that came to my mind was that I was swallowing a fleet of Sea Monkeys! And boy, was I disturbed after having had that visual!!!
    Also, can you take probiotics any time? or with anything? Thanks, Amy

  17. I am so happy to have found your blog! I have gotten more information here about things that are a bit confusing to me in his book than from his web site! He should hire you!! :) Do you know of any message boards where we can post questions? and get answers? I am three days into this diet and I'm find a few things very confusing. Thank you for any help you are able to give me! Thank you, Cindy

  18. YUCK! Well that was my first impression when I tasted it. And is it me or does the recipe make an incredibly large vat? Tricks for me to get it down: has to be VERY cold - put it on ice or chill it before drinking. Pinch of salt and 3 shakes of hot sauce per glass.

  19. I'm really confused how this drink has a S/C count of 0/0 since a cucumber has 5g of sugar...can someone explain this?

  20. if you make the full recipe with a whole cucumber it makes 4 servings. You cucumber will have varying amounts of sugar based on its size too.

  21. I have found chia at Walgreens ~ and a couple weeks ago they were $10/tub with a $10 Register Reward making them "free" ~ went back and did it again the same week. Yummy stuff. My 12 year old loves to just eat the seeds!

  22. Here is a trick to drinking anything truly icky - use a straw and if absolutely necessary plug your nose. I have made variations of this drink for years but I add a splash of fresh lemon - it really really helps. As for chia seeds you can order them online (in Canada anyways) from superseeds.ca. I usually order 10 lbs. at a time and share them with friends. I use them in the "muffin in a cup" recipe instead of flax seeds.

  23. Exactly what does the bug juice do? Why do you drink it? And, how many times per week should you drink it?




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