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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

About Jorge

The Jorge in "Me and Jorge" is actually #1 Bestselling author and weight loss guru Jorge Cruise. He has been on Oprah and the Today show is was best known for the 3 Hour Diet. He has a new program called The Belly Fat Cure with a new book that comes out in December.

A few things you should know about Jorge? He's cute and has a great personality that draws you in. He is also a little goofy, which I like, and he isnt all polished "Made for TV". He says he was 40lbs overweight at one point, but now he is lean and mean.

And most importantly, what he says makes sense. Not just as a diet, but as a lifestyle. Because, sure I could lose weight with a number of different programs: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, etc. But Im looking to keep it off for my lifetime and get down to my REAL WEIGHT. Just just 20lbs less than I am now. Or 20lbs less fat.

Jorge's Belly Fat Cure is all about keeping Sugar and Carbs low, for each meal and for the whole day. He calls it the S/C or Sugar/Carbs secret. You have to keep under 15 grams of sugar and 120 grams of Carbs for the whole day and 5 grams of Sugar and 20 grams of Carbs for each meal. He says if you go over that for each meal, then your body locks in the sugar and turns it into fat and your insulin levels will spike.

I have joined his Belly Fat Cure 12 Week Live Coaching class that he is conducting before the book comes out. It has limited membership, which is now closed, and cost around $400. Ive never paid for a diet before, and Im on a serious budget, so this was a big decision from me!

I named my blog Me and Jorge because he and his program are integral to my progress! I hope to meet Jorge at a special event at the end of the 12 weeks and Ill be posting that photo here....

And yes, it will be a skinny photo!

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