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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Me

I am a 40 year old Mother of two young boys living in California. I was always "The Skinny Girl" pretty much up until my first pregnancy.

Unfortunately I miscarried that baby, and I never lost that the 20lbs I gained during those 3 months. Then I had my two beautiful boys, and gained a little more after each of them. I lost about 20lbs after both of them, once on Atkins and once on Weight Watchers Core program, but never lost that original 20lbs I gained in the beginning.

Then I found out that I REALLY, REALLY liked food (You see, the old Skinny Me didn't like food) but I didn't like to eat on a regular schedule. I skipped breakfast, I hated it! I'd eat a late lunch usually a sandwich, chips and a diet soda. But then I'd start to get hungry.... I'd have a Venti Vanilla Latte with a cookie (of course), then I'd raid the vending machine (more chips!) and just kept on snacking until dinner. My husband is naturally thin and quite tall, but I would eat exactly what he ate for dinner.

Only now, years later, do I realize that I was starving myself all morning long. Then in the late afternoon my body started demanding food! Food and lots of it! I was craving carbs especially.

So after about 7 years of that, I started to realize that my eating was affecting my moods and how I interacted with my children. In January my family made a very stressful cross country move and my mood swings and eating felt like it was out of control. I would go even longer periods without eating, having my first meal at 2pm, but I found once I started eating I couldn't stop. I would be so busy with my children and I thought I was doing the right thing putting them first. But it left me exhausted and either starving or uncomfortably full and bloated.

I am emotional eater and a binge eater, and my metabolism was completely out of whack. I had been teaching my body my whole life to be in starvation mode and it never knew when its next meal would come! Even when I was "Skinny Me", I was a horrible eater.

This summer I went to put on clothes before my son's birthday party, and my shorts were too tight. I thought, "Hmmm must have washed them in hot water". So I tried on another pair. Same thing. And my shirt wasnt loose and blousy, it clung to me. I got on the scale and was shocked to find I had gained 15 lbs over the summer! So now I weight EVEN MORE! I thought about the people coming to my home that day for the party, friends I had just met in our new city and how they would describe me. There was only one answer, I was "The Fat Mom". And that was the final straw.

It became clear that so much of this was related to my sugar intake and my body's reaction to this lack of or abundance of sugar. I immediately started to reduce my obvious sugar intake and made a Dr's appointment and had a dozen tests done. The tests all came back within normal range. My Dr said my body was reacting to all the stress caused by my big cross country move (In this housing market!). And while Im glad I didnt have diabetes, at least it would have been "an answer" with "a cure". But no, it was all up to be to dig myself out of this hole.

And then I got an email from Jorge Cruise... the 3 Hour Diet guy... about his new book The Belly Fat Cure and his 12 Week Live Coaching Session... and this blog was born.

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