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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Belly Fat Cure - Carb Swap System

The Belly Fat Cure is a weight loss program developed by Jorge Cruise, of The 3hr Diet fame. The book comes out Dec. 29th, but you can pre-order it now. The program concentrates on reducing your Sugar and Carbohydrate intake significantly, and completely eliminating artificial sweeteners from your diet. You don't count calories or fat, or time in between meals. I am on Week 5 of the BFC and I believe it has changed my life, not just the numbers on my scale! I have lost my cravings, obsessive eating, mood swings between meals and given up a nearly 20yr addiction to diet colas. Oh, and Ive lost 14lbs so far too!

If you pre-order the book now, he will also send you a FREE audio book that will get you started on the program now. (To get the free Audiobook you must email a receipt for the book to 3bfc@jorgecruise.com by November 27th). The Audiobook is a thank you for the pre-order and I think it is a great deal! If you are part of Jorge's 12 Week Live Coaching Class, like myself,  then the book will make a great gift for all the people asking "How did you lose all your weight?" come Christmas time!

If you would still like more information on the Belly Fat Cure you can read a free report here where Jorge goes into much more detail.

Here Jorge Cruise, as keynote speaker, addressing the American Heart Association in May 2009. I found the speech very informative!


  1. That is a great intro for newbies. I have been loving this program from the get-go. In fact, I have been trying to entice my mom to try it as well. I think this video will open her eyes. She has become a sugar addict; an emotional eater to the core, ever since her divorce. I worry about her and her health. Thank you so much for sharing the video Amber. And congrats on the 14!!

  2. Great video, Amber! Thanks for sharing!