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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is the Belly Fat Cure?

So I'm a few days into Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and doing GREAT! The first week is really critical on a new diet. If it is too complex or you are too hungry, then you just give up and quit. If you can get through the first week, I think you can get through the whole program.

The book doesnt come out for a few months, so I feel like Im all by myself on this diet. There are just a couple of hundred of us doing the 12 Week Live Coaching with Jorge and his staff, but I'm guessing by January it will be all the rage!

What is the Belly Fat Cure? The best way to answer that is to read the book, check out Jorge's website and Youtube Channel. This is not related to the 3 Hour Diet or other books Jorge has written. After tons of research on all things "Jorge" and doing the diet for a week, here is my synopsis:

The "Big Concept" of the Belly Fat Cure is the Sugar/Carbs counting, referred to as S/C. You don't count, or even look at, Calories or Fat.  The S/C has been divided up into Servings, what you are allowed to have with each meal and a maximum you are allowed per day. The gist is too regulate your sugar and insulin levels, keeping them steady. Jorge says allowing your insulin levels to get too high locks in your Belly Fat. You are allowed 15 grams Sugar and 120 grams of Carbs. For Sugar each gram is a serving, so you have 15 servings of Sugar. For Carbs, 20 grams equals 1 serving, so you have 6 servings. And your magic S/C number for the Belly Fat Cure is 15/6.

Jorge talks a lot about how, over history, our eating habits have changed to include lots of processed Sugars that our Ancestors didn't have access to. That our bodies were not made to handle all this Sugar, and we typically store it in our bellies. Basically that our eating habits have changed, but our bodies have not. So we need to get back to eating a diet more like we were designed for. Beyond losing weight, Jorge says high Sugar intake is the cause of many problems with our bodies, and says some new science proves this theory.

The Belly Fat Cure has many aspects in common with Atkins and South Beach. Atkins I have done, and successfully lost 20lbs. The problem with Atkins is that you can only maintain it so long and eventually you will need to eat some Carbs. There is concentration on Proteins, Jorge says find your Protein in a meal first and go from there. So all types of meat (beef, chicken, fish, pork, etc) is allowed and most counts as a S/C 0/0. But be careful of hidden sugar and nitrates in processed meats.

Unlike Atkins, you just look at straight Sugar and Carbs. You do not subtrate Sugar Alcohols from Sugar nor do you subtract Fiber from Carbs. High fiber is good and encouraged, though. High fiber foods are more likely to be low in Sugar, according to Jorge.  If I remember Atkins correctly, its no Sugar and 20 Carbs a day! So you have much more flexibility.

It is because of that flexibility that I think the BFC is more maintainable. I look at it as a new lifestyle choice, and not a diet. This is how I will eat from now on. Even after I lose the 40lbs, I plan on following the S/C rules! But first, lets get through the next 12 weeks and those 40lbs....


  1. I thank you for your quick run down on the BFC. Sounds interesting and I would like to start - - someday. You got me to check the grams of sugar in my individually-sized portion of Cheerios. They should be renamed: Cheeri Oh, Oh!s 17g of sugar! The whole day's serving is blown.


  2. There are a few variations of Cheerios and the regular (not Honey Nut or Multigrain) is okay on the BFC. 3/4 Cup is a 0/2.