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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cinnamon Vanilla Shake

Okay, you're on a diet and there is nothing fun or sweet to eat. Right? Wrong! I have been making a variation of this shake for a few weeks and I have grown to really love it! Granted if you were on a high sugar diet yesterday, you may think this is a little dull. But if you are doing the Belly Fat Cure and have been on it for at least a week, you will find this to be the Most Delicious Shake EVER!

Cinnamon Vanilla Shake: 
Put this in your blender and blend until all the ice is crushed:

  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (Make sure to check the Nutritional values and find one that will come out at as S/C 0/0 and does not contain artificial sweetener)
  • 1 Cup Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk (Unsweetened is the key)
  • A few ice cubes (More ice makes it more like Ice Cream, less makes it a creamy drink)
  • A shake of Flax Seed Oil (If you dont have this, that is okay, just makes it healthier)
  • A few shakes of Cinnamon 
This is such a nice evening snack to have on the days I need it. Sometimes I think all day about this shake!

Do you make a great protein shake too? Leave comments on your concoction to share with others!

Just a Note: Protein powders can be expensive, $20 and up. But remember they make dozens of shakes. They are available everywhere: grocery stores, pharmacies, health food stores, etc. I found mine at RiteAid and they had a sale with lots of selection Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off. So I stocked up a little!

Jorge recommends Jay Robb Whey Protein powder as it uses Stevia. If you know of another brand that uses Stevia, please leave a comment below!



  1. Another yummy shake. Mocha Delight shake

    Jay Robb or another Chocolate whey protein powder
    1/2 cup chocolate unsweetened almond milk
    1 cup ice or as you wish
    1 package Sun Crystals, or Truvia to taste
    Flax oil, a dash don't go over board

    Blend until thick, pour in wide mouth mug. Top with extra creamy whipped topping. Then to your liking shaved dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder. I like the shaved dark chocolate!
    Yummy dessert with protein. Enjoy


  2. Oh I forgot if you want to make it extra dreamy creamy add 1/8 heavy whipping cream to the shake while blending, sorry!


  3. I just realized my GNC Whey powder has Sucralose in it. So please, dont use it! I bought it as I was waiting for the class to start and never thought to check until I heard Jorge say this week that is one reason he recommends Jay Robb Protein Powder. It uses Stevia.

    1. Energyfirst Whey and Jackie Warner Whey powders are made with stevia although kind of expensive but not when you think of how many shakes you can make.

  4. Wow Im so happy to have found your blog. Im starting the Belly Fat Cure and I was so overwhelmed not finding where I could get the products and you've have them posted. Thank you sooooo much!

    Is there a support blog for new people?

  5. Tera's Whey is also stevia sweetened, but it's slightly higher in carbs per serving (4 g.) than Jay Robb's, why I don't know? It's made from organic dairy, so is slightly more expensive than Jay Robb's too. But, it's good to have another alternative. My mom says the dark chocolate flavor is particularly good, and it comes in blueberry which might be a nice change of pace once in a while. I've only tried the bourbon vanilla myself, and liked it. I found it at Whole Foods. http://teraswhey.com/store/

  6. Ooo, and I just saw that they also have unusual flavors like Wolfberry, Yumberry, and Acai Berry. I wish they carried those at the local WFM!

  7. I am so happy to have found your blog!!! I am starting the BFC .I hope it is not to hard to do.

  8. I'm also happy to have found your blog. I've tried the BFC in the past, but did not lose any weight. My stomach did flatten, but I needed the weightloss too. I've come back full circle again. We'll see what happens. Thanks for your blog!

  9. If you are on a belly fat reduction diet make de te canela with Ceylon Cinnamon stick tea. Add one Ceylon cinnamon stick to 1.5 cups water, bring to a slow boil on medium low heat over 15 minutes, let it cool for another 15 minutes, which is when all the goodness of cinnamon is released and becomes a deep red. Reheat or ice it and drink it. Add a teaspoon of lime (not lemon) which makes it sweeter. By the way Ceylon Cinnamon has low coumarin levels so you can take it everyday without damaging your liver. It is also slightly sweeter and when combined with lime, it is becomes even sweeter. Strange but true. You can make a whole jug, and have it iced, which really is fabulous.