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Monday, April 11, 2011

Grocery Shopping List for the Belly Fat Cure

I don't find the Belly Fat Cure diet to be expensive, but then I don't always concentrate on the exact brands mentioned in the book. Finding a few low sugar/carb products that are also high in fiber and void of artificial sweeteners is the #1 key to the plan. Over the last 18 months I have found what really works for me and I wanted make a list of those foods for my blog. This includes all the items I have reviewed here, plus everything else I eat. I wanted something that you could print off and take to the store. Or better, use your smartphone (iphone, android, blackberry) in the store!

(Click HERE to get to the complete list)

It is a Google Docs Spreadsheet, feel free to use it as is. If you want to change it (add columns) or add products (add rows) you will need to save a copy for yourself first. I hope you find the list useful, as a newbie to Jorge Cruise's plan or even a long term BFCer. If I missed an item that should be on the list, leave a comment here and I'll add it!

Quite a while back I made a list of Belly Fat Cure items you could get at Trader Joe's, Wholefood, Costco and Target (you can see that post HERE). I have incorporated all those items here, but they are very store specific. I really don't think we will ever see a BFC App, so this is the next best thing!

You can also scan this QR Code with your phone to bring up and save the list on your phone!


  1. Amber, thank you SO much...you ROCK!!

  2. Amber that is so great, especially for the new people. :-)

  3. A couple of new things we've discovered:
    Carbquick - Complete Biscuit and Baking Mix. A replacement for Bisquick. 1 serving is 1/3 cup dry: 16g carbs, 14 g fiber, 0 sugar. Can be found on Amazon and at carbalose.com. We've used it to make waffles & biscuits. Lots of recipes on & in the box.

    Also, Flatout Flatbread. Several different flavors. 1 flatbread is 16g carbs, 9 g fiber, 0 sugar. Does contain 1 g of sugar alcohol in the form of Maltitol. Found at Krogers. Used the Light Italian flavor with some turkey, cheese and avocado to make great-tasting grilled wrap. Yum!


  4. AMber this is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing and doing the extra work to put it together for everyone. :)

  5. Kim - Ive seen that Carbquick but not checked it out. Does it not have any artificial sweeteners in it? I knew CarbSmart carries it. And Flat out and Lavash should be on there! Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. You make this program easier than the BFC book. Thank you so much Amber, You rock! Things have been going so well for me. I have never been so happy with a program before, still haven't weighed in, but the inches are melting off. Thanks again.

  7. Amber thanks so much for posting your food list that is so helpful for when you are first starting out. I wish I would have had something like that when I first started. I will share this with the Spark team.

    1. I second that. I just find out that I was none-celiac gluten sensitive, which also mean that I'm also lactose intolerant. I had a hard time finding some of the ingredients around my area, until I did a google search for a list. I found yours, I'm glad you did that. I appreciated.

      Would clarify for me the difference between 16 g of carbs and 0 sugar? I thought carbs gram were sugar. I look at your description of Carbquick. Because some of my gluten free bread (Scharr burger roll) have 37g of Carbs.

  8. The ingredients on my box contain no artifical sweeteners yet the ingredient list on the CarbSmart and carbalose.com website do contain Sucralose. I wonder what is up with that? Maybe they changed their formulation? Thanks for pointing that out to me. I guess I'll have to be sure next time that there are no artificial sweeteners if choose to buy any more of this product. :(


  9. I emailed Carbalose, the maker of Carbquik last night. Here's are the details:


    I purchased a box of Carbquik a few months ago. One of the main reasons I purchased it was that the ingredient label didn't contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose.
    In an online chat room someone mentioned that your product does contain artificial sweeteners. I went to the carbalose.com website and could see in the very finely printed ingredient list that sucralose is an ingredient in your product.

    My question is, is this a newly added ingredient or is my box's ingredient printed incorrectly?

    Kind regards,
    Kimberly Taylor

    Carbquik's response:

    Dear Kimberly,
    We removed the Sucralose from Carbquik a couple of years ago. It is not needed and consumers can sweeten their recipes at home with their sweetener of choice, if needed. The ingredient label on your box is correct. We are are in the process of getting our website updated. I hope you'll let your chat room know you are right about the product label.

    Thanks for your inquiry and purchase of Carbquik. We hope you will enjoy the endless possibilities Carbquik brings to the table.

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    Shannon Griffiths
    Purchasing & Traffic Mgr.
    Tova Industries, LLC
    Direct Dial (502) 271-5483
    Main (502) 267-7333 x116
    Fax (502) 267-1806


  10. Kim you are SO awesome! Thanks for that info!! I found that other products have taken out artificial sweeteners recently, so it always useful to check.

  11. Hi Amber, I have been following the 15/2 rule perfectly for the past 6 weeks and over the past three weeks have lost nothing..any suggestions.
    getting Discouraged

  12. I'm just a newbie to the BFC diet. I tried to follow the plan 15/6 but I'm still so hungry. What can I eat for a snack? Also if I don't eat all my 5/2 per meal allowance can I eat more for the next meal? Thank you so much for you help.

  13. Hi Amber, is there an email i can contact someone when im stuck and have questions?

  14. This is awesome. Thank you for taking the time out to do out.

    Fingers crossed this works.

  15. I am really reading a lot of great info on this program, have done my first 2 days and not as bad as i thought...but do feel different without all the 'hidden sugars. thanks for your video. i think i will go and buy his new book, but want the one that is out in december.

  16. thank you for the video, just started the first 2 day no sugar of my slimhappybelly.com menu so far so good. i am finding that i'm really reading labels better, not like i did before having this knowledge.

  17. Hey Amber , My name is Gabriael and I have been following your blogs.. They are a great inspiration as i have struggled with my weight all of my life and could really use the help of a real life person who had actually done it themselves! I have been doing my reading, Of course im skeptical because i have tried all of the pills and all of the diets and nothing works for me. But im ready to give it a try. Hopefully you can shed some light on where to start!. every time i have started a diet or started to eat healthier i go through what feels like withdrawls and i get violently ill. what can i do. i feel like my body just purges and i hate the feeling so i return to eating unhealthy again to supress the terrible feeling of side effects i get when i try to cut out the bad foods..

  18. HELP!!! Whenever i try to start eating healthier i get violently sick. Its so bad that i get pounding headaches that cause me to be dizzy and i throw up everything even water. I get so sick of feeling sick that i return to eating bad just to supress the feeling that i get when i cut out bad food from my diet. when im eating unhealthy i dont have any of the negative side affects ..I dont know what to do!!

  19. Hi Amber. I'm quite impressed with your blog and the wonderful information your impart. I just started Jorge's "The 100" and was wondering if you know of anything similar for that program. I don't know the differences between the two but could sure use the help! Thanks and congratulations on your success. Nancy

  20. First off thank you Amber for this amazing blog! I am just starting my second week and have lost 5 lb and 3" from my waist. Hard to believe but true! I did have two days of sugar withdrawal headaches but nothing since. I think I am allergic to certain dark chocolate though as I'm experiencing a rash on my lower legs that I havemt had before. Also I am asthmatic and have not been able to eat cheese for years. Now I can! Wish me luck on this new healthy year and hopefully for life. At 58 I finally feel in control of my weight. My goal is 30 total so another 25 to go!

  21. So, the program is 100 sugar calories per day? I haven't been able to figure out the number of sugar calories allowed each day. Thanks!

  22. Thanks so much for posting all of this stuff. I am just starting this and I am so excited! Any tips for beginners? I am looking around on your blogs so I will probably find some but I'm not too familiar with looking for stuff! Thanks again!

  23. Thank you for sharing all of this stuff! I am new to this and am just starting when I wake up tomorrow! Any tips for beginners? I am just starting to look around more on your blog so I'm sorry if you already have it posted. So excited! Thanks again!
    Oh...lol..and .my name is actually Cheryl. I made a typo and can't correct it now

  24. So no fruit is allowed on this diet and no tomatoes?

  25. Wondering why the post stopped. They seem very helpful!

  26. I am just starting this program and sorry the blog has apparently stopped. I tried to get the list of foods on the website like the book suggested but with no luck.

  27. Did this blog stop?




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